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OSD Monitors
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PostPosted: Wed 27 Jun 2012, 01:38    Post_subject:  OSD Monitors
Sub_title: system monitor with few dependencies and very low CPU and memory footprint.

OSD Monitors
OSD Monitors is the ideal tool for those of us, who prefer simple window managers and don't want precious screen space cluttered with panels, icons and other rubbish (my WM of choice is pekwm). It uses the xosd library to transparently display various textual monitors on a fixed position of the screen. If there should be multiple monitors running at the same time, user is expected to run multiple instances of osd_monitors with different parameters. It is written in pure C, runs under Linux (X Windows), and has very few dependencies and very low CPU and memory footprint.

* Uses libxosd2 for achieving pseudo-transparency. Floats on top of all windows (is shaped and unmanaged), everything but the letters is transparent.

* User definable string format, font, position, outline, drop shadow.

* Intelligent unit display (automatically switches to kB/MB/…. units depending on value).

* User definable colors for different values (CPU utilization can show green/yellow/red depending on value).

* Can hide/show/toggle visibility upon signal receive. Define keyboard shortcuts in your favourite WM and toggle visibility when the monitors obscure some part of the screen you need to see.

* Compact, easy to modify GPLed C source code you can alter to suit your needs.

# osd_monitors -h
USAGE: osd_monitors [-flag args]
   -T, --type   type of the monitor: clock(default), cpu, ...
   -D, --device   device (monitor type dependent). Must come after monitor type!
   -F, --format   format string (monitor dependent). Must come after monitor type!
   -f, --font   fully qualified font.
   -c, --color   color. (default: green)
   -s, --shadow   drop shadow offset. (default: 0)
   -O, --outline-width   outline width. (default: 0)
   -C, --outline-color   outline color. (default: black)
   -L, --level-colors   list of value:color pairs, for monitors where color can change with value
   -t, --top   locate at top of screen (default: bottom)
   -v, --vcenter   locate in vertical center of screen (default: bottom)
   -b, --bottom   locate at bottom of screen (default)
   -r, --right   locate at right of screen (default: left)
   -m, --middle   locate at middle of screen (default: left)
   -l, --left   locate at left of screen (default)
   -o, --offset   vertical offset in pixels. (default: 0)
   -H, --hoffset   horizontal offset in pixels. (default: 0)
   -i, --interval   interval (time between updates) in seconds
   -h, --help   this help message
Available monitors (for the --type option):
   clock   Simple clock, strftime(3) format. Device not used. Default format="%a %b %e %H:%M:%S %G".
   cpu   Cpu activity monitor. Default device="cpu0". Default format="CPU: %.0f%%".
   ctxt   Context switches per second monitor. Device not used. Default format="ctxt: %i switches/s".
   runps   Processes in the RUNNING state monitor. Device not used. Default format="procs: %.0f".
   mem   Used memory monitor. Device not used. Default format="Mem: %U%%, %uB/%tB".
   swap   Swap usage monitor. Device not used. Default format="Swap: %U%%, %uB/%tB".
   swapact   Swapping activity monitor. Device not used. Default format="swapact: %tB (%iB in/%oB out)".
   disk   Disk usage monitor. Device is some file on the disk I display usage for!. Default device="/". Default format="Disk: %U%%, %uB/%tB".
   diskact   Disk activity monitor. Default device="hda". Default format="diskact: %tB (%iB in/%oB out)".
   net   Network activity monitor. Default device="eth0". Default format="eth0: %tB (%iB in/%oB out)".
Description  scr2pet on txz-pup

Filename  osd_monitors-0.1-i486-1.pet 
Filesize  20.95 KB 
Downloaded  303 Time(s) 
Description  xosd library
scr2pkg on txz-pup

Filename  xosd-2.2.14-i486-1.pet 
Filesize  66.85 KB 
Downloaded  298 Time(s) 

3.01 Fat Free / Fire Hydrant featherweight/ TXZ_pup / 431JP2012
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