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No CD/DVD-burner is working on F-S Amilo Si 1520
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Joined: 17 Jan 2008
Posts: 109
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Sun 03 Feb 2008, 23:44    Post_subject:  No CD/DVD-burner is working on F-S Amilo Si 1520  

I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Si 1520.

I have tried all the burner programs that puppylinux have plus Pburn, but all of them has same issue.

I go through the whole process then hit burn and it seems as something gets burned on the CD or DVD.

Just that the light is on a short time and when the tray opens and I take out the CD or DVD, I cant see that anything has been burnt on it.

Once I saw one single thin line being burnt on the CD.

All of them could not be used again later, so that means they got trashed while the burner programs tried to burn on the CD/DVD.

So I guess there is a driver issue?

Drive says its a /dev/hda Optiarc_DVD_RW_AD-7540A

I dont know what more info that is needed and what to do to correct this issue.

Thanks for all help I can get on this. Would love to be able to burn from puppylinux, so I can stop having to go to windows to use the Nero for burning iso files.
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Joined: 17 Jan 2008
Posts: 109
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Wed 06 Feb 2008, 08:56    Post_subject:  

Bumping my post.

I really need help to figure out this, because I have spent 3 months trying to find anything in google and also this forum on Amilo Si 1520 and the problem with the cd burner programs.

Now my eyes has got very sore because I have read too much (fibromyalgia is a nasty thing to have, body doesnt tolerate stress of any type) so I am not able to figure out this without some help.

Another thing is that I have never digged much into drivers, all I did with them in windows was to find drivers for a specific thing on a cd or online and install them. So then its not any better in linux either.

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Joined: 26 May 2006
Posts: 2949
Location: Southampton, UK

PostPosted: Tue 04 Mar 2008, 02:16    Post_subject:  

According to this post
the author could not get it to burn correctly at a speed of greater than 2x. I wonder if lowering the burn speed will solve your problem.
After a failed burn is there anything interesting in /var/log/messages

contribute: community website, screenshots, puplets, wiki, rss
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Joined: 17 Jan 2008
Posts: 109
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Tue 04 Mar 2008, 02:32    Post_subject:  

Thanks Hairywill.

Now I have at least one thing I know I can do when I try next time. I will try again as soon I have got some cheap cd's, and then check what the log says.

I think I did the 2x speed, but cant remember since its a while ago I did it last time.
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Joined: 17 Jan 2008
Posts: 109
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2008, 17:44    Post_subject:  

Ok, I was asked by ttuuxxx to find the make and model of the cd/dvd driver on the other thread about the usb modem device. Muggins told me to install hardware recognition (Hardinfo worked best for me) so I did.

Strange thing is that it seems as there is not much more info than basically what I said in first post here. The Hardinfo program gives me this:

Device Information

Model Optiarc DVD RW AD 7540A
Vendor Optiarc DVD RW AD 7540A ((null))
Device Name hda
Media cdrom
Cache 0kb
Driver Generic mmc2 DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD-RAM

The rest was what it can do and speed of it.
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Bruce B

Joined: 18 May 2005
Posts: 11130
Location: The Peoples Republic of California

PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2008, 18:08    Post_subject:  

I get the same symptoms you describe (different burner) at CD Disc speeds less than 16x
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Joined: 21 Nov 2006
Posts: 11782
Location: Brussels IBM Thinkpad R40, 256MB, 20GB, WiFi ipw2100. Frugal Lin'N'Win

PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2008, 18:26    Post_subject:  

Katami, just to let you know I use CD/DVD:RW instead of CD/DVD-R so if something goes wrong I can always reuse the media.
Time savers:
Find packages in a snap and install using Puppy Package Manager (Menu).
Consult Wikka
Use peppyy's puppysearch
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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 5754
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Wed 05 Mar 2008, 19:01    Post_subject:  

kattami wrote:
I will try again as soon I have got some cheap cd's

If using Pburn you can add the parameter -dummy to the burning command (cdrecord -dummy ......). this will simulate the burn process, and will not destroy you cd if burning fails. Remember that Pburn has norwegian language support and the helpfile could give useful information.

From the helpfile:
- Det er ikke anbefalt å kjøre andre store programmer (eller strømsparing/skjermsparer) ved brenning. Dette kan ta for mye ressurser, og gjøre brenneprosessen ustabil. Dette kan igjen føre til en ubrukelig disk. For høy brenne-hastighet / for lav CPU-prioritet kan også være et problem.
- Ikke alle spillere kan finne andre lagringer (sessions) enn den sist brente. Du kan risikere at den eneste spilleren som kan lese din multisession disk er brenneren.
- RW disker kan overskrives 'bare' ca 1000 ganger.
- RW disker er ikke lesbar i en hel haug av spillere.
- Audio CDer har ikke noe filsystem, og kan derfor ikke monteres, - bare leses.
- Hvis systemet er satt opp med automatisk montering av disker, vil systemet montere disken du setter inn hvis den ikke er tom. Du kan ikke brenne på en montert disk. Husk å slå av automontering.

Pburn also produce all outputs from crdecord (the burning command). It could be useful in the failure research.

To all of you having trouble with burnspeed, try to set the cdrecord parameter 'fs=8m' which sets the burning buffer to 8mb instead of the default 4mb.

Kattami.......hmmm........has the kennel opened for cats also Smile

Good luck from Nordland

Stardust resources
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Joined: 17 Jan 2008
Posts: 109
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Thu 06 Mar 2008, 11:49    Post_subject:  

Oh cool Smile

Thanks alot for all the replies.

Zigbert, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Pburn is a good program. I was trying it in the NOP setup of mine. Too bad I ruined the savefile of NOP. But will install Pburn again on this savefile and do what you said.

Sidetracking abit: I have been waiting for you to notice my ID, hehehe. Much noise in a kennel with both dogs and cats, huh?

Greetings from Troms.

Edit: ummmmm...I think its more serious than kennels....

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Joined: 05 May 2007
Posts: 10827
Location: Ontario Canada,Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Thu 06 Mar 2008, 12:44    Post_subject:  

Found some firmware upgrade
which leads you to http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/page/en/Optiarc-AD-7540A/
Speed specs of the drive http://liggydee.cdfreaks.com/popup/en/Optiarc-AD-7540A/specs
Firmware upgrades can sometime be the ticket and sometimes be deadly, So do it at your own risk, People who own these drives like to buy new portable replacements.

http://audio.online-convert.com/ <-- excellent site
http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/A-codecs/ <-- Codec Test Files
http://html5games.com/ <-- excellent HTML5 games Smile
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urban soul

Joined: 05 Mar 2008
Posts: 276
Location: "Killing a nerd is not as much fun as ist sounds" B.Simpson

PostPosted: Thu 27 Mar 2008, 21:02    Post_subject:  

Hi kattami,
I know this is late and OT, but I found it an intelligent remark and I want to comment on it:
kattami wrote:
My biggest dissappointment in all this is that the Linux in itself is worse than windows in having drivers for hardware and such. I could live with the soft-modems issue, but not to get the cd-burner to work and not to get the mobile internet modem to work.........

Well, male egos or not, if their product doesnt work as it should, then it doesnt matter what ego they have. The product does not work!!! And I thought Linus was a genius. Phew.

Well, in short: that's the price you pay for freedom. You think freedom is available at no cost ? My opinion is: it should be, of course. But today - unfortunately - it isnt.

In the end using open source software means liberty! The way linux is developed, means that hardware support must be limited. This is an important thing to understand. Just like hardware support for MAC OS is limited. But the situation for linux is even more complicated: Hardware developers don't earn money with licences concerning linux, because software used in linux has allways been (and will ever be - hopefully): open source !

So you see: we got a tricky problem here. As a result, linux users need special skills to make recent hardware - that is: hardware not supported by the manufacturers - work on their system.

The solution is to go for hardware that is well supported - if you can.

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Joined: 09 Nov 2005
Posts: 414

PostPosted: Sun 30 Mar 2008, 12:50    Post_subject: Where is your temporary file?  

Does you tmp file have enough space?

I had problems with learning how to type in the exact command to put the tmp file on what Windows calls the C drive in Linux. If your pup_save.2fs file is on the area of the hard drive which you want the temporary file to be. then: /mnt/home/

Please someone remind me if I am wrong????

At any place you can set, "simulate before burn." I strongly suggest you do so.

Personally I burned a record number of coasters with Windows as well as Linux.

When I was fighting with Windows the tech support of Roxy, who wrote the software package that I was using, suggested that I start with trying to burn data CDs. As some issues were less problematic. Seems to me that the burning software in Windows (Roxy) does not give easy to understand error messages. Linux is not better with error messages..

If you try some of the other burning software in Puppy Linux. Make sure you completely open out the Window for the burning software. There are more options than initially appear. I recall those options are important.

I guess you have already heard that sometimes a computer has problems with doing more things simultaneously than just burning.

Oh well. Just my limited experience suggests you consider those factors.

Google Search of Forum: http://wellminded.com/puppy/pupsearch.html
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