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Vertical Desktop Drive icons on Remaster?
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Posts: 915
Location: Union New Jersey USA

PostPosted: Tue 08 Nov 2011, 20:42    Post_subject:  Vertical Desktop Drive icons on Remaster?  

Hi All and anyone,

I love the convenience of desktop patition/drive icons. But, if I want to use Wbar it has to be set to the top, or if I move the taskbar to the top, the drive icons have to be manually moved to the bottom otherwise there's an unaesthetic gap. I'd rather have desktop icons running vertically down the side. Of course, I can drag and drop them and their locations will survive a reboot. But where will they be if I remaster?
I figured I'd ask before I spend the time to remaster, especially if there's something I should do before remastering.

Second related question: Is there any way to have more than "no desktop partition icons" or "just hard drive icons" but less than icons for all partitions? The reason I ask is that on my test computer I have two hard drives divided into a total of 16 partitions. Only 6 partitions have files related to Puppy, or which I might want to access from Puppy.

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Karl Godt

Joined: 20 Jun 2010
Posts: 4024
Location: Kiel,Germany

PostPosted: Thu 10 Nov 2011, 09:16    Post_subject:  

/sbin/pup_event_fronted_d supports having drive icons vertically or on top since Puppy-431 ,
BUT NOT for Puppy-430 [ or earlier ] .

The drive icons placement can be manually edited in the configuration file

/etc/eventmanager :

#left, right, bottom, or top of screen...

I have not used any other than 'bottom' ; BUT experimented with the other placements few times .

I also do not know if the code works correctly , since there may be two ' free_coord(){ ' -funcs in /sbin/pup_event_frontend_d .

Make sure that the Icon grid step is set in the " Rox-Filer > Options ... > Pinboard " ; i prefer ' Fine ' .

/sbin/pup_event_frontend_d and rox -p $PINBOARD are lauched via $HOME/.xinitrc , so experimenting with it always needs restart X ...

[From my side i had not much luck with editing the wbar configuration file in lhpup-443 , so i am not a fan for wbar for now .]

ABOUT remaster : Since /etc/eventmanger is involved and the remaster script usually defaults to manually make sure /etc gets remastered : /etc/.XLOADED is the flag file that shows the

if [ "`cat /etc/.XLOADED`" = "true" ];then # 9.1.0
#last time X ran, PC hung and had to be rebooted...
##openvt -c 10 -s -w
dialog --timeout 30 --title "Warning" --yes-label "Ignore" --no-label "Commandline" --yesno "X seems to have exited uncleanly the last time you ran Puppy. This is usually because of an improper shutdown (such as a power failure), but may be because something is broken.
If it was just something like a power failure, wait for 30 seconds or choose <Ignore> for normal startup of X...
If there is a problem, such as X not working, choose <Commandline> to drop out to a commandline. There will then be further advice how to fix X...
If undecided, wait 30 seconds for normal startup of X..." 0 0

^ BLUE SCREEN ^ ..... so should be kept outside the remaster or manually set to ' false '

AND /etc/X11/xorg.conf may be left outside the remaster if you want to use the remaster on different graphic card pc's .

These two files i am aware are to consider in /etc directory
if remaster and copy all /etc via rox into the remaster /tmp/etc directory .
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