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Portuguese lang: how to put accentuation + c-cedil (US keyb)
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Joined: 04 Apr 2007
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Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

PostPosted: Thu 05 Apr 2007, 01:57    Post subject:  Portuguese lang: how to put accentuation + c-cedil (US keyb)
Subject description: TEENpup, PuppyBR and Puppy 2.14 solutions


It's hard to find solutions to keyboard configuration on many Puppy versions (and others Linux distros) for specific languages, in my opinion. For Brazilian users, when accentuation is OK, you dont't write anything with c-cedil... I tried "n" options and now I can use my US (International) keyboard with no problems. I searched several pages on the Web and I have special thanks to all Puppians!

So, this post is my "compilation" about how you can write very well in Portuguese running TEENpup (Puppy 2.10 based) or PuppyBR (Puppy Linux 1.0.8 based) and Xorg video mode (NOT Xvesa video mode). My attached file is a "how to" in Portuguese language.

Remark: This is for US keyboard, NOT for keyboard model ABNT2, i.e., with C-cedil key (ç). My keyboard is "basic", without "Win" or "Power" keys.

For Brazilian users, Puppy 2.14 has a good Xorg Wizard with many options. If you have a US keyboard, no problem I can confirm. Maybe easy to configure ABNT2 keyboard...

A) This solution works for me, using PuppyBR (Puppy 1.0.8 based) and XORG for my graphics.

You must edit the file xorg.conf in /root/.etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "InputDevice''
    Identifier  "Keyboard0"
    Driver      "kbd"
    Option      "XkbRules" "xorg"
    Option      "XkbModel" "abnt2"
    Option      "XkbLayout" "us_intl" #xkeymap0
    Option      "XkbVariant" "basic"   

(Yes, you must put the Option "XkbModel" "abnt2", but the keyboard isn't "abnt2". Well, works fine with a US keyboard!)

Save the file xorg.conf, then restart X windows. If you are running PuppyBR, go to Iniciar/Logoff/Reiniciar Xterm. When in text mode (black screen), type "xwin" (without quotes) and press <Enter> to restart the graphic mode, then test your keyboard using LeafPad (default text editor in PuppyBR).

*** IMPORTANT! Press Right ALT key plus "," then press "c" to get "ç". Notice: press Right ALT key, HOLD this key, then press "," (comma) not "apostrophe" ('), that works under Windows for Brazilian users! The Left Alt key don't works to put "ç" in your text... The Shift (and Caps Lock key) works like under Windows, to create "é", "ê" "à" etc.

B) Using TEENpup 1.0.0 (Puppy 2.10 based) I found other solution to put Portuguese accentuation plus C-cedil, for a US keyboard:

You must edit the file xorg.conf in /root/.etc/X11/xorg.conf

Section "InputDevice"
    Identifier  "Keyboard0"
    Driver      "kbd"
    Option      "XkbRules" "xorg"
    Option      "XkbModel" "pc102"
    Option      "XkbLayout" "us" #xkeymap0
    Option      "XkbVariant" "alt-intl"

Save the file xorg.conf, then restart X windows. Go to Start/Logoff/Restart X, then test you keyboard using Geany (default text editor).

Read the *** IMPORTANT topic above.

If you have a keyboard with "Win" and "Power" keys, you can change the Option "XkbModel" "pc102", trying "pc104" or "pc105". Good luck!

You can get more information about this topic here:

In this forum see

Keyboard configuration on Puppy 2.12: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=13233

ABNT2 Keyboard configuration on Puppy 1.0.3: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?search_id=492754016&t=1021

About Multilingual text on Linux read JW Stumpel article (last change was March 28, 2007): http://www.jw-stumpel.nl/stestu.html

About Consistent Keyboard Configuration read John Bunch Linux article (1997-06-01; outdated?): http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/0138

(Please, send me an email alerting about broken link; click on the envelope below my signature.)

Help by JW Stumpel:

IMPORTANT: For experiments with the keyboard settings, it is not necessary to edit the config file. The setxkbmap command can be used instead. It can be called from any xterm [Terminal application is Rxvt on Puppy] and immediately affects all running programs. For example you can call:

setxkbmap us -variant alt-intl

The variant can also be put between parentheses; if you use them you must enclose the command in double quotes:

setxkbmap "us(alt-intl)"

Apart from alt-intl, there is another international variant of the US keyboard layout:

Option "XkbVariant" "intl"

This has several letters with accents ready-made in various places on the keyboard; they are accessible with the right-Alt key. For instance, ä is made by right-alt + q.

The keyboard layout files are in /usr/share/X11/xkb/symbols (for the new Xorg 7.0 system. On older systems, they may be in /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc).

Do not use the us_intl layout

In previous versions of this document, I recommended using the us_intl keyboard layout. This advice must be considered outdated. The alt-intl variant of the us layout does exactly the same job, but better. It makes it much easier to use multiple keyboard layouts. If you want to know why, start here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/FAQ#keyboard

NOTE: the us_intl layout no longer even exists in Xorg 7.0.

Best regards,

Description  Ajuda em Portugues para configurar o teclado US

Filename  US_keyb_solution_portuguese.zip 
Filesize  2.28 KB 
Downloaded  536 Time(s) 

Razz I'm learning... always!
(Any supposed offense is because of bad english or idea formulation and was not intended in any way.)
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