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Zarfy - Change Screen Resolution Gui - MultiMonitor Support
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Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Melbourne, Australia

PostPosted: Tue 05 Nov 2013, 18:27    Post_subject:  

Puppus Dogfellow wrote:
better to have forgotten the normal permissions than to have no idea what the phrase means. yup, your code changes the icon from a text page to a text page with a terminal on it. thanks.

Without going through all the kerfuffle of the implications (which are MANY, in any Linux/Unix system), I normally just MAKE the thing work by typing:

# chmod 777 scriptfile

...or you can use Rox and right-click on the filename and there's a 'permissions' option there somewhere (I don't have a Puppy with me at the mo to check)... which will have 'execute+searchable' as a default permissions to set (I think). More info: http://linux.die.net/Linux-CLI/file-permissions.html

i remember early on (i'm new to linux--xp crashed, got jolicloud as a why not...

I'm not new to unix/linux... but I'm still pretty neophyte, although, as of yesterday, I'm 9 years into Puppy manipulating 'coz he's still the fastest, easiest to manipulate.. and I can kinda understand him Smile I come from ~30+ years of VAX/VMS... IBM PCs+CP/M+MS-DOS since Day 1... and the various incarnations of M$-Windoze... and probably am kinda biased that Linux is still a 'programmer's O/S' in that you have to 'edit a file' to make system changes and you often need to have a lot of 'technical knowledge' to get the system to do what you need (I *still* can't get my head around realtime kernels, JACK, ALSA, etc otherwise I'd be using Linux for my music stuff... but oh well).

ubuntu... puppy... Mint...

heh... Back in the mid-2000s I ended-up trying about 100+ Linux distributions... and I ended up exploring Puppy mainly... but I DO have some knoppix, zenwalk, musix and PC LinuxOS distributions floating about.

it's the exclamation point after the pound sign that makes it a script to the machine? are these bash scripts or shell scripts or what?


ps sorry for all the questions/hijacking your thread, but i'm on the cusp of "programming." Laughing Embarassed

Something in the dim, dark, past of Unix' development (whether it was 'BSD'=west coast USA or 'System V'=east coast USA), some bright spark came up with the concept of the shell - a program that gives you a command line prompt. There is (or used to be) something with the '1st process' that starts ('init') and it creates ('forks off') all these other processes, one of which might be your session on the main screen... but this would be better explained by someone who's more familiar with Linux internals (and Puppy internals, in particular).

Anyhoo, the first line of an executable (text) file needs the "shebang" (the hash-exclamation point) to tell the shell that it's running in, what program to use to process the text of the file... So, that's why you'll see #!/bin/sh all over the place. 'sh' was the first 'shell' program. People added features (and sometimes maintained backward compatability... and sometimes not) and 'they' came up with different shell programs, like -- ksh, csh, tcsh (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tcsh), amongst others.

...but better you have a look for a copy of 'RUTE' (a classic on-line book/e-book on Linux) and browse through tldp.org for more good info on Linux, etc.

pps: after that, can i just tell the machine to raise and lower the menu bar?

There is something in Rox that will allow you move where the 'pinboard' (I think it is) will be located - top, bottom, left, right...

reload the wall paper?

...and that is something buried in one of the scripts that starts "X" (or you can manually do something with it in Rox)... but I've forgotten how to do that...

Hopefully, this gives you (a lot of) pointers for further exploration Smile
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Puppus Dogfellow

Joined: 07 Jan 2013
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Location: nyc

PostPosted: Wed 13 Nov 2013, 16:50    Post_subject:  


Without going through all the kerfuffle of the implications (which are MANY, in any Linux/Unix system), I normally just MAKE the thing work by typing:

# chmod 777 scriptfile

yeah, i couldn't get the script to run and haven't rebooted to try in a week, but if i type that into a terminal i opened in a folder opened to the location of the script ("scriptfile" is the script's name?) it should run? anyway, thanks for all that info, ozboomer. it's appreciated (though for now the machine's running so well i actually want to do nothing to it and can live with the 45 seconds of inconvenience). [edit: a month later i reboot with the permissions changed and am glad i no longer have to deal with that step--thanks]

i feel i have to retract some of my earlier criticism of gr&r--i went back to a couple of the installations that i thought were messed up by it, and "#fixmenus #wmreboot" seemed to heal all the ills i thought it caused.
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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
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Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Wed 23 Jul 2014, 13:02    Post_subject: excellent !  

Merci, Zarfi m'est très utile. Usefull.
Puppy, il ne lui manque que la parole !
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