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Additional Software Forum: Know it, Use it, Help with it
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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Joined: 16 Jun 2008
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Location: Union New Jersey USA

PostPosted: Mon 03 Sep 2012, 12:42    Post_subject:  Additional Software Forum: Know it, Use it, Help with it  

Finding Additional Software. Puppy is free. But freedom has a price: that price is "taking responsibility." Puppy is a Do-Acracy. Each of us has the responsibility to do what he or she can. See my post about what you can do.
Its short, (for me) and intentionally pithy.


Edit: 11/14/14: Having just revisited this thread and noting the well deserved criticism, I'd add that it was only intended to be a link to what I already had said. But as this post is a sticky, I'll save you some time by repeating it here:

"The Additional Software Sub-forum was re-organized to provide an index. But it doesn't work automatically or magically. Someone has to write a post on it describing an application and linking to the tread containing the download link of the application. Preferably, that someone would be the application's creator. But it could be any forum member.
Most applications are NOT* distro-dependent. Some are Kernel dependent. But the only certain way to find out is to try an application in other than the Puplet used to build it...
If you have a favorite application --one that you alway install as it hasn't found its way among the applications provided by a Puplet Dev-- see if it's shows up on the Additional Software Sub-forum. If it hasn't, post about it. If it has, and it works well under a new Puplet build, post that information. That post will move the application to the top of the Additional Software Sub-Forum's Catgory Discussion tread and keep it within the public's short attention span. If it doesn't work well under a Puplet, post that in the tread of Puplet in which it doesn't work. That's the only way the Dev, and those testers who build applications, will know. Perhaps there's only some lib file missing: an easy fix which can turned into a pet to be installed along with the original application when it's to be used in the Puplet otherwise missing it. And that fact should be posted to the thread on the Additional Software Sub-Forum regarding the application. Or perhaps an entirely new build will be necessary, a new thread on the Sub-Forum started, with a link to it on the old thread.
How are those who can [fix or build desired apps] supposed to know if we don't tell them?"

To which I'd add: A quick way to find out if an application, or anything else Puppy related, already exists for a particular Pup, is to use Search provided at http://wellminded.net63.net/. For example, if you are interested in lxterminal for Slacko, type in "lxterminal Slacko" without the quotes. After finding an lxterminal which works, see if the pet or SFS already shows up on the Additional Software index. If not, please add it.

* But see, http://ns1.murga-projects.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=680436&sid=9036e6c4700dca6cb0c8ff65cd40dffb#680436

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Joined: 08 Apr 2012
Posts: 23

PostPosted: Wed 13 Feb 2013, 06:57    Post_subject:  

hi mikeslr,

i have to admit, i had problems with understanding your post there.
my english isnt the best, so maybe my language skills add to my lack of knowledge about puppylinux and the murga fora.

am i right with summarizing like this?

all (including new) members should help with informations about the pets on the forum.

0) you can post in the forum-index-thread, when the software isnt listed there.
1) when you downloaded and tried a pet, and it works: leave a comment in the original thread.
2) when it doesnt work, leave a comment in the original thread. maybe also with posting missing libs, failure messages, symptoms and your puppy version.
3) when you found the software somewhere else, and it works, post a new thread about it, including which puppy version you are using.

ad 1) its nice to know, when a software works with a puppy version, several other puppy versions or a kernel version. everyone can be interested in additional software, hoping that it works in several or all puppy versions. it updates the thread and bumps it, making it easier to find for others.
ad 2) some developers may be interested to solve this problem. maybe its also very easy to solve the problem. so you will have the additional software, everyone else too! maybe a developer will compile a totally new build, which will work. everyone profits.
ad 3) reason 1 and 2 together! maybe you have found some very useful tool which works on many puppies.
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Joined: 25 Sep 2013
Posts: 42

PostPosted: Fri 18 Jul 2014, 02:16    Post_subject:  

Please delete this dead and useless sticky!

Useless threads finally go away, but this one stays on top and occupies valuable real estate. In fact stickies fill half of my screen before I get to the interesting stuff. Have mercy with owners of low resolution monitors!
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Joined: 10 Sep 2011
Posts: 3315
Location: Mer méditerrannée (1 kms°)

PostPosted: Sat 13 Sep 2014, 13:53    Post_subject:  Don't delete this post, please.  

Don't delete this post, please. Non mais !
Puppy, il ne lui manque que la parole !
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 11152
Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Sat 13 Sep 2014, 15:31    Post_subject:  

I won't delete it, but should it remain a sticky? Perhaps other threads deserve to take its place, or there are just too many stickies. They seem to be largely ignored. Sad
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Joined: 11 Sep 2008
Posts: 222
Location: Madrid, Spain

PostPosted: Sat 13 Sep 2014, 16:04    Post_subject:  

Hey guys, this reminds me... I've been recently trying to make some modifications in the Puppy Wiki, so maybe this is the right place to ask about this: what role you think the wiki should have regarding this kind of information?

My opening, uninformed hypothesis: programs get actualized, pets get renewed, so that information is very dynamic, and it's easier to update via a forum thread. On its side, the pertinent wiki page, if it exists, should ideally include more general information 'this program does this and that', plus a link to the forum thread for the latest news. Am I right with this model?

As I think of it, have a doubt, though; let's say a program has not been updated by the developers in 2 years, as sometimes happens, and then a new version appears and someone makes a pet. According to my above theory, the thing to do would be adding an entry to the thread. But there is this law in forums, for some reason that I never understood, that says that it is bad practice to 'resurrect' an old thread. What's the problem with doing that, when the info is pertinent and it would avoid having to open a new thread, scattering the info into different sources, etc?

If I'm not getting this right, what other working model could be used?

Just my 2 cents
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Joined: 25 Sep 2013
Posts: 42

PostPosted: Sun 14 Sep 2014, 22:33    Post_subject:  

Flash wrote:
I won't delete it, but should it remain a sticky? Perhaps other threads deserve to take its place, or there are just too many stickies. They seem to be largely ignored. Sad
No, you shouldn't delete it, but you should delete the sticky status. Too many stickies already. If a topic gains popularity, it will make it to the top anyway and will stay there. Then you can still decide to make it sticky.

My favourite sticky is the one in the Additional Software -System forum. Last post was 4.5 years ago!!! Laughing
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