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Karl Godt

Joined: 20 Jun 2010
Posts: 4208
Location: Kiel,Germany

PostPosted: Thu 18 Apr 2013, 20:57    Post subject:  /usr/sbin/partview2  

Here is an attempt to speed up partview, which is launched by clicking the free space (frememapplet*) icon in the tray.

Main difference is the use of mount-FULL and umount-FULL PLUS option -o ro .
I think that it is not necessary to run ntfs-3g rw onto ntfs partitions, just to check for free space .
The downside is, that the drive icons don't get their dots all of the way. But that does not matters to me.

I bloated the code a little bit to use random coloration if /usr/*/X11/rgb.txt is available .

* Another attempt by technosaurus with xpm from 4.4 Alpha 1 times .

This partview still uses the old .gif format . I have tested recent partview and it uses some odd

case $ATAG in
[ "`dvd+rw-mediainfo /dev/${ATAG} 2>&1 | grep 'non-DVD'`" != "" ] && ASIZE=700000

lines to say that my 74MB sr3 USB MODEM iso9960 driver ROM Chip would have 4GB free of 4GB Laughing

[ My pup-430 partview had no header about the author. ]
It uses bash instead of ash for ash time function does not work on functions Crying or Very sad

# Karl Reimer Godt April 2013
# Rewrite for Puppy Linux /usr/sbin/partview shellscript .
# Main change : Using mount/umount-FULL -o ro to speed up reasonably,
# df -k|-m /mnt/data instead of df -k|-m | grep PATTERN ,
# support for running outside X , using random foreground colors.
# Minor changes : FREEK code rearranged and renamed FREEM + using -m option to probepart and df,
# dropped test for size-changes cos echo + diff + cp code is as heavy as ppmrough + ppmtogif,
# while + read instead of for loop,
# grep -vE 'unwanted|fs' instead of grep -E 'known|fs' .
# add homogeneous=\"true\" to hbox'es + rearrange text in hbox'es,
# check for gtkdialog2|3|4 and present rough xmessage instead if v2 .

# 04 put in LANG=C for dc command
# 03 added xmessage fallback, added random color
# 02 was wo random color, added check for gtkdialog2|3|4
# 01 was code cleanup, added ability to run in kernel console
# 00 was still -k , used jobs which does not work in 'not a tty'

[ "$DISPLAY" ] && {
    xmessage -center -bg orange -buttons "" "Please wait, processing. Don't mount or unmount any drives..." &
    xPID=$! ; }


mkdir -p /mnt/data

mkdir -p $pic_dir
cd $tmpDir

DISK_FREE=`df -m`
PARTS=`probepart -m 2> /dev/null | grep '^/dev/' | grep -vE "none|Extended|Ext'd|swap|not inserted|unknown|squashfs" | cut -f 1-3 -d '|'`

if [ "$DISPLAY" ] ; then
PARTINFO="<hbox homogeneous=\"true\"><text><label>Partitions</label></text><pixmap><input file>$tmpDir/partview_top.gif</input></pixmap><text><label>Free</label></text></hbox>"
RGB_FILE=`ls -1 /usr/*/X11/rgb.txt | head -n1`
[ "$RGB_FILE" ] && { COLORS=`cat "$RGB_FILE" | grep -viE 'snow|grey|gray|white|ivory'`
HOW_MANY=`echo "$COLORS" | wc -l`
#COLOR=`echo "$COLORS" | sed -n "$COLOR_NR p" | awk '{print $4}'`
COLOR=`echo "$COLORS" | sed -n "$COLOR_NR p" | sed "s%\([[:blank:][:digit:]]*\)\(.*\)%\2%"`
[ "$COLOR" ] || COLOR=red
echo "COLOR=$COLOR'"
ppmrough -width 100 -height 16 -var 1 -bg "$COLOR" -fg grey80 -left 0 | ppmlabel -background transparent -color "$COLOR" -size 10 -y 13 -x 0 -text "Used" -background transparent -color "$COLOR" -size 10 -y 13 -x 1 -text "Used" | ppmtogif > $tmpDir/partview_top.gif


echo -e "Partition    Fs   Size_MiB MNTD Used_MiB Free_Space"

time while read device fs size ; do
[ "$device" -a "$fs" -a "$size" ] || continue
echo -n "'$device' '$fs' '$size' "
MST='';echo "$DISK_FREE" | grep -q -w "$device" && MST=ON || MST=OFF;echo -n "'$MST' "

if [ "$MST" = OFF ]; then
 [ ! "${fs//[FfAaTt0-9]/}" ] && fs=vfat
 #mount -t $fs $device /mnt/data
 mount-FULL -t $fs -o ro $device /mnt/data
 [ $? = 0 ] || continue
 USEDM=`df -m /mnt/data | grep -m1 -w "$device" | awk '{print $3}'`
 #umount $device
 umount-FULL -r $device
 USEDM=`echo "$DISK_FREE" |grep -m1 -w "$device" |awk '{print $3}'`
echo -n "'$USEDM' "
FREEM=$((size - USEDM))
if [ "$FREEM" -gt 1024 ];then #1024
  LANG=C ONEFREE=`dc $FREEM 1024 \/ p`
  LANG=C ONEFREE="`printf "%.1f" $ONEFREE`G"
elif [ "$FREEM" -gt 3 ];then
echo "'$ONEFREE'"

if [ "$DISPLAY" ] ; then
ppmrough -width 100 -height 14 -var 1 -bg "$COLOR" -fg grey80 -left $(((100*USEDM)/size)) | ppmtogif > $pic_dir/partview_${device//\//_}.gif

<hbox homogeneous=\"true\"><text><label>${device##*/}</label></text><pixmap><input file>$pic_dir/partview_${device//\//_}.gif</input></pixmap><text><label>${ONEFREE}</label></text></hbox>"

$(echo "$PARTS")


[ "$DISPLAY" ] || exit

kill $xPID

which gtkdialog3 && GTKDIALOG_EXE=gtkdialog3 || { which gtkdialog4 && GTKDIALOG_EXE=gtkdialog4 || xmessage -timeout 10 -bg "$COLOR" "
gtkdialog version 3 or 4 needed.

`echo \"$PARTINFO\" | grep -o '<label>[^>]*</label>'`
"; }

WINDOW_ATR=" title=\"Partview $COLOR\" icon-name=\"gtk-harddisk\""


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Ted Dog

Joined: 13 Sep 2005
Posts: 4013
Location: Heart of Texas

PostPosted: Sat 20 Apr 2013, 02:08    Post subject:  

Wish we knew how to burn to that fake iso part of usb modems, I once had a switchmode usb modem that had a puppylinux sized iso section for its windows drivers.
I would think it convenient to be able to use puppylinux as a booter that then would go online and pull the correct updated windows driver.
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