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How to Up-Date Portable-Wine
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PostPosted: Thu 19 May 2016, 20:48    Post subject:  How to Up-Date Portable-Wine  

Hi All,

WineHQ has continued to improve Wine, and Version2013 has continued to create pets containing those improvements. As of this writing, there are available wine pets thru 1.8.2 and 1.9.8 For those who don't know: even numbers designate “Stable”, odd numbers designate “testing by WineHQ.” So, 1.8 is Stable, while 1.9 includes changes considered beneficial, but not yet fully tested. My experience suggest anything over 1.4 is unlikely to include (or lack) files adversely affecting the running of most XP programs. So unless you desire “the latest and greatest” there's really no reason to read further, or do anything.

I, however, prefer using portable-wine because (a) it does not occupy “Pup-space”; and so (b) will expand to include every XP program I might want to the extent, if necessary, of the partition on which portable-wine is located; and (c) one installation can be used by numerous Puppies.

Unfortunately, shinobar and the Japanese Team who created portable-wine have been silent of late. The most recent portable-wine used wine-version 1.7.27. Several months ago, I examined how portable-wine was created and concluded that the bash-scripts used was beyond my ability to follow and far beyond my ability to change should that be necessary.

But it recently occurred to me that you don't have to know how to build a “car engine” in order to replace one “car engine” with another. The engine of portable-wine is an SFS version of wine. The bash-scripts which I can't follow structure how the SFS is employed. What this “How To” does is substitutes a new SFS for the old, without changing the bash-scripts at all. In fact, many of the steps taken below are for the specific purpose of not changing those scripts while creating an updated SFS. Otherwise, it would have just been a simple case of converting one of Version2013's pets to an SFS and substituting it for the one used by portable-wine.

Note to readers: From here on, I used bold text for instructions; plain text for commentary/explanations. The instructions are, consequently, far less than just glancing at this post might suggest.

You'll need considerable work-space. I'm not sure if it can be done on Fat32 or NTFS partitions. My /mnt/home is formatted as Linux Ext4 on which I already had 3 folders named Temp, Temp2 and Temp3.

The next thing to do is download into a work-folder (my case, Temp)(on a Linux formatted partition or Puppy Space=RAM=You'll need a couple Gbs) one of the versions of portable-wine from: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=755297&sid=6a2657c76dd86b3952dfa23904c26207#755297
[I chose version 1.6.2-2-p4 as it worked with every Puppy and included winetricks. [See below regarding winetricks]. But version2013 built it using one of the 4 series Puppies. Your completed version may not be as ubiquitous].

Left-click the tar.gz you downloaded. Archiver will open; select All, then Extract. After Extracting, you can delete or move the downloaded tar.gz file.

Right-click the folder created and Select Rename. Rename it to reflect the wine version you use. I named mine wine-portable-1.8, as I intended to use Version2013‘s wine-1.8.2 pet. Edit: It may be easier to keep track of things if you temporarily name it “wine-building”. You're going to change its name later, anyway.

[After it was built, I used Packit to tar.gz (compress) the portable-wine folder and copy it to “Storage”. The stored, devoid-of-additional-XP-applications copy can be used if I decide to “ditch” a “fleshed-out” version containing XP applications I no longer want; Or to use on other computers.

When building has been completed, however, I’ll rename the resulting folder-to-be-used to just “portable-wine” before “registering it.” If you’re not familiar with portable-wine, “registering” creates symlinks between it and your Puppy, and menu entries. To “register”, just right-click the folder and select “register”. [Use Puppy Package Manager to “uninstall/unregister it”]. Once, however, it is Registered you can not change the wine-portable’s name. Having a short name makes it easier to create individual menu entries for applications you install. See http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=814296#814296 for instructions on how to create menu entries for the XP programs you install].

After renaming the Wine-portable folder, Left-click and select “Look Inside” to show its contents. Leave that window open.

Download whichever of Version2013‘s wine-pets you prefer from links on this thread:
http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=725128#725128. Obviously, the links at the end of the thread are to Version2013's most recent builds from the most recent Wine Source files. This also went into Temp, but would have been easier to keep track if it had gone into Temp2.

I chose wine-1.8.2-i486_v2.1.pet from here: http://lilfile.com/Kb4ys0. V2 was compiled in Racy. I don’t currently have any 4 Series Puppies which might require V1. As I don’t expect any help from WineHQ if I have a problem, I chose the “stripped” 2.1 version which does not include files needed if such help was sought. [I'm unaware of any programs I commonly run under Wine which might benefit by the improvements 1.9 may provide. Ergo, my choice of 1.8].

Once your version of wine has completely downloaded, extract it. To do that I right-clicked the pet file and selected UExtract. A folder named wine-xxx.pet.extracted will be created, with xxx being your actual version number. Within that will be a folder named wine-xxx. And within that will be folders named “root” and “usr” and files named “pet.specs” and “pinstall.sh”. Using your file-manager, left-click until you see those folders and files. Leave that file-manager window open. Edit: Considering how often you're going to have to type xxx it may make sense to open (and leave open) a text editor, type it in once and then do a copy and paste when necessary.

Open a third file-manager window and browse to another “work-folder”. Right-click an empty space and give it the name “wine” with a suffix corresponding to the version of the wine pet you've chosen, the xxx above. In my case, the name I gave it was “wine-1.8.2-i486_v2.1”. Left-click to enter it.

You should now have three folders on your desktop, similar to those in the attached screen-shot, to wit: one showing the renamed wine-portable folder; one showing the contents of the extracted wine pet; and one showing an empty folder named for your version of wine.

Inside the wine-portable folder you will find a sfs (squashed file) named (something like) wine-1.6.2-i486_v1.1-5.sfs as I downloaded that tar.gz. Left-click the sfs and from the menu which opens select “View Contents”. Within you'll find two folders: root and usr. Copy them to your wine-xxx folder, the one you just created. [Using Rox, Ctrl-Left-click both, then drag into that folder, drop and select copy]. You can now Left-click the wine-xxx.sfs to close the “view window”.

In both the extracted pet and the wine-your-version folders, Left-click the “usr' folder to view their contents. Then in each, Left-click the “bin” folder to view their contents. PLACE your mouse-cursor on an empty space in the extracted pet's bin folder: then press Ctrl-A. All files will be highlighted. Ctrl-Click the file named “winepath” to de-select it. Now, placing your mouse-cursor on any highlighted file, Press-hold, then drag-drop and select copy it into the wine-your-version folder. If asked, allow overwrite.

[The Winepath files are bash scripts. Their arguments are slightly different. I don't know if whatever improvements/differences appear in the extracted pet might NOT be inamicable to the functional scripts required in the portable-wine downloaded.

Now browse up so you can see the “lib” folders in both windows. Left-click to enter them. Within each will be a folder named “wine.” Left-click to enter each.

Left-click your mouse-cursor on an empty space in the extracted pet lib/wine folder. Then press Ctrl-A to select all its files. Place your mouse-cursor on any highlighted file, Left-Press, then drag, drop and select copy it (and all selected files) into your wine-your-version lib/wine folder. If asked, allow overwrite.

Back out of both folders so that you can see the “local” folder in both the extracted pet folder and the wine-your-version folder. Probably unnecessary, but after examining both local folders, I deleted the local folder from wine-my-version/usr and copied into it the local from the extracted pet.

Probably unnecessary—but can't hurt. Now, back out of the local folders and browse into the sbin folders in both the extracted pet usr folder and the wine-your-version usr folder. Place your mouse-cursor on an empty pace in the wine-your version /usr/sbin folder, Press Ctrl-A, then place the mouse-cursor on any file and Right-click. Select delete. Click Quite. Then in the extracted pet /usr/sbin folder, place your mouse-cursor on an empty space, Press Ctr-A, place the mouse-cursor on any file, Left-Press and drag it into the wine-your-version folder's /usr/sbin and select copy. All the files will be copied there.

Back out of both sbin folders and into both share folders. Left-click to enter both wine folders. In the extracted pet folder, place your mouse-cursor on the file named “I_intl.nls”, Left-Press and drag it into your wine-your-versions' /share/wine folder and allow it to overwrite the current version. [Again, may not be necessary].

Back out of your wine-my-version folder until you see a folder with the full name of the directory you created. In my case, it is wine-1.8.2-i486_v2.1. Right-click an empty space next to that folder, slide down to Window and select Terminal Here. Type into the terminal the following code:

dir2sfs wine-XXX

where xxx is the exact name of the wine pet you downloaded.

An sfs will be created with that name and the ending “sfs”. If you receive an error message it's because you typed the name wrong. The sfs, in addition to the name you typed, may include some numbers relating to the Puppy you were working in. For example, tarhpups add “_6.0.5”. Right-click the sfs, select Rename and delete those numbers.

Now it's time to rebuild your portable-wine folder. If you changed this folder's name to wine-building or similar, now's the time to change it to wine-portable-xxx. Place your mouse-cursor on the SFS you just created. Left-Press, hold and drag it into the wine-portable-XXX folder. Select copy. This is the folder shown at the top of the attached screen-shot which already has a wine.sfs. You should now have two wine.sfses in that folder. Right-click and delete the old one.

If necessary, move that folder to the location you desire to run portable-wine from.
In my case, /mnt/home.

The folder may not display a pretty “wine-icon”. If you Right-click it, you can select the “Look Inside” option. Now open a 2nd window to the partition on which the folder resides, place your mouse-cursor on the folder and then Right-click. Select “Set Icon” from the pop-up menu; then drag and drop the wine-icon from the open portable-wine folder onto the GUI. After doing that, you can close the window into that folder.

Your new wine-portable is ready to use. Right-click it to register it on your Puppy, remembering that (1) you can only have register one portable-wine at a time; and (2) you may want to rename the folder to just “portable-wine” to make creating menu entries for the XP programs you install easier.

But before doing that, you may want to compress this folder for latter use, or use on other computers. If so, open Packit: Menu>Utilities>Packit. Drag the folder onto Packit's GUI and select your compression options. Leave the resulting file where it is for now.

(Optionals: Rename your portable-wine folder and) test you new creation. Right-click to Register. Are there wine menu entries under Utilities, and one under System? Do they work? Can you install an XP program and run it by right-clicking the folder, scrolling to App Dir-???, selecting Open C: Drive, Left-Clicking “Program Files”, Left-clicking (if necessary a folders then) an XP program's “exe” file?

If everything works, you can now (2) delete all your work directories; and (b) move your “packed” folder to storage.

Winetricks: Under version2013's portable-wine, winetricks is started by opening a terminal and typing in it the command “wine.sh winetricks”. That doesn't present an eye-catching GUI. Mike Walsh has provided a “How to” install one: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=900096#900096. However, one of the necessary components was zenity patched for use under Slackos. I have doubts as to whether it would be compatible with Pups based on Ubuntu or debian. Since I want a portable-wine compatible with every Puppy (5 series and above), I did not included it.

if you are interested, PaDS would be the tool to use to combine the pets needed with the rebuilt SFS before moving it to your wine-portable-XXX folder. You can find PaDS here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=658359#658359

Happy computing,

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Mike Walsh

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PostPosted: Tue 31 May 2016, 18:56    Post subject:  

Hiya, Mike.

Regarding the 'patched zenity'. Although the Winetricks 'how-to' was indeed assembled and enabled within Slacko (since it was X-Slacko where I was trying to get Photoshop CS2 running), I've found out by experimenting (i.e., trying it out) that it works just as well within the 'buntu-based Pups.

I don't think the Zenity-patched .pet that I found was actually compiled for anything specific; or, if it was, then it's quite happy working within any of the current (and previous) generations of Puppies.....both 5- and 6-series.

Hope that helps, anyway.

Mike. Wink


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