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obpipes - Suite of openbox pipe menus written in sh
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Nathan F

Joined: 08 Jun 2005
Posts: 1760
Location: Wadsworth, OH (occasionally home)

PostPosted: Mon 22 Jul 2013, 13:46    Post subject:  obpipes - Suite of openbox pipe menus written in sh  

This is my little collection of openbox pipe menus implemented in shell script. The calendar script was taken from the openbox wiki and slightly modified by me, the rest are my design.

obcal.sh - Diplays the current date/time and a monthly calendar. Works best with a monospace font.

obfb.sh - Browse the directory tree from your openbox menu. There are other versions out there written in Python that are faster, but hey, python is huge and they require special Python modules and sometimes extra programs. Mine allows browsing upwards or downwards, displays hidden files/directories in a separate submenu, and has comfigurable options for your choice of filemanager, terminal (only certain ones are supported though), and file handler (any of gnome-open, exo-open, xdg-open, or rox). This spawns a new version of itself for each subdirectory entered, and requires a bit of sed magic to handle certain special characters in filenames, so it opens just a tad slow with large directory trees but is still reasonable.

obmpd.sh - Controls music player daemon. most common operations are supported. Requires a running mpd and the command line mpc client.

obplaces.sh - Mimics the gnome2 places menu, complete with a recent documents list. It can optionally make your home directory browsable by piping obfb.sh instead of a static entry for $HOME.

obwp.sh - Change wallpaper from the menu. You must configure your wallpaper setting command by editing the script.

All of these have a configuration block allowing you to change certain settings (such as your filemanager or terminal of choice, or where you keep your wallpapers) so you will want to edit the config section and then drop them into your $PATH in order to use.

I've been bit by bit porting my collection of pipe menus from one wm to another, focusing on openbox, pekwm, and icewm. Most of these have counterparts in the other two wm's I just mentioned. The openbox support is currently the most complete, followed by icewm (see my other thread).

I also looked into porting to jwm, but from what I can tell pipe menus in jwm are only updated when the wm is restarted. Not the desired behavior for this sort of thing and kind of defeats the purpose. If anyone knows of a workaround I'd love to hear it.

EDIT -- version 0.3 uploaded

Yes it skipped v. 0.2, I want to keep this synced with the icewm and pekwm counterparts.

Version 0.3 adds the following new features to the "places" menu.
* Labeled separators for better visual organization
* Recognition of devices mounted in /media (or the new /run/media) via udev
* bugfixes for various path-mangling corner cases
* rox-bookmark support

The preferences block in each script is going to be moved out to a separate file for all of my sh pipe menus, to share a common configuration accross all scripts and wm's.
I also plan on eventually doing a fairly comprehensive rewrite and placing the shared code into function libraries. This may be the final "standalone" version of these scripts. More to come.

Filename  obpipes-0.3.tar.bz2 
Filesize  5.17 KB 
Downloaded  600 Time(s) 
 Description   The places menu open, with the file browser opening several submenus...
 Filesize   87.92 KB
 Viewed   960 Time(s)


 Description   The mpd menu open playing some Dylan...
 Filesize   44.61 KB
 Viewed   1059 Time(s)



Filename  obpipes-0.1.tar.bz2 
Filesize  4.96 KB 
Downloaded  547 Time(s) 

Bring on the locusts ...
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Joined: 11 Oct 2012
Posts: 60
Location: Mar del Plata, Argentina

PostPosted: Thu 24 Oct 2013, 22:15    Post subject: WMOptical
Subject description: My pipe-menu contribution

Hi! Great suite!! Smile

This is my contribution, Hope that be usefull for someone!
I post my pipe menu in a few places, but none reported me nothing.
I think that nobody have been tested Sad

Name: Image builder for CD/DVD/BD
Description: Builds a binary image (like clonation) to disk from selected devices. (.bin) of non-protected cds.
CD's = image.bin + .cue + .toc
DVD/BD = image.bin

This project was designed to be more big (original idea). For this reason, this pipe-menu is included in one infrastructure of more general scripts.
This concept was created to allow add characteristics, features, plugins etc, more easily. For example, this package include a "openbox-binding" to draw menus using functions, OSD-wrapper etc.

Well, no more words.
Dependencies: yad, core-utils, udisks, cdrdao
 Description   Tray-Bar integration, dinamic progress icon, interactive tooltip, abort action in menu
 Filesize   42.84 KB
 Viewed   799 Time(s)


 Description   Notify-OSD integration
 Filesize   21.5 KB
 Viewed   788 Time(s)


 Description   pipe-menu in action
 Filesize   22.63 KB
 Viewed   797 Time(s)


Description  Wm_optical pipemenu package.

Filename  wm_optical.tar.gz 
Filesize  43.66 KB 
Downloaded  468 Time(s) 
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