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Puppy Multiuser Support
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Joined: 09 Mar 2006
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PostPosted: Sun 11 Oct 2009, 16:01    Post_subject:  Puppy Multiuser Support
Sub_title: Steps for tuning Puppy to provide multi root users support

Puppy Linux - Multiuser made easy

I have been using Puppy for long time over 4 years but this multiuser problem has made me quite concerned as it takes puppy as a complete os for all solutions.

Though i am not an expert on this are but still i just thought of giving it a try and i could come up with multi-user support where each user is just another root.

Yes its that way.

To state that this support is more with ICEWM window manager, so its better to have that installed by root initially.

And to mention i tried this with only harddisk installed pup.

Adding new user using:

adduser -u 1000 -G root -S -h /home/user -s /bin/bash user

Then i just edited the /etc/passwd file for the uid field of 'user' to 0, to avoid all permission conflicts.

Thats done infact.

However i do not have any window manager configurations or .xinitrc configs in my home folder for the user.

For that i copied .xinitrc file from /root to my /home/user folder.

Again on checking within the .xinitrc file in /home/user folder, i modified the same with the file/dir names to reside from /home/user instead of /root path.

For. eg. replaced /root/.xset.sh with /home/user/.xset.sh, etc.

The following are the files which also i need to copy for the same to support from the user also.

/root/.xset.sh file, /root/.jwm/ directory, /root/Choices/ directory, /root/.jwmrc file, /root/.jwmrc-tray file, /root/.icewm/ directory are copied to /home/user/

Then in just edited the /etc/inittab file to remove the -n -l autologin option to make line with tty1 similar as ttty2/tty3 so that login can be done for different users in normal means.

Then i logged in with the username/password for user and at shell prompt typing startx takes to X with menu/desktop similar to root user.

In JWM the only concern is, its displaying the ROX-Filer as an application in the taskbar so that if its minimized, its showing dark screen without anything in the desktop. It needs to be non-minimized and non-closed.

I also edited the .jwmrc/.jwmrc-tray files with respective values for the user instead of root and still the issue remains.

Rest of the things are fine for the user.

With ICEWM, things are good and even this issue is not there though taskbar shows ROX-Filer initially, on clicking it disappears.

One thing to mention is if there are multiple users, the desktop displays the same set set of icons for them irrespective of whoever modifies icons.

Also the security is high for a non-user however all users created will behave only like root with full previleges.

PS: I am aware that, theres one young brilliant user who came up with real multiuser support with 4.2.1 version, though this is just my experience i shared.

Thanks a lot Puppy & Team for this wonderful OS.

With Regards,

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Joined: 20 May 2006
Posts: 6529
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

PostPosted: Sun 11 Oct 2009, 20:43    Post_subject:  

For anyone who wants it, here's a link to PG's multiuser version of 4.2.1
There's a link in his first post to his instructions for how to make Puppy multiuser.

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Joined: 10 Nov 2009
Posts: 43

PostPosted: Sun 15 Nov 2009, 08:52    Post_subject:    

I tried this but I got errors.

# adduser -u 1000 -G root -S -h /home/noalternative -s /bin/bash noalternative
adduser: invalid option -- u
Tinylogin v1.4 (2005.08.02-19:41+0000) multi-call binary

Usage: adduser [OPTIONS] <user_name>

What am I doing wrong?

also I just tried adduser before I tried your instruction and it created this user, but no home folder. I think I just need a home folder.

I also didn't understand this part of what you said.

Then i just edited the /etc/passwd file for the uid field of 'user' to 0, to avoid all permission conflicts.

What is the uid field. Can you give me some graphic examples?

Also is there anything else I should copy if I am using macpup opera?

I would like to use puppy since I have lost my hard drive and am booting from a pen drive because of lack of money. However I am an experienced linux user and the security problems of being logged into root and bothersome to me. I have malaware concerns.
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Joined: 09 Mar 2006
Posts: 18

PostPosted: Mon 12 Apr 2010, 03:21    Post_subject:  

hi, sorry for late reply..

there is some personal privacy provided in terms of environment but since all users behaves like root... need to be take-care and cautious of all account holders in them machine Smile

you could use archives and passwords which is one thing Smile

yes you need to have the files or Dir (/home/user) physically present before adding user.. to avoid errors...

you can ignore the option -u and try.. just play around Smile

for uid help this is pretty helpful...


not sure you may need the link but still posting its nice...

pls refer this...

well im really sorry, i hav no idea of mac opera...

hi well you could also try out the Pizzagood's multiuser.. that's ready-made one.. nicely written Smile

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