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pdftk 2.0.2
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PostPosted: Sun 26 May 2013, 10:08    Post subject:  pdftk 2.0.2
Subject description: 2.02 - July 24, 2013 build with many bugfixes and improvements


2.02 pdftk build


I compiled pdftk-2.0.2 in Puppy 3.01 with

- gcc 4.1.2
- gcj 4.1.2

but it seems that pdftk builds compiled in puppy 3.01 can be working on any another later puppy version (feel free to test)

* Added drop_xmp output option for removing the document XMP metadata stream from a PDF.
* Added dump_data output of custom page data embedded by STAMPtk tool. See the embed option in STAMPtk for more information.
* Improved PDF bookmark merging logic so it can handle more input cases.
* Fixed a password bug where some 'upper-ASCII' characters weren't being mapped to the correct code points.
* Fixed a 40-bit decryption bug introduced in version 2.00.
* Fixed a bug in the bookmark merging logic that caused bookmarks to be omitted from the merged PDF.
* Added a test to ensure that encryption passwords use permitted characters only. (Decryption attempts still allow a larger set of input characters.)
* Rewrote the wide-to-utf8 code for Windows to make it more rigorous.
* Organized our calls of JvInitClass() in main().
* Added descriptions to some exception reports.
* Reviewed some code from pdftk.cc, PdfReader.java, PdfWriter.java and friends.


Sid Steward released version 2.0 od pdftk. it comes with many improvements and bugfixes, see the full list at this link on at bottom of post [other pdftk builds on my puppy wiki site:


I compiled pdftk-2.0 in Puppy 3.01 with

- gcc 4.1.2
- gcj 4.1.2

but it seems that pdftk builds compiled in puppy 3.01 can be working on any another later puppy version (feel free to test)

- pdftk-2.0
- libgcj.so.7 (dependency needed)

people that like to use several version of pdftk at once or use latest 2.0 only for some tasks, without installing in canonical directories, can

- rename pet packages to tar.gz
- extract pdftk and libgcj.so.7

invoking pdftk from whatever dir they want, preloading the java dependency in this way:
LD_PRELOAD=path...to/libgcj.so.7  pdftk

* Added AES decryption of input PDFs. The 'owner' password is still required when decrypting any PDF.
* Added merging of bookmarks/outlines when merging full PDFs.
* Added new rotate operation, which is a convenient way of rotating select pages of a single PDF.
* Added new dump_data_annots operation. Currently it reports only link annotation information.
* Added new need_appearances output option. Use this when filling a form with non-ASCII text to ensure the best presentation in Adobe Reader/Acrobat. It won't work when combined with the flatten option.
* Improved the compress option so that output PDFs are more compact and efficient.
* Added page media information to dump_data output: page rotation, page media bounds and page crop bounds.
* Improved the performance of dump_data so it works better with very large PDFs.
* Improved the memory management in the Windows binary. This fixes the rare "Too many heap sections" error.
* Fixed a bug where form fields with multiple values were not being properly reported by dump_data_fields.
* Fixed a burst bug that was corrupting the output PDF pages.
* Fixed an input bug to allow interactive prompting of both the user and owner passwords.
* Fixed a burst bug so that doc_data.txt is now output to the same directory as the PDF's pages when an output directory is given.
* Fixed a bug where indirect references to the PDF ID in the trailer would cause a crash.
* Added a test to fill_form so it checks that an input PDF is a form before trying to fill it with data.
* Added a return value of 3 for warnings 'PDF information not added' or 'PDF form not filled.'
* Improved the error message for cat page range errors.
* Fixed the error report when an input page number is out of range.
* Fixed a burst bug where document metadata wasn't being copied properly to the output PDFs.
* Updated the Bouncy Castle library to 1.48.
* When using the cat operation, the output PDF version number is now set to the maximum PDF version of all of the input PDFs. If any of the input PDFs have PDF extension levels, then the greatest extension level is also copied to the output PDF.

replace .co.cc with .info to get access to stuff I posted in forum
dropbox 2GB free
OpenOffice for Puppy Linux

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PostPosted: Mon 19 Aug 2013, 23:26    Post subject: test in Wheezy  

Hello Dingo,
Installed pdftk 2.0 in Wheezy (Pemasu's Debian-based puppy) and everything I've tried works. Thanks for all this.
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