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Interfacing with PicasaWebAlbums and Others
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PostPosted: Sat 08 Nov 2014, 17:44    Post subject:  Interfacing with PicasaWebAlbums and Others
Subject description: gthumbs -- recommended for Dev's consideration

Hi All,

Having just spent the last couple of days searching for how to interface with online Web Folders, I figured I'd save others some time.
The short answers:
(1) Currently, the available Picasa.SFS* still works, sort of. I loaded the SFS and clicked the “upload” button at the top left. A sign-in dialogue appeared, but when I typed in my ID and Password it reported a mismatch. Tried a couple of times, being very careful. Then, just because that dialogue also offered a “sign-up” button, I tried it. This brought me to the Google sign in page which did accept my identification.
(2) There's a Picasa Extension which works in Chromium 37 and Shinobar's Portable Google-chrome. http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=91689
[When Portable Google-chrome is initiated for the first time it will download the latest version of Google-chrome. Apparently, Chrome 37 was the latest when I installed it]. The Picasa Extension will almost certainly work in later additions of Chrome and Chromium. It may also be available under some earlier versions, and perhaps some versions of SWIron. The extension seems to provide most of the functionality of the Picasa.SFS “upload” module.
For those of you who are running older versions of Puppy unable to run recent recent versions of Chrome/Chromium/SWIron, battleshooter has recently compiled the necessary glibc libraries to overcome that limitation for some Pups. Glibc libraries are “kernel” dependent. Per the thread where the necessary pets to perform a glibc upgrade can be found, http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=96316 “Tested on different kernels ranging from 3.0.66 to 3.17, Racy (3.0.66 kernel), Carolina 1.1 (standard 3.2.13 Carolina kernel), Carolina 1.2 (3.17 kernel) running applications seem to be fine,,,”
See the rest of that thread for the experience of other forum members regarding other Pups; such as Watchdog's discovery that they worked with wary 5.3.

The Alternatives (maybe) and Why.
You can skip the Why, and unless you're interested in photo-management applications not currently available under Puppy, you can skip that as well. I won't be insulted. I won't even know.

Stand-alone applications currently available in any Puppy that will interface with online WebAlbums. There aren't any other than Picasa.

You probably know that google will no longer upgrade Picasa for Linux. Well, its Linux efforts were always half-hearted; a dedicated wine implementation within which the XP version of picasa ran. Neither will the picasa programs built for Windows run under Wine. Picasa is not the best photo-manager, the best photo-editor, the best slide-show maker and mostly so on. There are better applications, both Linux native and built for Windows but “gold rated” under wine. But if you are “the family” photographer, like my wife, you've been using picasa for years to share your photos with friends and family by uploading them to picasaWeb. And, if you're like me –tried of hearing complaints about her Windows operating system-- trying to convince her to run Puppy Linux, or any Linux for that matter, having Picasa or another way to interface with her PicasaWeb albums is essential.
Google continues to improve picasa, the application. Those improvements are not available to the picasa.SFS. If google decides to make significant changes to the way it manages or allows access to on-line PicasaWebAlbums, Puppy's current pets & SFSes may become useless. I suspect that the difficulty I had logging in results from google's decision to have one log in screen to access all its online applications (excluding web searches).

Currently, none of the following web-browsers have plugins/addons/extension for uploading to PicasaWeb: firefox, seamonkey, opera. I haven't researched other browsers. Please comment if you know of any which make uploading to PicasaWeb easy, or even possible.

Webpublishing Applications: Shotwell, F-Spot, digikam, gthumbs – I suggest gthumbs.

There's a old version of Shotwell which runs under Lupu. But I don't think it has web-publishing capabilities. So I was particularly excited to learn that Triton, the French version of Precise Puppy by petihar, http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=95947 included Shotwell.. Per Shotwell's website, it enables you to publish not only to your PicasaWebAlbums, but also Facebook, Flickr, Google+,YouTube (videos only), Yandex.Fotki, a photo site popular in Russia (photos only), and any site running the Piwigo photo gallery software. But there's a catch. Running Triton, I downloaded the Shotwell SFS. Although it presented an excellent photo-management application, the “Publish” module was grayed-out**. A websearch suggested to me that in order to Shotwell to publish to the web, F-Spot also has to be installed. F-Spot, itself, is a photo-management application, perhaps not as pretty/user-friendly as Shotwell. From the Puppy prospective of “less is better” if you can use F-Spot to do the job itself, why do you need Shotwell as an interface for it? As far as I know after searching the forum and otherwise, no version of F-Spot is available as a pet or SFS. Running Precise Puppy, I downloaded the many –over thirty-- debs but failed to combine them into a viable SFS. Creating F-Spot for Puppy seems to be a job for someone familiar with compiling or otherwise experienced in developing applications. I should also note that F-Spot is built on Mono, the open-source clone of Windows .NET Framework. Mono's objective is to provide a Cross-platform application layer so that Windows applications requiring .NET Framework can run on Linux, Android etc. Moonlight, Linux's version of Silverlight, is built on Mono. I didn't construct Mono. Perhaps that's why F-Spot didn't run. My gut feeling is that while developing F-Spot for Puppy might not be a terrible idea, especially if other applications were to be developed using Mono, doing either or both is counter-intuitive to the Puppy philosophy of “keep it small.”
Although Adobe Air has discontinued support for Linux, Geoffrey developed the AdobeAIR-2.6-SDK.pet two years ago. It's about 55 Mbs, and runs under Saluki, Carolina, Precise and perhaps other Pups. That is, being an application layer like Wine, it probably isn't version dependent. Once the layer is available Adobe Air apps will run. Geoffrey has made available a number of apps, http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=627376#627376. Perhaps he can be encouraged to build ImageDropr, a flickr image transport application. With it, you simply drag some images from your file system and drop them on the application, add a few tags if you wish, and hit the upload button to send your files to your flickr account.
Digikam: The current version of digikam is KDE's answer to gnome's Shotwell. TeenPup and LegacyOs, http://puppylinux.org/wikka/LegacyOS, included digikam. But when those Pups were built with digikam I don't believe the “Web-publishing” module was even on the digikam's programmer's “todo” list.
There are a couple of other KDE photomanagement applications which include “Web-publishing” capabilities. Unfortunately, in order to build most KDE applications for Puppy's requires the incorporation of much of KDE's underlying structure. Theoretically you can install digikam in Precise using PPM. IIRC, to do so PPM offered to download 186 debs. I would think compiling digikam from source would involve similar complexity and size. It is only with hindsight that I've come to fully appreciate john biles' accomplishments.
If you haven't been keeping track, all of the foregoing stand-alone solutions involve large applications and have their own draw-backs.
Which brings us to gthumbs. As well as providing basic photo-management tools, gthumbs will interface with your Online PicacaWebAlbum. I am uncertain whether, as yet, it will do so with Flickr. But if you have photos in a PicasaWebAlbum, there's apparently an easy way to get them into Flickr: http://www.picaflicka.com/
Precise's PPM suggest that to install gthumbs only 35 debs having a total weight of 18 Mb are needed. I haven't tried to do anything with those debs yet. And really, perhaps this is a project for someone who could compile gthumbs from source. But gthumbs seems to me to be the best candidate for a Puppy stand-alone photo-management tool with web-publishing capabilities.


* I'm fairly certain my picasa.sfs is the one Grumpywolfe created, http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=385309#385309. It runs when loaded into any Pup I've tried. But somewhere along the line I renamed it to just “picasa.sfs”: (a) because I didn't have any other to confuse it with, (b) it was Puppy version independent; and (c) not being able to easily read the entire name of an SFS in SFS-Load search box is annoying.
** The SFS downloaded via Triton5.7.3, named Complements-Triton, weighs 332 Mb, as it includes not only Shotwell, but LibreOffice and several other worthwhile applications. But I already had LibreOffice and didn't need the other applications. However, encouraged by petihar's success, I used Precise's PPM to download the Shotwell debs and combined them into an SFS. Although the first build didn't run, ldd showed which files were missing. I flinched them from petihar's SFS. My third build, which weighed only 29 Mbs, ran successfully. But neither petihar's nor my build could publish to the Web. In trying to figure out why, I discovered Shotwell's utilitization of F-Spot.
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PostPosted: Tue 11 Nov 2014, 10:59    Post subject: Shotwell question transfered french forum  

shotwhell with Triton 5.7.3]
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PostPosted: Tue 05 Jun 2018, 23:59    Post subject: If you are French and you like Shotwell very much
Subject description: install Triton would be a clever choice..

Petihar keeps on including Shotwell in Triton 6.0.
I am not fond of shotwell.. But Triton is a nice Puppy
If you are French and you like Shotwell very much, install Triton would be a clever choice..
Then test Picasa.
My opinion about Picasa and Flicker : awful, once you enter there, you are in Jail , messages, advertising, they harass you Exclamation
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