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redshift and redshift.conf
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PostPosted: Thu 27 Apr 2017, 12:58    Post subject:  redshift and redshift.conf
Subject description: a convenient conf. file

Here is an example of redshift.conf to be used with some changes, depending on your location :

; Global settings for redshift
; Set the day and night screen temperatures (Neutral is 6500K)

; Enable/Disable a smooth transition between day and night
; 0 will cause a direct change from day to night screen temperature.
; 1 will gradually increase or decrease the screen temperature.

; Set the screen brightness. Default is 1.0.
; It is also possible to use different settings for day and night
; since version 1.8.
; Set the screen gamma (for all colors, or each color channel
; individually)
; This can also be set individually for day and night since
; version 1.10.

; Set the location-provider: 'geoclue2' or 'manual'
; type 'redshift -l list' to see possible values.
; The location provider settings are in a different section.

; Set the adjustment-method: 'randr', 'vidmode'
; type 'redshift -m list' to see all possible values.
; 'randr' is the preferred method, 'vidmode' is an older API.
; but works in some cases when 'randr' does not.
; The adjustment method settings are in a different section.

; Configuration of the location-provider:
; type 'redshift -l PROVIDER:help' to see the settings.
; ex: 'redshift -l manual:help'
; Keep in mind that longitudes west of Greenwich (e.g. the Americas)
; are negative numbers.

; Configuration of the adjustment-method
; type 'redshift -m METHOD:help' to see the settings.
; ex: 'redshift -m randr:help'
; In this example, randr is configured to adjust screen 1.
; Note that the numbering starts from 0, so this is actually the
; second screen. If this option is not specified, Redshift will try
; to adjust _all_ screens.

After installing redshift, you need to create a redshift.conf file (copy and paste above configuration) in .config folder. By default, Redshift doen't create one.

To find your coordinates (Lat:Long), look for your city in wikipedia (coordinates will be shown on top right corner of page) You can have much warmer temperature below 3000 Kelvin or much bluer over 6000 Kelvin, depending on your taste.

This config file will help you get redshift working easily : just typing redshift in terminal will start the app, and it should transition between day and night without you noticing while you work on your laptop or desktop.

As you know, Redshift, and others, such as F.lux for Windows, are good for your brain. Blue light is emitted by a monitor, Redshift makes it warmer at the end of day, to help you fall asleep. Blue light can keep you awake more than you would like or prevent you from having a good sleep : think of it as if you work the night shift, and you are having trouble sleeping well during the day hours.

You can save redshift.conf on DoMyCommand :
just write redshift on bottom of page and save. Next time you want to have redshift enabled, go to DoMyCommand, look for redshift and click play. Think of DoMyCommand as a repository of command lines, ready to be used with a click (for Dog-based OS).

From contributor Mike Walsh : To auto-start it from boot, simply drag the the entry in /usr/bin across to /root/Startup, and sym-link it back with 'Link(Absolute)'. Works a treat.

That part was missing in my post.

Further reading :

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Joined: 15 Aug 2016
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PostPosted: Fri 28 Apr 2017, 09:46    Post subject: A better redshift option  

Hi all,

I am a longtime redshift user (much thanks to Fred of DDog fame, for turning me early last year onto this open-source github build). Thus, there is a better way than what labbe5 posted above. If you want fine, granular, easy control at a single mouse-click, then use the redshift 0.2.1 pets here I've made. There's no muss & fuss anymore with creating a 'redshift.conf', something which used to drive me nuts when I set redshift up that way last year. No more making .desktop files and/or ugly desktop shortcuts. The redshift pets provided here are much better. The google-drive download link for all 32 and 64 bit Redshift 0.2.1 pets I made for Slacko/LxPup, Tahr & X-Tahrs-etc-Xenial, and DebianDogs is below. They work on all, just make to choose the correct OS and the correct 32 or 64-bit. I have tested them all, even in my own woof-CE builds, and they all work across all of pup & debdog land:


Here are the respective sha256sums for each pet (these are also available for download in the folder):

Slacko-32: 227f820f59c58ab183693a3a7f3eb8aa394bfdd40dc4eb45c7eef6f945b55701
Slacko-64: (pulled the Slacko64 pet, just saw its not working correctly with latest Slacko, will look at it this week & recompile)
DebDog-32: 3f10df1320f959b0afa3f968632077bb5b9184c07f23c551a6d2d4897e099fec
DebDog-64: cdaa09cd4fbec919a5ff1fc50896a1c0ef0b9a2feecbbf634b0dbc82dda9f002
Tahr-X-Tahr-Xenial-Ubuntu-etc-32: aacedfedd819543ee85bd98e19db384cc91005cfeaa061ee3ca0f346ba95ec93
Tahr-X-Tahr-Xenial-Ubuntu-etc-64: cb6fb7fea3ca935d1a626873ec1348318731a6b1ad0c7f925286e56d26403c25

Below are pics showing how easy & integrated this redshift 0.2.1 is into any pup/ddog. You can put a 'relative link' shortcut in your home directory's 'Startup' file, using the redshiftgui.desktop as the source for the relative link, and it will start every time your system boots. Then, set your settings once, and it is forever saved unless you change them. Also, a right-click (while its in the tray) instantly turns it off, and a left turns it back on, all to your settings, not to mention being able to instantly adjust the settings along with your single screen and/or multipler screen(s) brightness. Enjoy!

[Update: pulled the Slacko64 pet, see above note in the 'sha256sums']
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Joined: 24 May 2015
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PostPosted: Fri 28 Apr 2017, 13:08    Post subject:  

I too use redshift.
I got it by following This thread by Mike. It gives github link for that gui.
Even on my smartphone I use similar thing to redden screen.
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