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GTK Dialog Bristol Synthesizer Emulator Front End
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PostPosted: Sat 21 Mar 2015, 00:26    Post subject:  GTK Dialog Bristol Synthesizer Emulator Front End  

Hi, All. This is a little something I made up that I think some one/musicians might find useful.

It is a gtk_dialog interface to the Bristol synthesizer in the lucid repo (i think it is in the other repos too, tho not sure if this will work for those).

It bugged me that I had to keep restarting it to change emulator/synths so this handles that up front.

Save the code below to a script file, set to runnable, then open it and it opens the main (and only window) where you can select which synth, if you want to output the session or not, and the output's bitrate. Then click OK and it will open Bristol. Note: on my computer (old) it takes about 5 seconds or so for bristol to open so you might have to patient. (Something puppy users do not normally have to do Smile).

Leave the Chooser open, then to change emulators just close the bristol app and select a new emulator/settings.

Note re: Output: it saves the output to the directory where the script is named "bristol"+`date`. It can then be imported into a sound program, ex. audacity, for processing as a signed 16-bit PCM file with the bitrate as you set it in the Chooser.

peace. Hope it helps.



#! /bin/bash


   emulator="`echo "$CHOOSER" | sed "s/ //g" | cut -d- -f2`"

   if [ "$bolOUTPUT" = "true" ];
      name="`date +"%s"`"
      startBristol -o "bristol"$name -rate $rate -$emulator &
      startBristol -$emulator &
export -f action_function

export MAIN_DIALOG='
   <vbox allow-grow="true"width-request="550" >
      <frame Bristol Chooser>
         <label>Select your Bristol parameters...</label>
            <combobox case-sensitive="false" value-in-list="true" allow-grow="true" width-request="450" >
               <item>-mini       - moog mini</item>
               <item>-explorer   - moog voyager</item>
               <item>-voyager    - moog voyager electric blue</item>
               <item>-memory     - moog memory</item>
               <item>-sonic6     - moog sonic 6</item>
               <item>-mg1        - moog/realistic mg-1 concertmate</item>
               <item>-hammond    - hammond module (deprecated, use -b3)</item>
               <item>-b3         - hammond B3 (default)</item>
               <item>-prophet    - sequential circuits prophet-5</item>
               <item>-pro52      - sequential circuits prophet-5 with chorus</item>
               <item>-pro10      - sequential circuits prophet-10</item>
               <item>-pro1       - sequential circuits pro-one</item>
               <item>-rhodes     - fender rhodes mark-I stage 73</item>
               <item>-rhodesbass - fender rhodes bass piano</item>
               <item>-roadrunner - crumar roadrunner electric piano</item>
               <item>-bitone     - crumar bit 1</item>
               <item>-bit99      - crumar bit 99</item>
               <item>-bit100     - crumar bit + mods</item>
               <item>-stratus    - crumar stratus synth/organ combo</item>
               <item>-trilogy    - crumar trilogy synth/organ/string combo</item>
               <item>-obx        - oberheim OB-X</item>
               <item>-obxa       - oberheim OB-Xa</item>
               <item>-axxe       - arp axxe</item>
               <item>-odyssey    - arp odyssey</item>
               <item>-arp2600    - arp 2600</item>
               <item>-solina     - arp/solina string ensemble</item>
               <item>-polysix    - korg polysix (previously -poly)</item>
               <item>-poly800    - korg poly-800</item>
               <item>-monopoly   - korg mono/poly (previously -mono)</item>
               <item>-ms20       - korg ms20 (-libtest only)</item>
               <item>-vox        - vox continental</item>
               <item>-voxM2      - vox continental super/300/II</item>
               <item>-juno       - roland juno-60</item>
               <item>-jupiter    - roland jupiter-8</item>
               <item>-bme700     - baumann bme-700</item>
               <item>-bm         - bristol bassmaker sequencer (uninished)</item>
               <item>-dx         - yamaha dx-7</item>
               <item>-cs80       - yamaha cs-80 (unfinished)</item>
               <item>-sidney     - commodore-64 SID chip synth</item>
               <item>-melbourne  - commodore-64 SID polyphonic synth (unfinished)</item>
               <item>-granular   - granular synthesiser (unfinished)</item>
               <item>-aks        - ems synthi-a (unfinished)</item>
               <item>-mixer      - 16 track mixer (-libtest only)</item>
         <checkbox visible="true">
            <label>Output Session?</label>
            <label>If outputting, what bitrate?:</label>
         <entry accept="text" visible="true">
            <input>echo "44100"</input>
         <button use-stock="true" label="gtk-ok">
         <button cancel></button>

gtkdialog --program=MAIN_DIALOG
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