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Bacon 101 using only the official *.bac files used here
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PostPosted: Sat 01 Oct 2011, 00:01    Post subject:  

auto download compile install bacon with the files auto modified
to allow for shared libraries (this sets up everything needed for the examples )

*minor update to save all the old files in /usr/share/BaCon/old-version-saved as a safety
thanks to GatorDog for the kind warning


# Joe Arose  big_bass 12-14-2010 last update 11-1-2011
# call this  auto-build-compile-bacon2
# auto download compile install
# so you can easily update when needed

# thanks "mechanic" for the speed tip  using bacon instead of bacon.bash for compiling

# thanks seaside for the bash version test

BASHV=$(bash --version | head -1)
VN=$(echo $BASHV | cut -f1 -d. | sed 's/^.*\(.\)$/\1/')
[ $VN -lt 4 ] && Xdialog --title "bash version test " \
           --infobox "\nBash Version Problem $BASHV installed
---------------> Bash must be version 4 or above for BaCon <-------------------" "\n" 0 0

#   =====================================
#    downoad ,compile and install BaCon
#   =====================================

Xdialog --wrap --title "bacon instlaller" \
        --yesno "Do you want to install bacon  " 0 0

case $? in
    echo "Yes chosen."
mkdir -p /usr/share/BaCon/old-version-saved
mkdir -p /usr/share/BaCon/
cd /usr/share/BaCon/

mv  bacon.bash* bacon* hug.bac* hug_imports* bacon.lang* bacon.* *.c *.h *.log /usr/share/BaCon/old-version-saved || true

# bacon.bash
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e wget -N http://www.basic-converter.org/stable/bacon.bash
chmod a+x bacon.bash

# bacon.bac
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e wget -N http://www.basic-converter.org/stable/bacon.bac
chmod a+x bacon.bac

# fix for bash if you have a different version you compiled
# depends on the replace app
#replace '#!/usr/bin/env bash' '#!/bin/bash'  bacon.bash

# use sed (#!/usr/bin/env bash change to #!/bin/bash)
sed -i 's/\#\!\/usr\/bin\/env bash/\#\!\/bin\/bash/' /usr/share/BaCon/bacon.bash

# much faster with a pre installed bacon ( use this if you have bacon installed )
# to compile a fresh bacon binary with a pre installed bacon
#xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e bacon bacon.bac

# very slow *without* a pre installed bacon  (default for a safety )
# to compile a fresh bacon binary *without* a pre installed bacon
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e '. /usr/share/BaCon/bacon.bash bacon.bac'

# copy bacon bin into the path
cp bacon /usr/sbin

# hug.bac
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e wget -N http://www.basic-converter.org/hug.bac

# hug_imports.bac
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e wget -N http://www.basic-converter.org/hug_imports.bac

# auto edit the hug_imports.bac  must have the replace command installed
#replace  'CONST HUG_lib$ = "./hug.so"' 'CONST HUG_lib$ = "/usr/lib/libhug.so"' hug_imports.bac

# auto edit the hug_imports.bac
sed -i 's/\.\/hug.so/\/usr\/lib\/libhug.so/' hug_imports.bac

# use the new bacon binary to make the new libhug.so
cp hug.bac libhug.bac
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e bacon -f libhug.bac

md5sum libhug.so >md5sum_libhug.txt

# add a md5sum in the sources
sed -i "2a \'$MD " hug_imports.bac

cp libhug.so /usr/lib

# bacon.lang
xterm  -geometry 40x30+150+40 -e wget -N http://www.basic-converter.org/bacon.lang

Xdialog --title "Complete" \
           --infobox "\nInstalling bacon has finished.\n" 0 0 3000
     #clean up C crap
     rm -f *.c
     rm -f *.h

    echo "No chosen."
    echo "Box closed."

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