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Tahrpup: how to adjust brightness, change screensaver?
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Joined: 11 May 2017
Posts: 39

PostPosted: Sat 12 Aug 2017, 18:47    Post subject:  Tahrpup: how to adjust brightness, change screensaver?  

I am still very new to Puppy (tahrupup, 6.0.5 32bit) and I can't figure out how to add/change screensavers.
I also would like to know if there is a way to change the brightness and if there is any programs like F.lux for puppy.

Sorry for so many questions packed into one post.
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 13110
Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Sat 12 Aug 2017, 19:35    Post subject:  

As you apparently already understand, one question per thread is the optimum. You are welcome to start several threads if each is about a different subject. For instance, one asking about brightness and one asking about the screensaver.

I don't use Tahrpup so I don't think I can answer your questions, but I'm sure someone will be along shortly who can. Smile
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Joined: 19 May 2012
Posts: 1860
Location: lincoln, uk

PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 14:48    Post subject:  

start>desktop>set properties of X>screensaver tab

desktop or laptop? details of...

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Joined: 11 May 2017
Posts: 39

PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 17:21    Post subject:  

Its a very old laptop, I hope this was the information you were looking for.

Processor : Intel(R) Celeron(R) M CPU 520 @ 1.60GHz
Memory : 501MB (251MB used)
Machine Type : Physical machine
Operating System : tahrpup - 6.0.5
User Name : root (root)
Date/Time : Sun 13 Aug 2017 05:19:51 PM EDT
Resolution : 1280x800 pixels
OpenGL Renderer : Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM x86/MMX/SSE2
X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation
-Audio Devices-
Audio Adapter : HDA-Intel - HDA Intel
Audio Adapter : PC-Speaker - pcsp
-Input Devices-
Power Button
Sleep Button
Lid Switch
Power Button
AT Translated Set 2 keyboard
Video Bus
PC Speaker
SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad
-Printers (CUPS)-
CUPS-PDF : <i>Default</i>
-SCSI Disks-
Optiarc CD-RW CRX880A
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Joined: 11 Oct 2009
Posts: 11398
Location: S.C. USA

PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 17:57    Post subject:  

add/change screensavers.

The screen saver in Tahrpup is very basic.
About all you can do is turn it off/on and set the point it will come on.

If you want more, you will have to install a different screen saver.

Brightness adjust.
Laptops usually have some switch to do this, key combo, etc...

Try this:
Go to menu->setup->xorg video wizard->monitor gamma calibration
In each color entry adjust equally
Negative number - to lower brightness
Positive number - to increase brightness.
After closing program:
Select Yes to save current configuration.

I have found, in trying to help people, that the things they do not tell you, are usually the clue to solving the problem.
When I was a kid I wanted to be older.... This is not what I expected Shocked
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Joined: 11 May 2017
Posts: 39

PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 18:41    Post subject:  

Thank you the brightness bit helped.

How do you Install a different screensaver?
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Posts: 2854
Location: 500 seconds from Sol

PostPosted: Sun 13 Aug 2017, 20:45    Post subject: Screensavers  

Hi SolusUmbra,

You know, of course, that screensavers were originally created to prevent a constant image from burning itself into whatever was being used on primitive monitors and, today, serve no useful purpose (beyond, of course, obscuring whatever you had on your desktop). That said, they can be "fun".

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, no one has created really interesting ones for Puppies. You can search yourself. Just plug "screensaver" into the search box here: http://wellminded.net63.net/

The best I could come up with looking at the first two pages of posts Wellminded found were methods of randomly changing Wallpaper. There were some pets, but they may not work under Tahrpup. Pets for other versions of Puppy, especially older ones, might not only not work, but break something.

Alternatively, you might try to build an SFS (to test) and later convert it to a pet using Puppy Package Manager which will access Ubuntu Trusty Tahr's repositories. The downside of that is (a) Puppies aren't Ubuntus; (b) sometimes many files --the application you want and its dependencies-- would have to be downloaded and combined. See this thread as to how, http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=658359#658359. (c) And when you're done, it may not work, may interfere with something else and when working may consume more of your computer's resources than you want.

Consequently, I suggest you read thru this thread: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=622297#622297. SFR's genius primarily shows itself in the creation of bash scripts. Bash is a programming language built into all Puppies. Consequently, the applications he creates frequently will run under all Puppies. In particular, you may be interested in the Slideshow Screensaver you'll find here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=678444#678444

Do, however, read thru the entire thread. You'll notice, as I said, reports of older pets not working. The Slideshow Screensaver SFR provided on the above link is now over 4 years old. The qiv and xprintidle binaries he used may not be compatible with Tahrpup. So before installing it, I suggest you turn off Automatic Save and backup your SaveFile/Folder.

Tahrpup's Puppy Package Manager can provide current versions of both qiv and xprintidle. If Slideshow Screensaver seems interesting, what I would recommend is:

Edit: Read the post-script before continuing.

1. Download SlideSaver.tar.gz, right-click it and select UExtract to decompress it. You'll see 3 files: qiv, xprintidle and slidesaver. Copy JUST the slidesave file to /root/my-applications/bin. Right-Click it, select Properties and put check marks in the 3 boxes under Exec.

2. Use Puppy Package Manager to download current version of qiv and xprintidle. Substitute those for SFR's qiv and xprintidle. Again use UExtract to decompress the deb files which downloaded. In the decompressed qiv deb, you'll find in usr two folders, one named bin and the other named lib. Copy the qiv binary (in bin) to Tahrpup's /usr/bin and the qiv file in /lib/mime/packages to Tahrpup's /usr/lib/mime/packages. You can skip the folder named share. It only contains documentation.

In the decompressed xprintidle folder you'll find a bin file in /usr/bin. Copy that to your Tahrpup's /usr/bin folder. Again, you can skip the folder named share.

Open two rox windows: one to /root/my-applications/bin and the other to /root/Startup. Left-press the slidesaver script and drag it into the /Startup folder. Select Link(relative).

If you open slidesaver script in a text editor, you'll see a line which reads:


/usr/share/backgrounds is the folder where Wallpapers are kept. You can pick any graphic images you want to be displayed and put them in a folder of your own; for example /usr/share/my_pictures. Then just change the above line to read:


I believe SFR's application "Stretches" images to fit your entire monitor. So you want to make certain any graphic you use does not exceed that size. Open images in mtpaint and select Resize Canvas.

Bash scripting is not one of my strong points. But as far as I can tell, any graphic format can be used.

And when you're done, you'll either have a nice screensaver and the knowledge that you can accomplish a lot more than Microsoft thought you were capable of doing; or have spent a pleasant hour on a puzzle but are as frustrated as the rest of us when you discover that some piece is still missing. Laughing


Edit to P.S. Well, that didn't work. I'll try to figure out why. Embarassed

P.S. Well, you got me curious. So I followed the instructions but built it for Xenialpup (32-bit). Took less time than to write the above post, including the time to add a desktop file (so there'd be a menu entry) and package it as a pet. I'll try it under tahrpup (32-bit) as well. If it seems to work under either I'll make it available.
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
Posts: 2854
Location: 500 seconds from Sol

PostPosted: Mon 14 Aug 2017, 20:34    Post subject: Building xscreensaver for tahrpup32 & others  

Hi SolusUmbra,

Despite my warning about attempting to build applications using Ubuntu's repositories, when slidesaver didn't work (I still don't know why) I searched for alternatives and discovered that someone had successfully built xscreensaver for Lupu which was based on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. The ability of Puppy Package Manager to utilize Ubuntu Repos has improved significantly since then. So I figured "Why not see if it could also be built in Tahrpup?"

Still, this way of building is not generally recommended for newbies, those not familiar with the differences between Ubuntus and Puppies, and especially not for newbies attempting to build 64-bit applications. I've discussed the problems elsewhere. But in this case, everything went off without a hitch.

I still don't know what I'd have to do to implement it. But that's just a matter of searching/reading. The SFS I build could be loaded, ran, and I was able to select and preview several of the many screensavers. As far as building goes, this is what you'd have to do.

1. Click the Desktop Icon representing your Home Partition. Then Right-click an empty space in the window which opened, select New>Directory and give it a meaningful name, such as in this case xscreensaver_tahr32.

2. Install PaDS from here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=658359#658359. Always read at least the beginning and end of the thread of any application you are installing. The beginning provides instructions. The end tells about the latest problem, limitations, or provides tips on its use.

3. Start Menu>Setup>Puppy Package Manager. Click the Configuration Icon at the top left. It looks like crossed tools. Update to the latest version of information. Then Click Options. Put check marks in all of these if they are available: Enable Building Block category; Skip package size check; Install to tmpfs; Always redownload packages; and Do not delete downloaded packages. In the box next to the label "Save PKGS in", type in /mnt/home/xscreensaver_tahr32 or click the files-icon to browse to it.

4. Type xscreensave in PPM's search box. 10 offerings will appear. Click each of those beginning with "xscreensaver". I don't think the one beginning with Kscreen is necessary but do think the one named opengl is. Both uncertainties will be covered in Step 5.

5. Click the down-arrow next to the words "Autos install", and select "Download all (packages and dependencies). Then click "Do it". All such packages and dependencies will be downloaded into your xscreensaver_tahr32 folder. This will take a couple of minutes, after which you should receive a notice that no files were missing.

6. Click the Desktop Icon representing your Home Partition again. You should now see your folder named xscreensaver_tahr32. RIGHT-click that folder and from the popup menu select "Combine to sfs". Wait. After a while you'll receive a notice that your sfs is in /root; or a window will open to /root. At any rate, a xscreensaver_tahr32.sfs will be in /root. Root is your home folder which you can easily reach by clicking rox's Files icon at the top left of your desktop.

7. Right-click the xscreensaver_tahr32.sfs and from the popup menu select SFS_load. Accept the offer to move xscreensaver_tahr32.sfs to your Home Partition, and then to run it. Accept the offer to select your current monitor. After which, you can select among the many screensavers and preview them.

If everything has worked, you can delete the xscreensaver_tahr32 folder. Right-Click, select delete.


Supplemental notes:
The above procedure was also used to build an xscreensaver.sfs for xenialpup. I did that first, and discovered it wouldn't run under tahrpup. One of the reasons I always provide in the name of an SFS some indication of which Puppy can use it.
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Joined: 29 Jan 2009
Posts: 395

PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug 2017, 00:04    Post subject:  

I also find the xgamma (or xgamma-gui) command quite useful to change a monitor's gamma settings:
Description  xgamma-gui screendump

Filename  SCRDUMP.JPG 
Filesize  130.24 KB 
Downloaded  97 Time(s) 
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Mike Walsh

Joined: 28 Jun 2014
Posts: 4467
Location: King's Lynn, UK.

PostPosted: Tue 15 Aug 2017, 06:53    Post subject:  

Hi, SolusUmbra. You made it, I see! Good, good...

F.lux is command-line only in Linux, I'm afraid.....and it's a PITA to use, too! You don't get the nice Windows interface, I'm sorry to say. What we tend to use here is RedShift; different GUI, but in my opinion does the job as well, if not better.

It works fine in Tahrpup.

You can find the download link in Stu90's RedShiftGUI thread; the original link has been dead for a long while (Stu's not been active for several years), but Pelo pointed me to the one from the German sub-forum's repository, here:-


It's still active; I've just checked it. My instructions to step, later on in the same thread, will explain how to set it up and use it:-


Initially, start it from 'Menu->System->Redshift color temperature adjustment.' You'll get a little red light-bulb showing in the system tray. Left-click on this brings up the GUI (if it's not showing already); right-click switches it off/on again.

To set RedShift to auto-start at boot, look in /usr/bin, and locate the 'redshiftgui' binary. Open a second ROX-filer window, on /root/Startup. Drag the binary across to the second window, and 'drop' it in /root/Startup; in the little window that pops up, select 'Link (absolute)'.

Job done! Hope that helps.

BTW:- Do take note of what Flash says, please; a new thread for each subject just makes things less confusing for everybody.....and means that the thread can be found more easily later on, by anybody else searching for a solution. Flash is pretty 'laid-back'.....but even he has his limits!

I should have waited with this info until you started a fresh thread..... Embarassed I shall probably get my knuckles rapped..!

Mike. Wink

MY PUPPY PACKAGES | 'Thanks' are always appreciated!

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Joined: 15 Apr 2016
Posts: 273
Location: Norway

PostPosted: Wed 16 Aug 2017, 11:07    Post subject: and
Subject description: also

And alternatively:
If you click Menu - Desktop - Configure Xlock Screenlocking
There you will find many different screensavers - and you can preview to see how they look. Find one you like-click ok - and to activate click "lock" on the desktop and choose a password. Screensaver then starts.
To delete/change password, just right-click "lock" and click "Clear Xlock password".

But, like mentioned before - its easiest to just right-click desktop
choose Desktop - JwmDeskmanager - Screen Save and click enable - choose 5 or 10 minutes - then the screen goes blank (might be a bit boring tho but saves resources probably)
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Joined: 11 May 2017
Posts: 39

PostPosted: Tue 28 Nov 2017, 16:43    Post subject:  

I know its a bit late but I wanted to say thank you.
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