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aacgain 1.9.0 (32 & 64bit)
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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
Posts: 1522

PostPosted: Mon 01 Aug 2011, 22:20    Post_subject:  aacgain 1.9.0 (32 & 64bit)
Sub_title: replay gain tool for aac


# aacgain -h
aacgain version 1.9.0, derived from mp3gain version 1.5.2
copyright(c) 2001-2009 by Glen Sawyer
AAC support copyright(c) 2004-2009 David Lasker, Altos Design, Inc.
uses mpglib, which can be found at http://www.mpg123.de
AAC support uses faad2 (http://www.audiocoding.com), and
mpeg4ip's mp4v2 (http://www.mpeg4ip.net)
Usage: aacgain [options] <infile> [<infile 2> ...]
   -v - show version number
   -g <i>  - apply gain i without doing any analysis
   -l 0 <i> - apply gain i to channel 0 (left channel)
             without doing any analysis (ONLY works for STEREO files,
             not Joint Stereo)
   -l 1 <i> - apply gain i to channel 1 (right channel)
   -e - skip Album analysis, even if multiple files listed
   -r - apply Track gain automatically (all files set to equal loudness)
   -k - automatically lower Track/Album gain to not clip audio
   -a - apply Album gain automatically (files are all from the same
                 album: a single gain change is applied to all files, so
                 their loudness relative to each other remains unchanged,
                 but the average album loudness is normalized)
   -m <i> - modify suggested MP3 gain by integer i
   -d <n> - modify suggested dB gain by floating-point n
   -c - ignore clipping warning when applying gain
   -o - output is a database-friendly tab-delimited list
   -t - writes modified data to temp file, then deletes original
        instead of modifying bytes in original file
        A temp file is always used for AAC files.
   -q - Quiet mode: no status messages
   -p - Preserve original file timestamp
   -x - Only find max. amplitude of file
   -f - Assume input file is an MPEG 2 Layer III file
        (i.e. don't check for mis-named Layer I or Layer II files)
         This option is ignored for AAC files.
   -? or -h - show this message
   -s c - only check stored tag info (no other processing)
   -s d - delete stored tag info (no other processing)
   -s s - skip (ignore) stored tag info (do not read or write tags)
   -s r - force re-calculation (do not read tag info)
   -s i - use ID3v2 tag for MP3 gain info
   -s a - use APE tag for MP3 gain info (default)
   -u - undo changes made (based on stored tag info)
   -w - "wrap" gain change if gain+change > 255 or gain+change < 0
         MP3 only. (use "-? wrap" switch for a complete explanation)
If you specify -r and -a, only the second one will work
If you do not specify -c, the program will stop and ask before
     applying gain change to a file that might clip

This is kind of a pain to build since you need to build it statically with certain versions of programs, applying patches, etc... So I decided to package the source code all up and made a build script so compiling it in the future will be simpler.

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Joined: 13 Aug 2006
Posts: 1522

PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov 2011, 18:51    Post_subject:  

added a 64bit version
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