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PostPosted: Sun 15 Jul 2012, 23:42    Post subject:  BadWM
Subject description: minimalistic window manager

BadWM is an minimalistic window manager.
No window decorations but a simple 1 pixel border.
No icons.
No menu.
Good keyboard control (includes repositioning and vertical/horizontal/full maximisation).
Configureable through a config file.
Virtual desktops.
Small binary size.
High usability.
Intellegent window placement
Intellegent window resizing
Snap to edge.
Snap to border.
Multihead support.

 The input focus follows the mouse pointer.

       You can  use  the  mouse  to  manipulate  windows  either  by  directly
       click/dragging the 1 pixel border or holding down the left <ALT> key to
       click/drag from anywhere in client window.

       The controls are:
       Left mouse button:       Move window.
       Right mouse button:      Resize window.
       Middle mouse button:     Lower window.

       You  can  switch   the   resize   and   lower   buttons   through   the
       flip_resizelower setting in the global section of the config file.

       The  keyboard  controls are used by holding down the left <ALT> key and
       pressing a key. These combining keys can be found  and  edited  in  the
       ~/.BadWMrc file.  Default keys for the available functions are:

       +Return   Spawn new terminal window.
       +Tab      Switch to next window.
       +t        Move window to top-left.
       +z        Move window to top-right.
       +g        Move window to bottom-left.
       +h        Move window to bottom-right.
       +Down     Lower window.
       +x        Maximise window.
       +c        Maximise window horizontally.
       +v        Maximise window vertically.
       +r        Reloads your config from ~/.BadWMrc
       +0 - 9    Switch virtual desktop.
       +Right    Switch one workspace up.
       +Left     Switch one workspace down.
       +f        Fix/Unfix window (toggle visibility on all workspaces).
       +k        Kill window.

       To move a window from one workspace to another you have two options:
       fix the window, change the workspace and unfix it.
       drag  the  window  out of the left/right edge of your screen to move it
       one workspace down/up.
       You can also use the mouse wheel to switch workspaces up  and  down  if
       the pointer is not over a window.

       The default colors for the one pixel border in BadWM are:
       "goldenrod" for the foreground window,
       "gray50" for background windows,
       "blue" for fixed windows.
       You can change them in the ~/.BadWMrc file.
       You will need to restart BadWM then.
       For  all  other  settings  in the config file you can reload the config
       (left <ALT> key + r) to make them effective.

       To exit from BadWM you have to kill the process.

if you need xprop and xkill
Many of the minimalist window managers use xprop and xkill.



You can change defaults with .BadWMrc

To start BadWM - i add this to my .xinitrc file
CURRENTWM="`cat /etc/windowmanager`"
if [ "$CURRENTWM" = "BadWM" ];then
 rox -p =
 xsetroot -cursor_name top_left_arrow &
## set background
xsri --color=darkolivegreen --color2=black --vgradient
# eval `cat $HOME/.fehbg` &
 gkrellm &
 exec BadWM

BadWM Tools
Description  src2pkg on txz-pup

Filename  badwm-0.1.1-i486-2.pet 
Filesize  25.24 KB 
Downloaded  239 Time(s) 

3.01 Fat Free / Fire Hydrant featherweight/ TXZ_pup / 431JP2012
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