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Pmusic- how do I delete the Album and Artist name?
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Joined: 10 Dec 2013
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PostPosted: Tue 10 Dec 2013, 14:06    Post_subject:  Pmusic- how do I delete the Album and Artist name?
Sub_title: I record my own music but cant get rid of incorrect Album names

Hello Puppy Forum. I am really frustrated, and I just created this account for my first question. I am probably in the wrong forum, please forgive me. Nothing on Puppy Linux seems very easy to me; my answer is probably out there ' somewhere ' but I could search a lifetime to find it, so I am hoping someone will take pitty on me and help me before I have a heart attack.

I am also trying to be brief.Here is my problem: I create my own music , with a device called a Boss BR-1600.It has nothing to do with Puppy or P music, it records sound and burns it to a CD.

I made a CD and tried playing it on my Puppy computer,using Pmusic.The CD plays fine, but it comes up showing an Artist name of Vitamin C and an Album named Forever Friends. That is not what I called my song when I made it ( it was called song 38 just the default).

I tried everything I could with my Puppy burner called Pburn, to delete or rename this stupid name ; then I ripped it to a Wave file and I called that Wave file Kevin.wav ( my name) ; then I tried burning that; once again some unknown name and album was showing in Pmusic....so I imported the Kevin.wav file back into my Boss machine and started again, burned a new CD, tried playing it on Puppy, once again its shows some foreign BS ( forgive me for swearing I am mad) for name and Album.

This is a CD I made, I want it either blank, or showing my name; not someone elses. Can someone please tell me how to delete this off Pmusic? I ripped and burned it many times but never will the name change, even though it lets me type in my name on Pburn.I have wasted many hours and many CD's on this and cannot figure it out, thank you Kevin.
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Joined: 05 Sep 2006
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Location: Stratford, Ontario

PostPosted: Tue 10 Dec 2013, 14:55    Post_subject:  

Here is what's going on. CD's don't contain the track titles. That's why commercial CD's come with liner notes.

However, computer CD players do a neat trick. They analyse the music on the disc, go out on the Internet and search a database. If they find a match, they return the list of track titles.

But your disc is not in the Internet database. Unfortunately, the search finds a match with some unrelated CD and returns it.

Most CD players have a way to turn off the search, which is what you want. Post a request in the pMusic thread asking how to do this.
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Joined: 10 Dec 2013
Posts: 4

PostPosted: Tue 10 Dec 2013, 17:48    Post_subject:  

Thank you for the information, so I just want to verify that my own CD that I made for sure is not imbedded somehow with some one elses name ? I have copyrighted my song and would think there would be a massive mess if one persons CD had another person listed as the artist! Thank you ,Kevin
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Tue 10 Dec 2013, 22:19    Post_subject:  

For what it's worth, you can use Pmusic to edit the metadata of a music file. The metadata is the stuff you're talking about. You can also set Pmusic so it won't go on the Internet and look for songs that match the title of the one you're playing. As rcrsn51 tried to explain, that's how this happened.

I don't want to waste time explaining how to do these things if you're not interested. You could figure it out for yourself if you just poke around in Pmusic for a while and try a few things.
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Joined: 10 Dec 2013
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PostPosted: Tue 10 Dec 2013, 23:58    Post_subject:  

Hi Flash ,well thank you for your response, I assure you I am not trying to be rude! I have read many rude postings in many forums through the years,and I know most do not accomplish much other than upsetting others...In my case here I am not lashing out at any person, I was just trying to show I am frustrated with ; what shall we call it for lack of a better word "the system?" Everyone has had such an experience somewhere in real life, and most people can relate to it, I am sure.
Certainly I am uneducated in the ways of Puppy and Pmusic; I am not a computer nerd ( I dont know of a political correct term for it , and again am not trying to agitate anyone, I just have to use language that I know to express myself) therefor I can't really " poke around" as you put it , to figure it out on my own, without investing a huge amount of time - thus I came to a forum to get help . I think thats a major reason forums exist ; to help the un-learned save time , and ' cut to the chase' so to speak , and ease their frustration as they get past whatever little hurdle is holding them up in their particular endevour of the day.
But if I offended you or anyone , I apologize.
The bottom line for me remains, if I make my own CD and it truly has no author name imbedded in it somehow by Pmusic, then I am happy. If Pmusic or for that matter any music player on any system wants to add one, I guess they are allowed to - why they would want to do it that way escapes me, but I shall simply ignore it, as it then does not apply to me.
I am trying to think of an analogy to this in real life,as my brain relates far better to ' real world' concrete concepts than to fuzzy unsolid stuff ... on first thought I am thinking of this: If I owned a Ford car and loved that car, but someone wanted to walk around all day with a pair of sunglasses that have the word " Chev " written on them, well then, every time they look at my Ford they will see " chev" written on the side - but I know its not "real" and not really written on my Ford, so then I don't care - thats how my little brain is understanding this music naming confusion business. There are lots of things about how computers and the Internet work that don't make sense to me , so this is just another example. In any event you and the other responder have clued me in enough to not panic,I now know my CD has not been pirated by someone else and I shall now burn some more off and ignore the names Pmusic attaches to them. Thanks again,Kevin.
You know I was going to end this post right there, but now I will get wordy for whomever out there may ( someday) read this - so let me waste another few paragraphs and address an issue which I find rampant online , when trying to learn a foreign concept - the core of the problem often is ( in my opinion) that the persons writing say the "help file" or "frequently asked questions" section; are persons who obviously understand whatever subject they are talking about - what they often fail to do ( IMO) is "step into the shoes of their readers' that is to try to think of how confusing the issue might be to an outsider TOTALLY UNAWARE of whatever technical issue is at hand ... it is a case of the preacher preaching to the Quire, more or less.
In this specific case, I found the Pmusic Help and clicked on it, and here is a direct quote from the top, starting with " What is Pmusic" which was exactly what a beginner like me might find useful ...here is what is written- quote:

What is Pmusic?
Pmusic is a bash script / GTKDialog based Music Player developed by Sigmund Berglund. Pmusic can play a variety of audio inputs (Audio CD, mp3, ape, ogg, wma, stream audio to name a few). It is also quite well featured considering Puppy Linux's mantra of "Light and Sweet". Some highlights:

4 different user interfaces (presets) built in. The default interface should be very easy to use. You can also create custom presets.
Fast managing of huge music collection.
Play & bookmark your favorite internet radio stations, podcasts, audio files.
Meta-tagging tools. Also for tagging several tracks in one click.

End of quote. OK ,let me break that down as I Kevin digested it :
1. Pmusic is a bash script.... I am lost right there, I have no idea what that means, Bingo I am already lost....I stumble ahead half a sentence into familiar territory "Music Player" ...well yes I had already realized it could play music ; so that makes sense, but did not help...
2. Created by whomever ...nice to know but does not help me,might help in a game of Trivial Persuit some day...
3. "four different user interfaces presets " again I am lost this makes no sense to me...I can create a custom one, well thats nice but I have no idea what one is , or why I would need it....
4 " Meta tagging tools" Also for tagging several tracks in one click..." Now this is what I think you or the other responder told me applied to me; somehow I was supposed to read that and deduce that "aha!!" Meta -tagging " is a fancy term for the authors name ... But of course I Kevin had no clue what Meta -tagging was , so I skipped right over it , and basically took the entire section as jibberish.

Believe me, I am not trying to insult or inflame anyone, I AM trying my very best to explain to you or anyone reading ; how hard it is to read on something you know nothing about!
Let me give you another example...Have you ever went to a really technical site, like say NASA ; and tried to read their internal memo's from one engineer to another ? Its not easy is it! Their memo's are full of terms and acronyms you've never heard of , and you can spend days / weeks just looking them up, trying to literally "translate" and learn a new language...its not that one is stupid, its that one has not been taught that Engineers language!
Another example is in Medicine, have you ever tried reading a doctors paper? The words are in English but so many terms are unknown, you are hopelessly lost.
Well it is the same for a non-computer person reading a site or even a "help" section for Pmusic - the frustration for the poor reader ( me in this case) is huge, as you struggle through each sentence. One gives up, most times. In my case, I begged for help and happily you gave it.
But it is this concept of the Help being written for those who already understand the site, that erks me on so many occassions - If only the writers would step back and say " You know what ? I dont think we should talk about Interfaces and Meta-tags and re-designing your own whatever in the first introduction paragragh about our Pmusic site - lets keep it simple and give the "Dear Reader" some really basic info ,and then maybe a few pages in we will give them some links to deeper areas, if they want it..."
Am I making myself clear? Surely you will relate to this on some level, as NO ONE finds everything "easy" to read and understand everywhere through life; there are always minefields awaiting someone somewhere in lifes journey..
Finally I guess I bothered to type out this long add -on for two reasons ; one it calms one down to ' talk things out' and hopefully this lowered my blood pressure in a safe manner ; and two I always type such things optimistically wishing that the entire World of Internet writers will somehow stumble across my post , and read it thinking " My goodness I never thought of that before this Kev fellow has taught me a great lesson in how to write my Internet Help section and programs I shall re-write everything I've ever written starting tomorrow" ... and then from that day forward throughout Eternity every Help site or Forum or Internet program would be easy to use, and understand ; and we ( at least Kev) would live happily ever after!!! Ah I am an optimist indeed , and I thank anyone who took time to read this, I do believe theres more than a kernel of truth in what I wrote ; Thanks again Kevin
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