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Is Puppy Gnu/Linux good for me/my computer
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Joined: 04 Mar 2014
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PostPosted: Tue 04 Mar 2014, 14:53    Post_subject:  Is Puppy Gnu/Linux good for me/my computer
Sub_title: Some questions

Hi! I have an old Fujitsu Siemens laptop. It was bought in 2004, and has Windows XP. I can't get any hardware details, because it has no charger (I'm getting it soon). But anyway, the computer was super powerful when it was new, and it could easily run many games. It should still work, and I think I'll install Puppy to it, because Windows is full of viruses and it is also slow. I have some Puppy-related questions.

1. Can I install Puppy through Windows XP, and delete XP completely? (also all of the stuff I have installed on XP)
2. I will use the computer for programming. Is it easy/possible to install Gnu Compiler Collection and some IDEs (Eclipse, Code::Blocks and Emacs)?
3. Does Puppy come with GCC or some other programming tools preinstalled?
4. If Puppy doesn't support my hardware or isn't good for programming, which are the best light-weight free sofware alternatives?
5. How hard it is to install Puppy Gnu/Linux? (From the scale of 1-10. 1 is one-click-install and 10 is Gentoo)

Thanks for your help! Sorry if there are any grammatical mistakes.
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PostPosted: Tue 04 Mar 2014, 15:39    Post_subject:  

Hello Fine[research-&-design?] >> Welcome to Pup! Pssst.. mine's as old with a crummy video card. Very Happy

Pup, including most any Nix can satisfy your requests. I'll suggest you flip through this page first.
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Joined: 01 Jul 2013
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PostPosted: Tue 04 Mar 2014, 23:11    Post_subject: Re: Is Puppy Gnu/Linux good for me/my computer
Sub_title: Some questions

finerd wrote:

1. Can I install Puppy through Windows XP, and delete XP completely? (also all of the stuff I have installed on XP)
4. If Puppy doesn't support my hardware or isn't good for programming, which are the best light-weight free sofware alternatives?
5. How hard it is to install Puppy Gnu/Linux? (From the scale of 1-10. 1 is one-click-install and 10 is Gentoo)


Welcome to the forums Smile

While I can't answer number two and three...

1. Through XP? Not that I'm aware of. You would either need to burn a copy of Puppy (of your choice) to a CD or use a program like BootFlash (or unetbootin if unable to use BootFlash) to create a bootable copy on a thumb drive and then repartition your hard drive and install Puppy manually.

4. There are several to try, although Puppy is, in my experience, one of the best in terms of low resource requirements. There is also Lubuntu, Peppermint, Crunchbang, Slitaz and AntiX, to name a few. Depending upon your hardware, they may or may not be as snappy as Puppy can be. Smile

5. It depends on your skill level. But for newcomers to Linux who don't know anything about how to partition a hard drive or install an OS, I would say a 10. If one has some experience and can do those things, maybe a 6 or 7. I am fairly well (but not highly) experienced with Linux and Puppy threw me for a loop when I installed it for the first time. It is very manual, hands on (but quick) operation. Wink

Although just my opinion, I hope this helps...


Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ loves and cares about you most of all!

PLEASE READ! You don't have to end up here!
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Joined: 23 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2014, 14:43    Post_subject:  

1. apart from the windows 32 installer for puppy which runs as a windows program


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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2014, 15:51    Post_subject: Easy intial install of Pup on XP Box
Sub_title: Subsequent steps and other considerations

Hi finerd,

Welcome to the forum.

Plugging Fujitsu Siemens into the search box on this page http://puppylinux.us/psearch.html (select Puppy Forum) reveals that several models had problems running some of the older versions of Puppy, and gave solutions to some –but not all-- problems. Newer Pups –employing newer kernels and more drivers-- may have resolved those problems, so the first Pups to try would be the more recent ones. That being the case, you might consider using any of the newer Pups created by the Japanese team which can be downloaded as an exe file, that you run under windows. You'll find information regarding Puppy Linux Window Installer starting here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=462720#462720 The first link on the first sentence of the first post will take you to various Pups available in that format. Pups to consider: Slacko Puppy Non-PAE 560.exe, Precise Puppy Linux 570 Retro.exe, Puppy Linux 528.exe, Non-PAE because your CPU probably won't boot a PAE kernel designed to handle over 4 Gbs of RAM. Sometimes when a developer creates a Pup which can use a PAE kernel, (s)he'll also create one which doesn't and refers to it as “retro.”
Once you've executed the Linux Window Installer, you'll be able to boot into either Puppy or XP. It uses the “Lin & Win” method which does not modify your mbr. Since you're thinking of wiping XP from your computer –I've done that with several older computers-- once you can boot into Puppy, the first thing I would do is to run Grub4Dos. You'll find it on either the System or Setup submenu. Grub4dos will automatically create a boot menu list which will include Windows, any Pup, and most other Linux Distributions if they're already on your hard driv(s). This will make it easy to test other Pups, and --following the instructions given on the link for always having a bootable system-- wipe XP from your hard-drive.

Instructions for always having a bootable system if you intend to entirely wipe XP from your hard drive. Substitute your Pup where Lupu is referenced. And as “The Well-Minded Search” is no longer available, use the psearch link above. http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=710157#710157

Once your system boots via Grub4dos, you can try any Pup. These instructions, however, would have to be modified for Pups whose name begins with X, or contain the designation NOP. Most Pups use Rox as its default file-manager, or at least include it as an alternative. X identifies a Pup as using the Xfce-thunar windows-file-manager combo. IIRC, all NOP pups do as well, as do Pups named Saluki and Carolina. The thunar file-manager works similar to, but not exactly like, rox

1 While in Pup, create a Folder with a Unique Name. [Right-Click any empty space and select New>Directory]. The folder should be at the root of a partition. Just click one of the drive-icons on your desktop. Each opens to the root of a partition. Note the name of the drive/partition under the icon. For this example, we'll assume you created a folder named “MyPup” on the sda2 partition.
2. Download an ISO to the folder you created. While downloading, you'll find that folder by browsing to /mnt/sda2/MyPup.
3. Right-Click the ISO to mount it. A folder will open showing its contents.
4. Copy –drag & drop, select copy-- the necessary files to the folder you created. See the link to the instructions for always having a bootable system as to which are the necessary files. If in doubt, copy it. [Rox permits you to select several files at once: Left-Click on an empty space and holding the button down drag it over all the files you want. Once several files have been selected, you can add or de-select files by Ctrl-left-clicking them].
5. Right-click the ISO to unmount it.
6. Re-run Grub4dos to add the new Pup to your boot menu. Or follow the instructions in the above link on how to add a Pup to Grub4dos without having to re-run it.

For programming, you'll have to download the devx.sfs to the root of the partition on which you've placed your Pup. SFS files are loaded/unloaded rather than installed. There are other ways, but I recommend SFS-Load (or Load-on-the-fly) on the Setup submenu. You can download the devx.sfs pertaining to your Pup (each Pup has its own) using PPM (Puppy Package Mananger) also on the Setup submenu. The devx.sfs includes a gcc compiler, python and some programming tools. But as I don't program, I'm really not familiar with it. However, I suggest you look at the following sub-forums:
Programming: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/index.php?f=46
Compiling: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/index.php?f=66
and do a psearch –via the first link-- for information regarding the programming language you're interested in. Note about Pets and SFSes – not all pets and SFSes built for one Pup will function under a different Pup. You'll find a discussion regarding compatibility here, http://ns1.murga-projects.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=680436&sid=e23fad6a02d45fd3a5d82d31a9905fe1#680436, but devx's are specific to the Pup they were created with, or derived from.
Apropo of compatibility and your request regarding other possible distros to consider, most recent Pups are “woof” builds, or derived from them. That means, with the exception of Pups built from T2 binaries, they are binary compatible with the distro from which their binaries were derived. Indeed, Puppy Package Manager will permit downloading from repositories of their “base” distro, which –in theory, at least-- would enable you to download the programming language applications from such distros. Warning, PPM is not entirely accurate regarding dependencies of “foreign” distros, especially with respect to “base” systems which the developers of such other distros included, the developers of applications assume to be present, and Puppy has left out. But at least in theory, you should be able to install the programming languages available to Ubuntu Lucid Linx, Precise Pangolin, or Raring Ringtail into Puppy Lupu/Lucid, Puppy Precise, and Puppy Raring, respectively. Similarly, Exprimo and Wheezy are binary compatible with debian Squeeze and debian Wheezy binaries. And the Slackos are binary compatible with Slackware (but check the beginning of a Slacko thread regarding what Slackware kernel it uses).
Also, before discussing Puppy-Alternatives, you should know that there is no better distro for use on an older computer –the original Pups and subsequent retro-pups are designed for that-- nor any more welcoming Forum than this one. There are no cliques here; no exclusive development team group. If you know nothing, someone will inform you. If you want to know more, just ask. If you have something to contribute, do. Programmers, developers and creative people in general are especially appreciated. Just a word of advice regarding contributions: let them speak for themselves. If someone has suggested a technique or method or applications and you disagree, even think it idiotic, start you post with something like the following: “Regarding the problem of X, I think the following should also work” or "...X, this is how i would do i". Linux is about choice: ultimately the better choice will prevail.
Alternate distros: You might want to consider Slax, which I believe mikeb enjoys using on several older computers. Although Slax is a “true” derivative of Slackware, I don't know how slackware applications can be used in it. You might also want to consider the lxde version of Zorin, i.e., Zorin lite. Check its system requirements. The only “older” computer I've used it on is a Thinkpad T42 which was manufactured in 2004, but in which I installed additional memory. Zorin is a “true” Ubuntu derivative which can install applications from appropriate ubuntu repositories. Question pertaining to "how to" concerning other distros are probably better addressed on the forums of such distros.
Hope this helps,

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Sky Aisling

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PostPosted: Sat 08 Mar 2014, 15:45    Post_subject: Is Puppy Gnu/Linux good for me/my computer
Sub_title: Experiment with various Puppies

Welcome to the forum, finerd. Smile

If it were my machine, I would start by playing with the litter of Puppies available to you using Live CDs.

I would start by cleaning off MSOSXP entirely and repartitioning your HDD. (You can use Puppy to save your personal data from XP.)
Use *Gparted* to reformat the HDD.

Boot up a Live CD of Puppy (start out with Puppy 5.7.1 and if it doesn't work, then work backwards to Puppy 525 RETRO or similar)

Keep experimenting with Live CD's of Puppy until you find one that runs the machine best.
Then you can decide how you want to install Puppy.

Here is a reference point for finding Puppies:
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