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qlwm revisited
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PostPosted: Tue 26 Jun 2012, 10:34    Post subject:  qlwm revisited
Subject description: (a simple qt-based wm)

qlwm basics

Firstly it has dependencies of QtCore and QtGui at or above 4.5.2 (syms may be helpful if your qt package is in opt, I noticed the qtconfig in the original menu needed a repath for my wary pkg of qt-4.5.3)

Qlwm's pager is integrated with the windowlist on taskbar, hovering a window in the windowlist changes the window's color in the pager (screenie attached below) - non-native pagers and such may not work as expected Neutral

Window buttons on the taskbar are only shown after the window has been iconified (left button on window's titlebar to iconify), afterwards a click on the bar windowbutton (or the left button on titlebar if up) will toggle - an iconified window in the windowlist has the title enclosed in <> brackets, hovering it will show it in the pager

If you're on the desktop where a window was iconified, a single click on the taskbar windowbutton will toggle it up - if the window was iconified on another desktop, the first click puts it on the current desk and the second click raises it

I have no idea if qlwm has kybd commands, not much documentation was included (some customization is do-able with the 3 files in ~/.qlwm dir, so edit away Laughing )

An interesting feature is the ticklist/info which can set other window properties either permanently or temporarily (see ~/.qlwm/appdefaults for details), screenie attached below.

Still haven't figured out how to make some windows no-decor in qlwm (like appbar, stalonetray and some panels at present), so those are a bit clunky looking - wbar and conky are fine

Possibly the native menu might be able to accept icons if qlwm was compiled with imlib2 support (just a thought), I simply made an entry to aemenu since that's already extant on most of my pups

Hotswap to qlwm is easy from other wms like blackbox, fluxbox, icewm and so on - haven't found the cmd to hotswap from qlwm, however (yet)

For what it's worth, a screencap of partial xerrs.log Confused

The original dotpet is here, lowest attachment is an archive of my modified qlwm (simplified menu and so on)

Why bother with qlwm? If you already have the qt package, it's a nice simple wm with a good default sloppy focus/autoraise policy and a few interesting features

___general interest___
Here's a nice list of wms (for unix) - how did I forget Wink that?
 Description   pager, winlist, and a windowbutton on taskbar
 Filesize   7.29 KB
 Viewed   445 Time(s)


 Description   window option dialog-info
 Filesize   19.43 KB
 Viewed   458 Time(s)


 Description   snip-cap of xerrs.log :?
 Filesize   5.81 KB
 Viewed   456 Time(s)


Description  a 'short' archive with a few extras..

Filename  qlwm-4.3-short.tar.gz 
Filesize  61.8 KB 
Downloaded  247 Time(s) 
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Joined: 10 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Sun 01 Jul 2012, 08:10    Post subject:  

Foo? Could this be used with the Qt-based Razor-Qt desktop we've spoken about in another thread ( where I was having some difficulties ) as the window manager in place of Openbox, do you think?

See... I've managed finally to getting Razor-Qt running, but because I'm calling up Openbox that, in turn, is making a call somewhere along the line to fbpanel, and likewise the ROX pinboard. So I have to call up LXtask and kill off the ROX pinboard ( or the fbpanel, either/or ) and once that's done all the other non-wanted apps fall like a house of cards being blown upon by the wind - and I'm left with a properly running Razor-Qt desktop environment. Smile

I've searched literally everywhere to see where the call is coming from once I call "openbox-session" from the "startrazor" file but I can't find it ( and not to brag but I am fairly adept with the workings of Puppy ). My only thought now is that if I could employ another window manager not native to Puppy - as in qlwm - perhaps this would create a "pure" Razor-Qt desktop environment for me and still permit me to keep running my other WMs/DEs whenever I'd like to switch over to using them.

PHEW! I hope I made myself clear here? I'm not very good at doing this as my time advances I'm afraid. Sad

Thanks for your consideration Foo. And keep up the great work that you do for Puppy mate! I'm going to d/load qlwm anyway here as it's one WM that I don't have and have never had the chance to really play around in. Thanks! Smile


"L'Peau-Rouge d'Acadie"

Proud user of LXpup and 3-Headed Dog. Cool
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