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How to disable autosave in Fatdog64-630?
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PostPosted: Fri 07 Mar 2014, 13:02    Post subject:  

gcmartin wrote:
From an earlier JTwdyp posting wrote:
What would be really great was if pupsaveconfig had a mode that caused the regular automatic saves to be replaced by a prominent pop-up telling you how close to running out of ram you are «maybe a percentage?» giving the user a chance to decide if his/her system is still clean enough for the save to continue. Or a reminder that if something has started to act funky that it would be wise to quickly save any external filesystem data and then shutdown/reboot without saving... Which would have to be an option at shutdown or there wouldn't be a point to the above... Just an idea...
Actually, this is already done. When RAM gets critically low, a static message appears on virtual desktops indicating such.

Yeah "critically low"...Not knowing the actual numbers I'm going to pretend that "critically low" means less than 5% still available. «IF it's even a percentage and not arbatory number of kilobytes, shall we say 500kb...»

Please forgive the inaccuracy of that number. But If it were 5% «or 500KB» of remaining free ram that triggered the critical warning, Is there anything a user can do to get it to issue said warning when the percentage of remaining free ram was more like 10% «or 1000» instead Confused

And also I'm very curious how/if a user can turn off the automatic save on shutdown Question Cause it does little good to decide to not save because something has started to act a bit funky, If you can't shutdown without saving the funkiness anyway...

One of the biggest problem confronting users and confronting new users coming to FATDOG is its lack of taking advantage of the SWAP partition that most PUPs and most distro activate into system operations at boot-time. This provides a much needed failsafe which is now removed for DVD users. The problem for DVD users is that the mechanism to get SWAP active is a boot-time parm buried in a "new" bootmanager implementation which is missed until the system is slowed to a crawl or locks (in appearance-behavior).
Further, ALSO, it is ONLY apparent that FATDOG will set up ONLY a SWAP file even though the HDD/USB clearly has a SWAP partition available for system use. There is NOTHING in the Control panel's SWAP utility that guide any user to employ the existing partition designed for SWAP use.

Are you talking only about those users who run off the DVD Or does this failure to find and utilize any available swap partition(s) on the PC at boot time also affect frugal installs to flash drives {such as mine} Question

Thus all persons who understand they have a SWAP partition MUST without guidance notice that the SWAP partition was ignored and to seek methods to try to get FATDOG to boot and use the SWAP partition which is currently present. (Or to remember before the system begins exhaustive breathing in RAM usage that they must manually turn swap partition on via the command-line in a terminal.)

In the case of those who use any kind of savefile, can't the affected users just put the swapon command in a script (in the Startup folder...) Question That way they wouldn't have to remember to do it every time...



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