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Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
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Author Message

Joined: 29 Jan 2006
Posts: 4499
Location: Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Sun 01 Aug 2010, 12:33    Post subject:  Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
Subject description: Plus programs that help you survive.

June 2011 Puppy Fix Windows

Fix Windows with Puppy Linux and Other Live cd Tools.
Plus programs that help you survive.

This is a starter page for various Windows malware, booting
and data recovery problems.

It includes some of my fixes and or guides from others
including some Puppy Linux and Whirlpool Forum posts.

Though not perfect it is at least a start.
What I wanted was a one page area that I could direct people
with Windows issues to.

Endeavouring to locate past posts and suggestions quickly;
has motivated me to create this Help Page
when Windows users need fixes fast.

It is far better that Newbies can try Puppy Linux -
at the extraordinary price of Zilch.
And still have Windows.
No ranting.
Freedom of choice.

A one time Windows fix is not always available, due to the variety
of viruses out there, the software installed by users,
their Internet habits or even from hardware faults that occur
in the first place.

So any helpful hints are appreciated but leave the Venom to me.
Nobody is forcing you here.
Above all ---this advice may or may not fix your problems.

I wish that someone could make Youtube videos with the clarity
that CatDude has used in his hard drive install posts.


Certainly in regard to cleaning out Windows.


Novmber 2010 >> Updated link on page 2....for

FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD >> 439.46 MiB

403.56 MiB (423167470 Bytes)



no install..do not update...untick verify >> is here...1.53 MB

Great 4 burning ISO files. 32 speed for a cd is plenty.



Some posts repeat the same Mantra….
Live with it.
Systems change, solutions can vary.

It is just too hard to go through all the posts and write a new Tome.
So this is a start.
It will be edited from time to time.

We have some very knowledgeable people here on the Puppy Forum.
No-one knows the whole box and dice though.
But together we have a Borg Collective thing going.

Other sites have some great fixes too…
I thank all those kind people.
Some go out of their way to give you a fix.
I hope that I don’t step on other peoples toes with advice
in the various items posted here.

If you are happy with some authors consider a small donation,
but [b]only if you can afford it[/b]
and if their sites have that as an option.

Certainly Barry Kauler..
our Puppy creator aka Benevolent Dictator has a donation
button...Paypal on his download page.


and he often distributes any largesse to others from his
palace in Penjori Western Australia.


The Puppy Linux distro is a No Cost to the User Project and is a
labor of love from Barry Kauler.



I try to avoid re-installs and reformatting hard drives.
Sometimes though even I can’t avoid it.
Evil things can happen in computing..

So here we go.

With Windows, any version – XP, Vista, Win 7
I do the following.

[b]Turn off System Restore.[/b]

Yes there are pluses and minus to leave it on, but if you cannot get
rid of of a Malware or Startup problem -you will have to re-install
anyway. Save the misery.

In saying that however, I have had some success with
Falcon Fours Boot cd which has ERD Commander built in.

Meaning that you can do a System Restore on the Boot cd.
However viruses can live in those Restores as well and reinfect you.

If you can live with that after the Falcon Rescue cd has put you in
a better situation than you were earlier…then System Restore is OK.

If you can boot to the desktop at least…
and still be connected to the Internet, then maybe
consider turning off System Restore, and then restoring it later
when you have eliminated the Nasties.

In XP I try to keep it down to 2 –3%
I invite anyone to tell me a fix in Vista or Windows 7 that let’s me
do the same.


In the Windows control panel check if you have Java.

Click on the icon and Java panel opens up.
Click on temporary internet files...settings.
Set the Disk space to zero, or 1 meg, whatever.

Turn it off >> Select >> Never.
A pop up will nag you not to.
Ignore it.

In Miscellaneous
>> untick >> Place Java icon in system tray.

[b]Internet options:[/b]

While you are still in Windows Control panel,
click on Internet options.
Delete the cookies.
Delete files and tick the box
on delete All Offline Content
Set the History to Zero and clear the history
I set the cache to 50 megs.


In XP I never go past Service Pack 2.
Turn it off - it's just BS.
All those downloads and still users computers die.

Add to that diminished computer speed -
or a MS update stops it starting up,
or the famous Microsoft WGA warning begins flaring up on
legitimately installed PCs.

This is another reason to install a firewall other than the MS default.
Configure it so it halts Microsoft taking control, giving you misery.

In Vista and Windows 7 I turn updates off as well.
The many Blah! Blah! experts will disagree.

However the number of Windows machines that I fix,
having somehow managed to survive this litany of updates,
and then just loading one infected page on the internet,
which then screws the machine completely, gives the lie to
continual updates.

[b]Danger Will Robertson Moments:[/b]

If you are planning risky things on the internet in Windows,
at least use Returnil.



I use this one for those needing it >>
Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal -
which is found here.


because 2008 Personal is still simple to install.



The newer Returnil gets too complicated...at least for me.
However Win 7 users probably need a newer version???

Turn Returnil on when it's Danger Will Robertson time.

[b]Please note[/b]

If you download files, create Word docs etc,
they will not be saved on reboot unless you copy them to a
different hard drive, partition or USB.

The paid versions allow saves to occur.

Please read the guides on their site.
This has always been a well rated program from day one.

Don't download a one gig file, reboot your PC and
then find out >> Returnil didn't save it.

And if you want to test software but worry that it
will stuff your setup, this program is perfect.


[b]USB Autorun Protection[/b]

Windows users should have some Autorun Protection on their USBs.

Even holding down the Shift key when you insert a USB can help.
However I have read that some Nasties can bypass this.

Regular scanning of USBs is a given.

Panda USB Vaccine
I have used this.







Previous suggestions and more instructions here.


Some things really need updating….such as.

I still use my old version of Free Zone Alarm.
But in some versions of XP Home I notice problems.
So for customers I now install Comodo…no antivirus..
as stated down the page.
I remove all other features.

TuneUp Utilities
I run the shareware version to fixother computers.
- 15 days to use it >> TuneUp Utilities


I particularly like TuneUp Utilities 2009
It has a Startup..Defrag, Registry fixes etc..
Over the years I have found Tuneup-Utilities is the best.

Use at your own risk.
Some people hate Registry Cleaners.
However I have no problems with this program.

Avoid the 2010 version.
It proves that good programs can be stuffed up…HORRIBLE.




Autoruns for Windows is good as well as Tuneup-Utilities.
Care is needed stopping any startups.
If in doubt call in help.



YES THIS CAN STUFF YOUR COMPUTER >> if you lack knowledge.


Falcon boot cd can stop startups as well. Through ERD.
The best of the best Rescue cds.

Extremely handy for these types…
Scam Antivirus programs.

Remove Antivir Solution Pro


Similar handy hint:

Remove Security Suite



[b]Process Stoppers:[/b]

Applications that can terminate running process on a
Windows machine, including services and process running in
the system. Protected Microsoft system processes can be terminated.

Some will work better than others on Systems.
That's why I keep a variety on hand.

SysProt AntiRootkit






Ready to go...no install.




WinPatrolToGo: = No install.
Sometimes kills what others can't.


Sometimes plays up in Vista.
Usually always works in XP.


XP download.


Windows Vista download.



[b]Cloning Hard Drives:[/b]

There are risks involved in cloning and backing up drives.
Tread carefully. Common sense is a prerequisite.
There are plenty of posts such as this.
Some programs are easier than others to master.

Whirlpool posts.






Macrium reflect give a free Windows version.



Hiren's Boot cd has >>Macrium Reflect in Mini Windows...from Vers13.0

Free Hard Disk and Partition [b]Imaging and Backup[/b] Software Review.



[b]Data Recovery:[/b]

[b]Recover files Whirlpool.[/b]

Freeware Data Retrieval



MiniTool Power Data Recovery-Free



ZAR ...another pay for program.


" Recovers data with file names intact. "


But Zar also has a free photo Recovery program.
"You do not need a paid version of ZAR to do image recovery."

A good How To and download link here.


Hirens cd >> Backup contents.

Backup Tools

G4L Ghost 4 Linux 0.33a:
a hard disk and partition imaging and cloning tool similar to
Norton Ghost (Linux Freeware).

Partition Image: PartImage 0.6.9:
supported filesystem includes Ext2, Ext3, Reiserfs, HFS, HPFS, JFS,
Xfs, UFS, Fat16, Fat32 and NTFS. (Linux Freeware).

Double Driver 3.0:
Driver Backup and Restore tool (Windows Freeware).

DriverBackup! 1.0.3:
Another handy tool to backup drivers (Windows Freeware).

DriveImageXML 2.14:
backup any drive/partition to an image file, even if the drive is
currently in use (Windows Freeware).

FastCopy 2.01:
The Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows (Windows Freeware).

GImageX 2.0.17:
ImageX is used to backup/restore WIM images for Windows XP/Vista
and Windows 7 (Windows Freeware).

InfraRecorder 0.50:
An Open source CD/DVD burning software, also create/burn
ISO images (Windows Freeware).

Partition Saving 3.80:
A tool to backup/restore partitions. (SavePart.exe)
(Windows/Dos Freeware).

RegBak 1.0:
a light-weight and simple utility to create backups of Windows
registry files (Windows Freeware).

to create image files of any mounted or unmounted hard disk
partition. (Windows Freeware).

Smart Driver Backup 2.12:
Easy backup of your Windows device drivers (also works from PE) (Windows Freeware).

WhitSoft File Splitter 4.5a:
a Small File Split-Join Tool (Windows Freeware).

COPYR.DMA Build013:
A Tool for making copies of hard disks with bad sectors (Dos Freeware).

Drive SnapShot 1.40:
creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file while windows
is running. (Windows Shareware).

Acronis True Image 8.1.945:
Create an exact disk image for complete system backup and disk
cloning. (Dos Commercial).

Norton Ghost 11.5.1:
a hard drive disk imaging utility for Windows which supports Network/USB/SCSI (Windows/Dos Commercial).

Right Click on >> Direct HTTP Mirror

and >> Hirens.BootCD.11.0.zip >> shows up >>save it.

>> near the bottom of this page.


Now up to Version 14.0

Different versions ...some utilities are updated
or superceded by other fixes.


Dr Freeware:
Clones... rescues etc.


For data rescue, backup, migration, or computer forensics etc.



[b]CAINE 2.0 Live cd[/b]

Tested...Yuk....4 the Ubuntu mob.


" CAINE offers a complete forensic environment that is organized to
integrate existing software tools as software modules and to provide a friendly graphical interface. "

Tools and packages included in CAINE Live CD



[b]Cleaning with Puppy.[/b]


Go to :

Recycler: and delete the files in there.

System Volume Information: and delete the lot.


Documents and Settings
Owners Name...whatever you called yourself...
there might be extras if family members logon.
Default Service
Local Service
Network Service

Then open all the Cookies folder of each of the above and remove index data file and any other cookies.

Open the Recent folder and delete the contents.

Open Local settings of all of them as well.
Open Temporary files and then Content IE5 and delete the index.dat and everything else.
Open the Temp file and delete everything.
Open the History folder and proceed to the History.IE5 folder and delete everything.

Next select the Windows folder:

Drop down to system32.
Open that up and drop to config...open that up,

drop to systemprofile and open that..

Open MUT? again and after opening systemprofile and config..
Delete anything in the Recent folder,
go to the Local Settings here
and delete files as explained above in the
Temp, History and Temporary Internet Files of
Documents and Settings.

Fnally delete >> Pagefile.sys and hyberfil.sys.
in the root of C:\ drive installation.


Then move the whole installation to a new folder
called 1-Old XP.

Re-install Windows...no format..
leave existing file system.

[b]Do not have any network cable connected.[/b]

Have the latest firewall and antivirus downloaded beforehand,
ready to go, and preferably downloaded with Puppy, so that you
know the files are clean.
Avira is still the fastest to scan whole drives.

Scan it all....then move back your clean files.

Other Posts





Shardana Rescue AV - also has Puppy


Clean Windows: What files 4 XP....Vista has 2 different?



Scroll down page to my 2nd post.

Speed up old laptop


Has Falcon and Hirens Boot cd links


boot-land links 4 ERD.
ERD Commander in MSDaRT 6.0,
Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset Vista -

[b]Photos of diagnostic tools available.[/b]

You can run some tools off an XP machine in this Vista ERD,
Antivirus >> let's you update, Explorer and a
Process Manager that really can stop the startups
and can remove or mute drivers.


MSDaRT 5.0
has less tools...but you can still go back
>> in System Restores.

Falcon is really a great cd.
As they seem to change on the Pirate Bay P have set the
newest Falcon links below....June 2011.


FalconFour's Micro Boot CD >> 47.95 MiB


FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD >> 439.46 MiB


Also contains Kon-Boot - bypasses windows password


and an additional MS windows password utility.


Recover files from Windows Vista hard disk using Puppy Linux
Shows the boot up of Puppy 4.3.1.



ccleaner for cleaning.....only tick the desk icon when installing.

run Cleaner slim edition installation >> only tick the desktop icon on the install.



Run the Program and click on the Analyze and then select
>>> Run Cleaner.
For most people do not touch any other features.


[b]ISO Burners –Windows.[/b]

I do not burn ISO files faster than 32 Speed.
For really old computers even slower

ImgBurn..ready to go…no install…do not update



File: ImgBurn.exe Size: 1.53 MB

BurnCDCC...small..fast…69kb zip


[b]Cleaning with Puppy.[/b]

Yes you can also use Falcons or Hirens boot cds to do this.
But sometimes there can be a locked file.
Puppy may do the job deleting it or maybe the above.

But if your drive is IFFY then Puppy is kinder.

If you boot Puppy you can make a backup of Vista on your C: Drive.

The same as you can with XP.

Call it 1 Vista Backup whatever.
Copy all the Vista Files
Documents and Settings
Program Files
Program Data??? can't quite remember

and the root files.
Because as sure as Hell Vista will screw up.

Turn off UAC and All updates

Vista and Windows 7.

XdN Tweaker
Control Vista and Win 7…not about MS controlling you..


No install zip file




Antivir Avira is the way to go...no email but I look on my mail server first.

Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus


and take off the Avira nag screen


NoNotifyAvira is a small and simple utility that can remove the
dvertising of update and startup splash screen of Avira Antivir.


Major Geeks Anti-Virus Tools


Major Geeks Anti-Spyware Tools


If you have an infection...the most recommended on Whirlpool


are these free versions.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware






Dr Web Cureit


Hitman Pro..a one time Internet scan and fix free


Avast Free is good for many.


Iobit Security 360 Free
You can install it and it will also allow you to install a portable version.
So a very handy feature.
The portable version will update.


AVG has really gone backwards.
3 years ago it was pretty good.
Some people still like it.
Read How To guides to take the annoyances out.


ComboFix- use with care. >> How to.



“ ComboFix is a program, created by sUBs, that scans your computer
for known malware, and when found, attempts to clean these
infections automatically. “

Comodo has a free AV/Firewall...
a bit of a nagger but safer than Vista and Win7.
Stops Windows reporting back.

Comodo Internet Security



Personally I use a custom install and I do not install the
Comodo antivirus component…untick it…
And use the top install option….
It’s like a simple corporate style.

For those that want an all in one program for ease of use,
Comodo plus its own Antivirus, will still run well.

For my use >> I install Avira Antivir Free….
with a custom install and I uncheck the guard.

And what about McAfee and Nortons?
The less said the better.


Flash posted >> Virustotal .
I have often seen this mentioned on Whirlpool.
A very well rated freebie.


" The VirusTotal.com Web site offers a free but invaluable security service.

It will scan any Web download, e-mail attachment or other
(max 20 MB) file you send it with 40-odd different antivirus
scanners to let you know whether it's safe for your computer. "

" This is a list of the companies that participate in VirusTotal with
their antivirus engines. "



Advocated strongly by some.

" Sandboxie runs your programs in an isolated space which prevents
them from making permanent changes to other programs and data in
your computer. "


Reviews - videos


Free with conditions.
" Sandboxie is shareware software.
The free version is missing a few features which are available in the
paid version.
After 30 days of use, the free version displays reminders to upgrade
to the paid version, but remains functional.
For personal use, you are encouraged, but not required, to upgrade
to the paid version. "



[b]Boot up Antivirus Rescue-CDs:[/b]

Although I had mentioned the Shardana Antivirus
Rescue Disk Utility previously,

" Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility (Sardu) is software that
can produce an ISO or an IMA anti-virus bootable CD,
a comprehensive collections of utilities, the most popular
distributions of Linux Lite, and the best known Windows PE. "


a post from Flash reminded me to add the following




Rescue CDs: Tips for fighting malware



techrepublic blog:

" The following rescue-CD applications always get good reviews and
do well in independent testing. And, they are all capable of updating
their signature database via an Internet connection: "

AVG Rescue CD
Base: Linux (77 MB)
Configured to create either a bootable CD or USB drive
Signature Update: Online update or downloaded signature file

Avira AntiVir Rescue System
Base: Linux (47 MB)
Signature Update: Downloaded signature file

BitDefender Rescue CD
Base: Linux (228 MB)
Signature Update: Online update or downloaded signature file

Dr.Web LiveCD
Base: Linux (65 MB)
Signature Update: Online update

F-Secure Rescue CD
Base: Linux (155 MB)
Signature Update: Online update or downloaded signature file.



Downloads as a zip file.


Kaspersky Rescue CD
Base: Linux (103 MB)
Signature Update: Online update


Norton Recovery Tool
Base: Windows Vista PE (241 MB)
Signature Update: Online update


Plus the Shardana site lists extra boot cds.

Panda Security



PC Tools' Alternate Operating System Scanner


G Data BootCD


VirusBlokAda VBA Rescue
The site is down...but the download is here.


Some i rate better than others.

I like Avira...
Just change the country flag - 4 English -
after booting has finished

Pc Tools >> AOSS
is not too bad either...pretty sure that it has Firefox.
And a file manager?????

Malwarebytes Anti Malware and Superantispyware
still give the best result for rogue antispyware though.

Superantispyware works off Hirens boot cd.

Malwarebytes Anti Malware is on the Hirens Windows tools.
It installs off the cd differently after booting into Windows, to
beat the trojans ability to detect it and stop the Antivirus
process running.

If someone could produce a script to get Shardana to add Hirens,
Falcon mini, Falcon Four and also modify Puppyso that you could
run Lucid Puppy ( which runs by default in the current version )
but also run Puppy 4.3.1 >> which was the default in the last
Shardana version )
Shardana would be an even greater product.


Other forums and help.

elitekiller – Johns Malware Guide


Black Vipers Page

Black Viper's Top 9 tweaks for a faster (and less annoying) Vista PC
Probably fairly the same for Windows 7


Whirlpool Virus & Malware Removal Instructions



Other software:

Great program.
You can run Teamviewer in Hirens...tested that today.

Select >>> Run ..... Not >>>>Install.



Even make a linux version…
we have it in Puppy as an addition = Pet.

teamviewer_wine- thanks tronkel rebuilt teamviewer.pet.
New name is teamviewer_wine.pet.



A Better File Manager....



Driver Magician Lite Free



Network Magic

Old version…still good. Good 4 Vista.
Still let’s you use the simple features after 7 days.


Paid version.. yeah! Wonder what I would use.


Replace Vista with XP



[b]Disable Windows Defender Service in Vista[/b]

" Get rid of Windows Defender app. from your system
running Windows Vista "


1: Click Start Button and Type Services. Click Services once it appears:

2 : Scroll Down and Right Click on Windows Defender and then
Click Properties

3: Click Down Arrow under Startup type: and Click Disabled.
Click OK a few times to apply changes.


Previous fix.



[b]How to install XP SP2 from USB:[/b]

I noticed this in Whirlpool Forums.


This suggestion from there looks interesting.
Good for netbooks with no dvd-cd hardware.




" WinToFlash is a software to transfer your Windows XP,
Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows 7 setup
from CD or DVD to USB in some mouse clicks.
You can install your Windows from flash drive, USB pen, HDD,
etc to your computer or netbook. "

Tried installing XP from USB >> good result >> fairly painless.


[b]Lost your win7 cd[/b] and want to reformat.
Is it possible to download from somewhere but use my CD key?

I saw this on a Whirlpool post.


Downloads here:


" Microsoft has been providing Windows 7 ISO
(disc image of Windows 7 DVD) to its customers with a
time-limited ever-changing dynamic download links.
And various online stores such as Amazon and Digital river have
started to provide much sought after Windows 7 ISO downloads for
their customers. The direct download links provided by various
online stores are static, so it becomes the only publicly available
official direct download links and sources for Windows 7 ISO which
can be used to download by everybody. "

Updated links.



[b]Vista and Windows 7 Recovery discs[/b]

Torrent links >> neosmart.


" NeoSmart Technologies is hosting a copy of the
Windows Vista Recovery Disc for your convenience.
It is a 120 MiB download "

" NeoSmart Technologies is hosting a copy of the Windows 7
Recovery Disc for your convenience.
It's a 143 MiB download (165 MiB for the 64-bit version)



[b]Installing Puppy to USB.[/b]

As this topic comes up numerous times I posted this here.


Some Windows users do not have a DVD/cd writer in their netbooks ...
or their writer is failing and won't boot.

So Puppy on a USB can be a lifesaver.
Their are how to run Puppy to USB videos in that link.
Other posts in the above may also get you going.

When I come across suitable methods I will add them here.

[b]Why it just pays to run GParted[/b]
in Puppy Linux and reformat your USB.

As usual backup your data before doing the above.


Believe it or not many USBs come out with weird Fat32 formatting.

I don't know what the agenda is but some products
show up in GParted in Puppy Linux with a strange looking triangle.


An example was an 8 gig Medion usb.

I installed Puppy to it and I the ran >> Gparted
to right click on it to >> Manage Flags.

But the USB had a strange question mark on it....
even though it was formatted in Fat32.
I have seen this behavior on some other USB brands as well.

I was trying to get the Medion usb to boot Puppy 4.3.1
Gparted refused to let me tick >> Boot ...and ....LBA.....
which are essential.

I had to reformat it in NTFS because GParted refused
to allow Fat 32 formatting on it.

After the above I closed GParted and then reformatted the USB
back to Fat32 and enabled ...Boot and LBA.

Then Puppy 4.3.1 booted after re-installing to USB.

[b]Camera Card issues.[/b]
I bought a 2 gig camera card...for an ALDI car radio.
Featured USB or SD card option to play music.

I tried to install 2 gigs of music to it.
It would not allow more than 1.7 gigs.
I tried it in Puppy...checked that it was >> Fat32.
Yes...but there again was that strange question mark.

I downloaded a Panasonic Card formatter 4 Windows.
Reformatted it...but the same problem.

Booted Puppy...ran GParted..formatted to >> Fat 32
checked LBA and boot....copied the full 2 gigs and >> drumroll...
the card now works in the radio.

Some old laptops have power issues >>not enough power to USB ports.
Compaqs were well known for this.
Older Dell laptops and desktops have issues.

I like Gigabyte motherboards.
But last years G31M-ES2L won't boot some USBs from the front ports.
It won't recognise a 1 terrabyte drive either in Puppy.
Back port works fine.


If there is nothing on your drive
and you have a Windows machine available......

download the USB zip here.


from this post.


Small >> fast >> no install.

Format your USB with it >> Fat32.

Now try to see if it boots >>> into DOS.
If it does it's not a bios issue.

If it boots then you are not installing Puppy correctly.


Now try installing Puppy.

Run GParted after universal install to see that

LBA and Boot??? are checked.

Some USBs are rubbish and you have to try different install options.

You have tried different USB ports???
This is critical sometimes.

Get another cheap USB to try.


Boot on another computer.

Check the bios. >> F12 boots some.

Other Bios may need you to nominate the hard drive to boot from.

Usually under Advanced Options...Hard drive Boot Order.

Others want you to nominate USB or USB hard drive.

If not you need to change the Bios.

Try another port >> a rear port.

but Boot and LBA are critical....

none of that but all of the other posted options = failure.


Whirlpool posts.


[b]Install to USB Videos[/b]


[b]How to make USB flash stick bootable using Puppy Linux[/b]

Your drive will probably show as SBC 1

Do Nothing leave current MBR Alone

Otherwise follow all the defaults >> Enter

Do not save on reboot.

Tinycore linux page 4 USB:


This has links for UNetbootin


magicISO trial, wakepup2, rawwrite etc.

A handy read because they used our problem solvers.

" As it turns out the Tinycore linux floppy boot process is now similar
to Puppy linux which uses the wakepup2 floppy boot image.
It contains quite a large number of drivers that cover a broad array
of hardware. "

Plop Boot Manager:


Plop USB info:
Only USB mass storage devices are supported.
The USB support allows to boot from usb harddisk, usb sticks and
usb card readers.

Plop Boot Manager with USB Mass Storage support.


[b]USB Image Tool [/b]


" Features

* create image files of USB flash drives
* restore images of USB flash drives
* compressed image file format
* show USB device information
* manage favorite USB images
* command line utility "


[b]Hirens Boot cd >> USB Booting with Grub4Dos[/b]


Just tried it >> booting >> Mini Windows erc >> all work.
Turns it into a HDD it seems. Thanks Mr Hiren.

Even booting from a front port that refused to do so on this
USB .... or any other USB before.

Although new..
this 4 gig USB is very slow to boot to the programs...
Slow read/ write???

So others may boot with similar USBs and wonder what's going on.
They will work fast with no problems after booting....be patient.

If nothing else worked >> Hirens should.

Can't say this enough...Format USBs with care.
Copy any data to a backup before hitting Enter.
Do check that you are not formatting your drive.


[b]Camera card - SD booting.[/b]

Need the command to get your SD card booting Puppy.

puppy pmedia=usbflash

" Download the Puppy Linux ISO.
Open the ISO using a program that can read iso images such as
Izarc or winrar...

( 7zip is good. In fact the best.)


Extract the files from the ISO (or CD) to a folder on your harddrive,
then to the root of your USB stick.

(There will be a single 'boot.images' directory amoung the other files.)

4.Rename isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg (not case sensitive)

5.open syslinux.cfg and

change “PMEDIA=idecd

timeout 50

“ to “PMEDIA=usbflash”



[b]HOWTO run MSOffice 2003 in Puppy Linux[/b]

steve_s has an interesting post here.


On page 3 of the post Steve has included
Pets >> Puppy installers for more simplicity.
I might even give this a whirl in Lucid soon.


[b]Office Not Genuine Notifications Workarounds[/b]

Turn off Windows updates

Disable and Remove OGA >> Office Not Genuine Notifications
(Uninstall KB949810)

My Digital Life:



Files on datafilehost remain there for 30 days only.

If they are downloaded continually they remain there.
If anyone needs files reuploaded I will try to do so.

I test all links when I post for accuracy >> but dumb happens.



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PostPosted: Sun 01 Aug 2010, 14:36    Post subject:  

Speaking of fixing computers, I just started working on a laptop that "is just messed up". While running Spybot in safe mode it kept powering off. Look what I found. Very Happy
 Filesize   118.99 KB
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Tahr Pup 6 on desktop, Lucid 3HD on lappie
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Aug 2010, 14:38    Post subject:  

Oh yeah, TuneUp Utilities 2009 is a huge time saver. All the stuff it does can be done manually of course, but it takes hours, I don't go on a service call without it. One of my favorites.
Tahr Pup 6 on desktop, Lucid 3HD on lappie
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Aug 2010, 15:27    Post subject:  


It is simply amazing that the PC ran at all!
The picture reminded me of dryer lint.
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PostPosted: Mon 02 Aug 2010, 12:17    Post subject:  

I just scanned through your post, so I might have missed it, but the best thing to do with Windows is make a partition backup. Puppy includes ntfsbackup which works great, I've used it to backup and restore 2000,XP,Vist, and Windows 7. Very fast too, 15-20 min for 10GB is typical. I made a little GUI for it, It's on the forum somewhere and it's included in fatdog64.
If you make a backup of your new computer with all the crap removed or after a fresh install, then all you have to do when you get a virus is copy any documents/files you want to keep and then restore your backup.
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PostPosted: Mon 02 Aug 2010, 20:25    Post subject:  

October 24 update.


fixed my links to work correctly on page 2 of this post.



Updated in the first post.

Flash posted >> Review of several rescue CDs


As I had posted about Shardana I thought that I must add
the Antivirus Rescue CDs there as well.

Shardana also had extra AV cds.
Any help here.

" If someone could produce a script to get Shardana to
add Hirens, Falcon mini, Falcon Four Konboot, and
modify Puppy so that you could run Lucid Puppy
( which runs by default in the current version )
but also run Puppy 4.3.1 (was default in the last Shardana version )
Shardana would be an even greater product.

All working download links are posted.

Thanks again Flash.


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PostPosted: Tue 03 Aug 2010, 14:20    Post subject:  

I'd like to think I can live the rest of my life without dealing with Windows. I prefer not to think about Windows. I will keep this thread in mind just in case. Thank you Cthisbear and everyone else that contributed.
It may be that my sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others

Meddle Not In The Affairs Of Dragons For You Are Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup

I'd rather be sailing
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PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug 2010, 06:23    Post subject:  

Updated again in the first post.



Windows Autoruns


Process Killers.

Including links and downloads.

Added >> Cloning Hard Drives


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PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug 2010, 12:05    Post subject:  

Dan Fischbach's SaveMe fix for cycling reboots in WinXP
The procedure entails burning two CDs, a VistaPE boot disk and the SaveMe recovery disk. Boot up with Vista disk, then insert and run SaveMe v1.55.0, mostly automagic recovery. After procedure, boot into Safe Mode to run AV.
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PostPosted: Wed 04 Aug 2010, 12:42    Post subject:  

The Returnil, RVS 2010 Home Free, approach is interesting. Basically much like running a puppy live cd since each time you reboot your starting from a clean source. You have to start with a clean PC though! Some people I know almost never turn their PCs off!

I never let Windows access an internet connection. I use Puppy Linux for almost everything. You'd be surprised how well my ol' 98se runs when it's free of the net's influence.

Some others I know also have a 2 computer approach with one being the "net" computer and the other a non-connected and "clean" pc.

Using the net is an increasingly unpleasant experience within which most people seem incapable of, overwhelmed by, or oblivious to safe computing. They desperately need survival guides. Going Linux was my solution and I've never been happier but the stuff you've posted will enable me to help my hapless and Redmond addicted family and friends. Thanks!


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PostPosted: Thu 05 Aug 2010, 12:26    Post subject: recovering photos lost in restore  


I have a widows hard drive that was restored by the owner "accidentally" and was wondering if you recommend a specific program to try and retrieve lost photos.I searched with puppy but didn't find them Puppy says that the last 10 gigs of the HD is trashed though and cant search there,

thanks in advance------------------knuckle
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PostPosted: Thu 05 Aug 2010, 13:18    Post subject: Retrieving photos
Subject description: Try Helix

Try Helix. I think you'll need to search for an older version as they charge now. (Of course you can always buy it.)

I found hundreds of pictures on an old laptop of mine once. (Most of them were mice and keyboard pictures that MS thought I needed for some reason. Plus every picture from every e-mail I had ever received was dutifully archived even if I deleted the mail immediately.)

Takes a bit of time, but it's very thorough. Has a Windows and Linux mode I think.
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PostPosted: Tue 10 Aug 2010, 22:19    Post subject:  


Disable Windows Defender

and the direct links to Falcon Rescue cd downloads.

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PostPosted: Thu 19 Aug 2010, 15:34    Post subject:  


Data Recovery..more software


How to install XP SP2 from USB:

Bottom of first post.

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PostPosted: Sun 29 Aug 2010, 19:21    Post subject:  

Lost your disc.

Win 7 and Vista legal downloads-

The only publicly available official direct download links
and sources for Windows 7 ISO and Vista ISO."

Use your paid MS key. >> My Digital Life.

Win 7 and Vista Recovery discs. Neosmart.



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