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pekwm themes, etc
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
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PostPosted: Sat 20 Feb 2010, 14:05    Post subject:  pekwm themes, etc
Subject description: (in the eye candy section)

Perhaps this will have some company if any other denizens have offerings for the fine pekwm window manager.

This one's for pekwm 0.1.11 (may or may not be compatible with older versions such as 0.1.6?) screenshot 74k - even though pk seems more suited to kybd input, 0.1.11 has some nice theme options for maus-ing (and/or various combinations depending on one's setup and prefs - a local manual is a very good idea to get the most out of pekwm's interface), for instance a more expanded l/r/midclick is supported on window-buttons now (even though I kind of miss the scrollwheel-rollup of other wms, it's handy if you're button-oriented). No rounded corners and borders are minimal since keeping it fairly simple/compact is a good thing, imo. As far as I know, the button-decor is original (but I couldn't get menu 'arrows' to display nice, so there's a rude workaround) Wink

Tried the (dpup) dotpet of 111 mentioned elsewhere after I'd compiled my own in a more-or-less 'regular' p431 (mine is a bit fat since I'm new to that and don't know much at all about stripping&etc - the dpup version didn't fly for me but may be fine for others). Link to that thread in the additional software section.
Description  md5=a096217447ac7e284e2fa4eaea378151

Filename  Nof00-turq-pekwm0111.tar.gz 
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Joined: 06 Nov 2008
Posts: 808
Location: the Western Reserve

PostPosted: Fri 28 Jan 2011, 02:11    Post subject:
Subject description: new-ish pekpup theme

This one is a slight mod of a theme originally put together by 01micko (from a work by adriano). The buttons were from ttuuxxx's icewm work if I recall. I merely did a trifling cleanup (no buttons where not needed) and mushed it into pekwm 1.11's mouse-ing structure for the buttons.

min-bar + leftclick = iconizes window (to frame menu which is midclick on desktop, or..)
min-bar + rightclick = shades window (no shading with scrollwheel)

max-bar + leftclick = maximizes window
max-bar + rightclick = max width only
max-bar + midclick = max vertical only

paw = g'night

a bit larger pic is here, fresh pekwm 1.12 in Macpup 511..

yep, the text-length in menu sometimes over-expands on hover Neutral
(post a fix or pm me if you do)
Description  old-school no*pet, merely extract in /root/.pekwm/themes dir

Filename  pupamik0-pekwm0111.tar.gz 
Filesize  9.9 KB 
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Joined: 21 Mar 2009
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Location: Orlando, FL

PostPosted: Wed 02 Mar 2011, 17:58    Post subject:    

awesome theme......thanks
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Joined: 04 Jan 2009
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PostPosted: Yesterday, at 21:37    Post subject:  

Hello all.

Glad to see a pekwm themes thread on the forum!

Please find attached four pekwm themes by sqc, that I have changed
a bit.

-- I corrected the font syntax in the "theme" file proper;
-- I lightened the bottom and sides by reducing the number of pixel lines
in the corresponding xpm pics.

The sqc pekwm themes archive can be found on the box-look.org site in
the pekwm section.

As I understand it, the lot of them (220 themes!) were produced "in
industrial fashion": they all have the same structure, with heavy black
lines on the bottom and sides, in all manner of colors (one of them even
called "BIOS"!!!). So their appeal varies greatly.

As with any window manager, finding a theme to match your background
is like figuring out what to wear in the morning. Will my neon green shirt
match my blue pants and my red socks? Perhaps not. "All tastes may be
in Nature", as the proverb goes, but we still should search for a bit of
harmony between colors.

The sqc themes are all rather light-weight, so that's a positive. That's
because they are based on small xpm pics instead of the generally
heavier png pics that some other pekwm themes rely on.

A couple of other things that I like about these sqc themes is that they
all offer the shade / unshade button, and also that their menu or submenu
displays the category title at the top.

I have not tried the entire 220 of those themes yet, far from it. But the
four offered here are ones that I like and use in my pekwm. With the
slight trimming I performed on them, I feel they are more pleasing to the
eye as well as efficient in the context of the pekwm menu.

I hope that you will agree. BFN.
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Filename  pekwm-four_sqc_themes_revisited-0.1.pet 
Filesize  9.68 KB 
Downloaded  2 Time(s) 

"The greatest of minds are the ones that never close." | "Les plus grands esprits sont ceux qui ne se ferment jamais."
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