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Joined: 11 Jun 2011
Posts: 2910
Location: Bulgaria

PostPosted: Wed 06 Aug 2014, 09:20    Post subject:  

Edit:08.08.2014 a bit later: Use old Skype version after 01.08.2014

Edit: 08.14.2014 - Does not work from today. No need to download the modules. I will remove them from the site soon.

Edit: Replaced with a little modified version which works in DebianDog Wheezy and Squeeze.

Uploaded 039-debiandog-skype4.0.0.8-skype2.2.squashfs sfs with skype and skype (53Mb)...

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Joined: 11 Jun 2011
Posts: 2910
Location: Bulgaria

PostPosted: Sat 27 Sep 2014, 12:52    Post subject:  

Uploaded new iso with some fixes and newer versions of some programs:

1. Desktop File Editor.
2. New initrd1.xz with systemd boot parameter option.
3. mk-save.gtkdlg + mkpfile.sh now can create up to 20Gb save file for porteus-boot. The old are limited to 2Gb.
4. Flashplayer Choice with changed download location.
5. Some special cleaning inside /var/run and /var/tmp needed for Squeeze version in RemasterCow and RemasterDog.

New added:
1. cowsave script to auto-create proper /live/cow and /live/image links for live-boot-3x
2. mount-wizard.
3. drive-get, smokey-get, GoogleDrive-get - scripts for downloading DebianDog files.

Updated versions:
1. Precord
2. Pavrecord
3. DoMyFile
4. DoMyCommand.
5. apt2sfs
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Joined: 11 Jun 2011
Posts: 2910
Location: Bulgaria

PostPosted: Tue 14 Oct 2014, 10:01    Post subject:  

New DebianDog-Squeeze-Jwm-Icewm.iso uploaded.

Changes from previous version (mostly latest Wheezy changes - Wheezy both versions will be updated also in the next few days):

1. Compression method changed from xz to gzip for the main module, all available for download squashfs modules and all module creating scripts. Iso size is now 173Mb (or 40Mb bigger just because of compression method change but works well and fast on very old hardware - P-III 600Mhz and 128Mb RAM + 500Mb swap file). It is Debian old-stable system and old program versions and I doubt anyone will use it on modern hardware but in such case it could be easy changed from the user again to maximum xz compressed system.
2. Make Save File - default label option changed to show empty label.
3. New much improved mount-wizard from Sfs and Fred. Old mount wizard available as separate deb package for download and can be installed together with the new one.
4. Frisbee - patched for bash upgrade
5. move-in-crypt - manage encrypted save file utility
6. Auto-fix dependencies after installing deb package script with GUI and right click file(s)/directory option for Rox and XFE.
7. Changes for ffconvert and probepart as separate packages.
8. Improved ffmpeg2sfs.
9. improved mountlink (for porteus boot).
10. New gtkdialog-splash version.
11. Added pppoe and pppoeconf.
12. Improved /opt/bin/mnt-backing script.
13. Custom compiled pup-volume-monitor (the previous one was not working for porteus-boot with encrypted save file. Now works).
14. Uploaded DEVX squashfs module for download.
15. Rox-filer changed to version 2.11

Farewell, Nooby, you will be missed...
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Joined: 11 Jun 2011
Posts: 2910
Location: Bulgaria

PostPosted: Tue 03 Feb 2015, 03:21    Post subject:  

New DebianDog-Squeeze uploaded here.
Almost all updates from Wheezy version added.

1. edit-sfs
2. Security fixes for wget and bash. For old iso version both available for download bash_4.1-3+deb6u2_i386-security-fix-debian-lts.deb, wget_1.12-2.2_i386.deb
3. Small configuration changes for mtpaint and jwm-theme-change in Jwm version.
4. Added LTS Squeeze repository. You can upgrade the system from time to time to get the latest official fixes.
5. RemasterCow with deleted (whiteout) files record option.
6. Replace mnt-img with filemnt in Jwm version with this configuration.
7. apt2sfs - added np-dpkg-registration by default (makes possible to update dpkg status with the included programs) and checking for dpkg errors (like not enough free space to extract packages).
8. loadmodule + initrd1.img - moded to support whiteout (deleted) files by default and replacing initrd1.img in separate kerenel modules + replacing initrd1.xz with systemd boot option.
9. Improved portablesfs-loadsfs-fuse.deb. More information here.
10. Reinstall all packages converted from Puppy with moded version to prevent later conflicts with official deb packages and edit all packages on the site (included, extra, testing...). Especially frisbee and sns.
11. Replace included zenity-portable with deb package conflicting with later installed zenity versions. Why we need this change read here.
12. apt-get upgrade
13. apt-get install libc6-i686
14. Fixed /opt/bin/loadsfs with desktop icon for drag and drop.
15. Install parcellite with startup links in $HOME/Startup
16. Power button to shutdown computer and PrintScreen starting scrotdlg.
17. Include testing chrootin script in /opt/bin/special useful for full install.
18. Install new gsu and add group wheel and menu entry for activate/deactivate password prompt on shutdown for user account.
19. Yad-spalsh message - add in /usr/local/bin fo use with yad scripts in the future instead gtkdialog-splash. Download deb package here.
20. Remove cow-nosave, cow-save-part and cow-save-file from /opt/bin. The scripts are replaced from cowsave.
21. Flashplayerchoice, change-netmanager and some other scripts need fixing to work with new yad-gsu.
22. New gsu deb package with 3 different gsu scripts + debdognew.zip to extract in /opt/docs. Installing gsu will search for this file and use the correct gsu for older DD versions. This is compatibility solution for some scripts in old DD versions. New DebianDog packages should work with any older or remastered DD version.
23. Script for checking free space in save file and popup warning for less than 30Mb This number can be changed easy from the user. The script goes in /root/Startup, /home/puppy/Startup and /ets/skel/Startup
24. New save2flash and snapmergepuppy scripts.
25. For Jwm version only - adding MJWM as third menu method. Reads files for each user account from $HOME/.local/share/applications + option to configure reading desktop files from any other directory.
26. Some more improvements from Fred for apt2sfs and ffmpeg2sfs.
27: Small fix for debdog frugall installers.
28. yad-splash and gtkdialog-splash permission change in /tmp for multiuser - added in gtkdialog and yad-splash deb packages for reinstalling.
29. Fixes for full installer.
30. changes in some xterm depending scripts here, here.
31. Remove obshutdown and move 021-apps-porteus content in main 01-filesystem.squashfs module.
32. New gsu scripts to export /opt/lib and /usr/local/lib using sudo. - gsu deb package includes the new scripts. This is needed for portablesfs script but Fred is also modding portablesfs for better multiuser support - read here.
33. apt-get install deb-multimedia-keyring
34. apt-get install unionfs-fuse - needed for new portablesfs chroot option.
35. portablesfs-loadsfs-fuse deb package + right click options for rox, xfe, thunar loadsfs-fuse for DD full install

All available Squeeze squashfs modules work with the latest iso version.
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