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Test2 theme for old CRT.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Sat 07 Mar 2015, 16:15    Post subject:  Test2 theme for old CRT.  


Experimental theme set, some settings may be missing (or just dead-wrong Twisted Evil )
There was no attempt made to keep it resource-friendly or usable in general.
Should work on TahrPup6.** ( jwm -v = JWM vgit-976; built-in = jwm-933-i686) while
different version of JWM will not give the same results as are shown on the screenshot.
Screenshot is posted below (scsh1.png)

Short description.
Semi-inverted darkgray Gtk2 and JWM theme, wallpaper and selection of Faenza icons.
There is also some common settings, fonts and software included.
Preconfigured for older 17" CRT 4:3 displays with 1024x768@75.* resolution.

bg_1024x768.png is inspired (not a copy) by a wallpaper found on Box-Look.org
Gtk2 theme is 'Murrine -fied' upon the basis of "mint-x-mod, mod by dirn" Gtk2-SVG theme.

No README at this point, save the page as html or text..

Cut-and-paste-locations (as this is not a '.pet' installer):
/usr/share/fonts/default/TTF/ ..is the correct location for fonts,
"faenza_v" desktop icon theme:
"TEST2_btn" window-button images for JWM theme:
"JWM_test2" JWM theme, move the content ( without the folder) to:
"libmurrine.so" theme-engine to:
"TEST2gtk" theme folder to:
"bg_1024x768.png" to:
"ptheme" move folder to:
-if you do not have any other ptheme configuration there..
"Images" folder with svg's:
-as a replacement, blue should stand out better

Other notes and configuration.
Desktop-icon theme folder contains different icons than default.
Before selecting the icon theme, remove or add some.
Faenza icon folder contains also some icons for JWM-tray, once the icon theme is selected from
the 'Desktop Icon Switcher', these will be located at /usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps
Look for examples (and about) further down the page.

Font under icons was set in Rox "Options" as: Zekton Free Style:Regular Size:9
As far as I remember, also changed "Appearance" (just above it) to:
Foreground #FFFFFF (white)
Text shadow #000000 (black)
Shadow "Thin"

Rox "File type colours" (directory, executable file) will stand out better
if set to a little darker shade than default.

Wallpaper did look best as "Tiled".

JWM window buttons looked ok if window border was set to "24" (if not set by theme)

JWM panel/tray examples, as a comment to screenshot.
Taken from file:
Following settings...
-> height="30"
..will make panel/tray taller,
-> TrayButton label=""
..will remove the text-label from the side of menu button
-> icon="/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/menu_1.png"
..is where actual location of the menu-button image must be provided
example from the beginning of the file:

   <Tray  autohide="false" insert="right" x="0" y="-1" height="30" layout="horizontal">
      <TrayButton label="" icon="/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/menu_1.png" >root:3</TrayButton>

Following settings...
-> <TrayButton popup="Volume"...
..will load RetroVol icon and slider "on-demand",
( I don't use it often, so moved that from "Startup" folder..)
-> <TrayButton popup="Space"...
..will load freememapplet_tray "on-demand"
-> <Clock format="%H:%M" width="64" >igucal</Clock>
..sets clock format to 24H and fixes clock area to 64pix,
clicking on the clock area will open calendar (can be used with "minixcal")
PS. calendar colors can be adjusted from Gtk2 theme
-> <TrayButton popup="Leave"...
..power-off button, does the same thing as the one in the menu.
and example from the end of the file:


      <TrayButton popup="Volume" icon="/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/speaker24.png" >exec:retrovol -hide</TrayButton>
      <TrayButton popup="Space" icon="/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/space24.png" >exec:freememapplet_tray</TrayButton>
      <Clock format="%H:%M" width="64" >igucal</Clock>
      <TrayButton popup="Leave" icon="/usr/local/lib/X11/pixmaps/p_btn24.png" >exec:/usr/sbin/logout_gui</TrayButton>

PS. As one may notice from the screenshot, I don't use all of the features (pager,
firewall etc.) that are normally preconfigured, do set (and configure) these as pleased.
Archive needed to be split -to fit the limitation.. Rolling Eyes

Have fun experimenting!
Description  Murrine gtk2 engine, Michroma and Zekton_free fonts

Filename  fonts_and_engine.tar.gz 
Filesize  125.44 KB 
Downloaded  47 Time(s) 
Description  selection of Faenza and modified Retrovol icons

Filename  icons_retrovol_faenza.tar.gz 
Filesize  204.58 KB 
Downloaded  51 Time(s) 
Description  JWM and Gtk2 theme, wallpaper, ptheme fix

Filename  Gtk_JWM.tar.gz 
Filesize  46.9 KB 
Downloaded  50 Time(s) 
Description  screenshot

Filename  scsh1.png 
Filesize  206.47 KB 
Downloaded  108 Time(s) 

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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Wed 25 Nov 2015, 17:13    Post subject:  

Just to mention -initial bright pixmap theme is under reconstruction.
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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Fri 08 Jan 2016, 14:16    Post subject:  

Test theme 3

Gtk2 and JWM theme, wallpaper.
One can get Murrine gtk2 engine, icons and pTheme fix from post1.

Unpacking and setup:
Most of first post will apply. (if using JWMDesk, just nevermind about settings)
Gtk2/JWM themes will expect the font to be placed in /usr/share/fonts/default/TTF folder first.

Gtk2 theme is somewhat based on TEST2 (see first post)
Some Rox/gtk icons are from Faenza icon theme.(these are set from inside theme gtkrc)
Unknown credits:
Wallpaper has puppy logo as modified detail (from /usr/share/doc/.. author?)
Font has no info, found it here on the forum in one of sfs-file...
Cursor theme is from LXPup.

I hope this Gtk theme is (more) usable with LCD displays.

Gtk2 theme and icons from post1 should go with JWM/wallpaper from this theme.

Screenshot is made while holding mouse over "Home" button in Rox.
Pinboard uses the same font as Gtk2 toolbar
(RoxFM -menu -Options -Pinboard -tick "Use custom font" -click fontbutton and select)

If anyone knows some better font (narrow or condensed type/semi-bold/TTF) that looks okay
both with LCD and CRT, has full latin glyphs (including nordic/baltic/..) layout,
please let me know.

Edit: Fjalla_One.ttf is released under OFL (OpenFontLicense) as I found on the web,
will update the archive when possible
Description  Gtk2 and JWM theme, wallpaper

Filename  gtk2_jwm_wallp.tar.gz 
Filesize  166.48 KB 
Downloaded  52 Time(s) 
Description  font for theme

Filename  font_cursor.tar.gz 
Filesize  57.29 KB 
Downloaded  48 Time(s) 
 Description   screenshot
 Filesize   179.42 KB
 Viewed   115 Time(s)


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Joined: 15 Apr 2011
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Location: El Salvador

PostPosted: Fri 08 Jan 2016, 23:06    Post subject:  

Nice work torm Cool
My blog | | Github

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Joined: 07 Mar 2015
Posts: 58

PostPosted: Thu 21 Jan 2016, 12:22    Post subject:  

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