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[HowTo] Install the Official nVidia Drivers
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PostPosted: Sat 26 Sep 2009, 09:39    Post_subject:  [HowTo] Install the Official nVidia Drivers
Sub_title: How to install the latest, official nVidia drivers from the nVidia site

Install the Official nVidia Drivers by Iguleder

This guide instructs you how to install the latest, official nVidia drivers for your graphics card, from the nVidia site. I tried to simplify it as much as possible ... as always.

Changelog, Iguleder wrote:

28/9/09, 20:00: added the tip.
26/9/09, 17:00: tiny additions.
26/9/09, 16:00: first version.

- Risky, very risky. May ruin your xorg and/or Puppy completely without any chance to revert the changes, so you'll have to reinstall. Backup any valuable data before doing it.
- It may fail, it depends on so many things - the kernel, xorg, libraries, gcc ... hell knows. Worked on Pituch (read below).
- Some computer knowledge is required.
- You should do this only if the drivers posted at the software forum don't work for you.
- The guide is meant to be followed under frugal or flash-drive installations.
- I suggest you to have the guide displayed on another PC, or written down, while you follow the last steps, they require you to close xorg.
- I use a home-made-custom-puplet named Pituch, that uses kernel, all 4.3's packages (and 4.0 themes Wink ) and my graphics card is nVidia 7300 GS, 512 MB.
- Risky!!!


Step 1: download the devx module.

If you already have the devx module installed, skip to step 2.

Download the devx module that matches your Puppy version and save it where pupsave.2fs is (usually /mnt/home).

- Puppy 4.3: here.
- Puppy 4.3 Retro and Retro-Retro: here.
- Puppy 4.2.1: here.
- Puppy 4.1.2: here.


Step 2: download the kernel sources module.

If you already have the kernel sources module installed, skip to step 3.

Go to the console icon on your desktop and run uname -r to identify your kernel version.

Download the kernel sources module that matches your kernel version and save it where pupsave.2fs is (usually /mnt/home).

- Kernel : here.
- Kernel here.
- Kernel here.


Step 3: install the modules.

Reboot Puppy.

When your desktop shows up, the boot manager should appear. If it doesn't, run it through System -> BootManager and click the button near "Choose which extra SFS files to load at bootup".

You will see 2 items in the left list: kernel-src-2.6.x.x-something.sfs and devx-xxx.sfs. Add both (by selecting the entry and clicking Add) and reboot.

Now go to the console and run gcc. If you see the message "gcc: no input files", the modules are installed properly.


Step 4: download and install the drivers.

Go here. Select your graphics card's model (for example, my nVidia 7300 GS 512 MB is "GeForce 7 Series"), your operating system ("Linux 32-bit") and your preferred language.

Download the file and save it as nvidia.run under the directory /root.

Then, go to Shutdown -> Exit to prompt.
Run cd /root, then sh nvidia.run.

Follow the instructions, reply Yes when it asks you whether to download and compile modules for you or quit.

It will download and compile the drivers for you. At some stage, an error will appear, informing you that running depmod has failed - "ERROR: Failed to execute `/sbin/depmod -aq` ... ". Allow the installation to continue by replying Yes.

It should ask you whether to allow nvidia-xconfig to change xorg's configuration or exit. Reply Yes.

When the installation is done, run depmod and then run reboot (to reboot Wink ).

[/b]Tip: to run xorg with the newly installed nVidia drivers immediately, without rebooting, you can run [b]modprobe nvidia and xwin (instead of running reboot).


Step 5: testing, testing!

Puppy is up, the nVidia splash screen appeared before your desktop showed up? You're done. Congratulations.

No? Run xorgwizard after xorg crashes, and choose xvesa. Run nvidia-xconfig in the console. Then open /etc/X11/xorg.conf (!!! - X, not x) with any text editor, I prefer Geany.

(Screenshot, big)

Locate Section "Device". Below that, make sure that Driver is set to "nvidia". Then, in the console, run modprobe nvidia and do the Shutdown -> Exit to prompt. Run xorgwizard and choose xorg. Should work.


Step 6: cleaning and configuring.

Now, when you're done, you can remove kernel-src-2.6.x.x-something.sfs and devx-xxx.sfs from the list of loaded SFSs and delete them if you don't want them.

Additionally, you can run nvidia-settings in the console to tweak your graphics card's driver's settings.

That's it.
Enjoy! Wink
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