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Extra drivers for Puppy 2 with kernel
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Joined: 10 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Mon 17 Oct 2011, 05:32    Post subject:  

The Network Wizard in Puppy 214X is an older version, and I just learned that in the "Wireless" section it still labels the three "AP Scan" settings by their technical terms of "Supplicant" "Driver" and "Hidden".
Refer image 01-old.
This is unintuitive to the average user.

So I have just modified the Network Wizard gui so these three modes are now rearranged and relabeled descriptively as "Hidden SSID" "Broadcast SSID" and "Driver".
Refer image 02-new.
Net-Wiz-update-214X.pet now attached.

Note: functionality of the Network Wizard is unchanged !
I have simply made it more intuitive for users to configure their wifi settings in Puppy 214X to match their router settings. More recent versions of the Network Wizard already have this change.

I seem to recall that when the Network Wizard was first being re-written to accommodate WPA encryption, tests showed that the "Hidden SSID" setting would generally work with both hidden and broadcast SSID's, but the reverse was not the case - the "Broadcast SSID" setting would usually fail when trying to associate with a hidden SSID.
This is why "Hidden SSID" was chosen to be the default setting.
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Description  for Puppy 214X

Filename  Net-Wiz-update-214X.pet 
Filesize  9.52 KB 
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Joined: 23 Dec 2011
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PostPosted: Tue 17 Jan 2012, 05:53    Post subject:  

Hi tempestuous, this is for my Legacy OS 2 based on kernel

First, I updated the rt61 driver using your rt61-20090412-k2.6.18.1.pet. Still no wireless network interface.
Next, I replaced the zdrv_214.sfs of Legacy OS2 with the zdrv_214X.sfs of Classic Pup 214X-TOP9 which combined with your rt61 pet worked for me,so I thought I'd give it a try. Still no dice.
Then, I discovered your advice here, viz.,
1) modprobe firmware_class
2) rmmod rt61
but returned Error:Module rt61 does not exist in /proc/modules (still I went ahead with)
3) modprobe rt61
and network setup wizard showed wlan0 ! Happily,I proceeded to configure wireless setup but "Network configuration of wlan0 unsuccessful!" (could be due to my ISP max 6 connections limitation).
A funny thing is at the next bootup, wlan0 is not detected again and I had to redo the above modprobe steps.
Tried a few times with no success. Awaiting your rescue,thanks in advance.
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Joined: 22 Nov 2010
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PostPosted: Tue 03 Sep 2013, 22:55    Post subject:  

I have an RNX-EasyN1 USB wifi dongle, made by Rosewill and sold by Newegg.

WikiDevi lists rt2870sta driver as compatible. Attempted to use the one in Top10 and it would not load at all (got an error msg, don't remember what it was, sorry!). Installed the dotpet from this thread, and it now will load the driver but the driver does not work with the card. Considering that other examples of this driver also do not work, it may be an error on WikiDevi's part...

rt2800usb is the newer driver for this adapter, and may also work if someone can make it available for this kernel. I know tempestuous is busy right now with life -- is there anyone else who can help?


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