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A Letter to Barry
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Joined: 29 Jan 2006
Posts: 4499
Location: Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Mon 18 Mar 2019, 21:46    Post subject:  A Letter to Barry  

So as not to detract from the Easyos discussion I am pointing out
my experience.


A Letter to Barry.

From 2006 I have enjoyed and endured your past efforts,
my usage measured at 99% enjoyment most times.

My first look at Linux was Open Suse...never got it working with
a Windows network friend...$85.00 down the drain.
Spent hours on it in early 2000.

Finally I discovered Lindows and got on the net...
and said to myself “ so that’s what it’s all about Alfie?”

And I continued with various others until Puppy 1.0 and then I never
looked back.

I had used the Bart PE boot cd to fix computers as I had found the free evaluation release
on the final day...a full workhouse of Windows fixes.

Then Puppy 2.02 could finally write to Win drives but with better speed.
I still used Bart until I found Hiren’s and later Falcon’s boot cd.

But of course with many of the latest computers, Hiren’s and the Falcon
rescue cds might boot but can’t see the drives or cannot boot at all.
Newer boot cds are mostly garbage with huge downloads.

Puppy still works for this new fangled garbage.
My current favourite is Radky’s Stretch although I’ve tried others lately.

So Puppy still fixes numerous computers for me and gives me the comfort with one time booting to
use internet banking, legals, and being able to check my emails etc, without the constant worry
of being burgled by scammers and viruses.

Of course the world changes and reluctantly we must sometimes march to that drum.

You retired of course....
fair enough and most of us in Puppy were saddened by the loss of our Fearless Leader.


Ah! but then the Arnie in you resurfaced...but not quite as scary.


Releases of Quirky...Easyos and I think another one as well.

You like to go where no-one has gone before.
They are your babies and we can mostly take it or leave it.
I get that...I respect that.

But I remember the time of the (pre Puppy 3.92 Netsurf ???)
released at Christmas 2008 at 50mbs which I downloaded...
burned booted and saved my settings back to cd and then rebooted in 10 minutes total.
Now that was a puppy.

So I downloaded Easyos now that you have had a few goes at it but quite honestly I cannot run it.


The terminal instructions just aren’t working for me.
Mind you sadly I have never got a printer going in Puppy.
But that is my problem not yours.

Using Winzip is crap, huge now and of course not free.
Sure I can evaluate it but it is s''t.
And of course nothing else will unzip your file in Windows.
And I tried a few.

As for USB Image Tool .....
USB Image Tool requires the .NET Framework 4.0 and Windows XP or higher.
The usbit32.dll included in the archive must be in the same directory as the EXE file.
The command line utility doesn’t require the .NET Framework nor the usbit32.dll.

I don't do >> command line...not interested.
The same with Linux.

My attitude with Windows is less MicroSLOP the better.
The less Winzip software types the better

And you mention Etcher in an earlier Easy page...
Etcher - Burn images to SD cards & USB drives, safely and easily

Still is a large download to have 32 or 64 varieties, let alone Linux.



And bugger it I now find after I started typing this I see that you do have some Isos.




“ Deprecated ISO
Optical media is a legacy format. Very few desktop PCs are sold these days,
it is mostly laptops, and most of those do not have optical drives.
Easy is provided as an image file that can be written to any Flash-stick of 2GB or greater
(and will auto-grow to fill the drive).
Or, the file can be opened up and directly installed to internal hard drive.
However, an ISO live-CD is still offered, with limited session-save capability, mostly to cater for those users who have a computer that will not boot from USB.



The point is Barry when you drive a car, in 5 minutes you know how most things work. You don't need to be an engineer.

This reminds me of a BMW that was so infuriating in the tech department that the old Top Gear mob took it to quite a few upmarket hotels and the Valets couldn't start it.

I know that CDs are old hat but I have a poratble DVD-CD burner.
Do i throw it out?

I can afford any rig these days...do I just throw stuff into landfill?
I'm a bit old fashioned having started at $0.50 cents an hour as an apprentice.

Sometimes I'm just in the mood and want to test something.
I just noticed an older Quiky cd sitting on my desktop pc.

Yes usbs are cheap....16gigs at Officeworks for $5.00.

But to burn a cd-dvd is just so easy...just like your OS is named.

As I say ....no disrespect.
But others with Windows 10 have had enough and are so P....d with MS
that they are experimenting more and more.

I've downloaded Etcher and I'll give it a go, but it wants a password to boot the usb....everybody has to get fancy.

Thanks for logging into Whirlpool...I smiled when I saw that.


Your caravan awaits you at Girraween NSW I see...a western suburb.


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Joined: 12 May 2008
Posts: 2190
Location: N.E. USA

PostPosted: Thu 21 Mar 2019, 16:00    Post subject:  

I've been here since 2008 when I bought an ASUS 8G (702 model). I would like to say that there is a lot of interest in traditional puppies, and the newer flavor of pup based on a 'Buntu or Slackware version. These legacies are important. As you carry on, I hope you see the wisdom behind cthisbear's post above. Just because it has more space does not mean, you can fill it. The end-user needs it also. Hogging it is a form of greed. Finding that direct-to-the-point, slim, trim, and powerful app/addon is a signature of design noted in puppy. I do belive further projects should keep this axiom in mind. You might even have to fight for it, else create your own. That independence makes puppy a great distro-family.


Linux user #498913 "Some people need to reimagine their thinking."
"Zuckerberg: a large city inhabited by mentally challenged people."
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 Forum index » Taking the Puppy out for a walk » Suggestions
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