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PostPosted: Thu 28 Aug 2014, 17:05    Post subject:  Dropbox
Subject description: ugly but works

Ok, this is how I got dropbox working on a frugal install of lupu 5.2.8. I don't quite understand "what" I did (I'm a noob), but it seems to work ok

I make no promises. Also, if you already have dropbox installed, and are using this to upgrade, first please make a copy of the materials in your old dropbox folder and store this is in a safe place!

1)get lupu_devx_520.sfs module from the puppy repositories. I placed it at my mnt/home drive. Then I used system --> bootmanager configure bootup to make sure that it loads at boot.

I did this because the lupu_devx_520.sfs module has python built into it. I read somewhere that dropbox needs python. But maybe this step is unncessary?

2) Get dropbox: I opened a console and copied this line into it, and and hit return. I don't know why it needs the --no-check-certificate, but it does.

cd ~ && wget --no-check-certificate -O - "https://www.dropbox.com/download?plat=lnx.x86" | tar xzf -

This will download dropbox and create a directory .dropbox-dist in root.

(Note, any file with a period (.) before it cannot be seen unless you click the eyeball symbol in rox. You will have to do this often, as many of the files you are working with are like this).

3) start installation: I opened .dropbox-dist and clicked the executable file:

This will start the dropbox program and walk you through installation.

3a) Make a small selective install! during installation create the directory Dropbox at root. But to avoid filling my savefile, I did a "selective install" and only allowed a minimal amount of material to be loaded to the Dropbox. I will fix this later.

An icon appears in the system tray

3b Desktop icon NOTE: At this point, I could start/restart dropbox by clicking dropboxd. To make it easier I could drag a link to the desktop and click that.

How to prevent having to re-install everytime
But, like many people, I would have to go through all of the setup questions every time (or at least after every boot). (click use previous configuration) Annoying! And it would re-index all the files.

solution taken from this post by fernando s.

Close dropbox (by rightclicking the icon in the tray)

4) relocate .dropbox
move .dropbox (note it is period .dropbox , not the Dropbox folder) to mnt/home
Then link this directory back to root (I used a symbolic link)

5) relocate Dropbox folder
move your Dropbox folder to mnt/home .
Then link this folder back to root

Possible hickup: Sometimes the first time I load dropbox after doing this, it wants to go through the installation process again (!!!) In this case I go through the install process and let it put the Dropbox folder at root. (then I go through step 5 a second time: i.e. drag the Dropbox folder to mnt/home and then link back to root). It seems to work after this

Another possible hickup: Also note that when first doing this while testing on a pfix=ram install, which I then saved as a frugal install with a save file, at the next boot, those links were messed up. I had to change them from /mnt/sda3 to /mnt/home (since sda3 became "home" when I made the savefile)

6) More stuff in Dropbox folder When everything is running perfectly you can start dropbox again, and then right-click the tray icon. Then reset some of your previous selective sync choices to allow more material to be loaded from the web to your Dropbox folder. Since you've moved the folder out of your savefile at root, you won't fill the savefile.

autostart? Note: These steps still doesn't seem to auto start dropbox at boot. But when you click dropboxd it starts immediately, with no need to reconfigure. I actually prefer this over having it autostart.

Make your icon pretty: To make things pretty, I right click the dropboxd on my desktop to assign it a nicer looking icon, and change the text underneath to something like "sync"

I hope this helps someone. Again, I didn't figure anything out new here, rather this is my compilation of material that's already out there but scattered in many places.

Questions to be resolved:
-Are there steps that can be cut?
-If using multiple frugal installs, is there any way to have them all point at the same dropbox? (I haven't tried)

related threads:
This page may also have something useful-- perhaps the script?

also regarding the security see mikeb's post on this

The following looks perfect--an installer: mydbox, interactive dropbox installer.
Unfortunately, in my case, I could not prevent dropbox from reinstalling after every fresh boot--hence all my messiness.

also useful info on this thread
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