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divers little difficulties using mTpaint
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Joined: 20 May 2005
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Location: near Woof (Germany) :-) Acer Laptop emachines 2 GB RAM AMD64. franco-/germanophone, +/- anglophone

PostPosted: Mon 05 Dec 2011, 14:44    Post_subject:  divers little difficulties using mTpaint  

ref: Cups doesn't give the same results in all Puppy


As the most people today, I am using CUPS to command my printer.

But the result is not the same in all Puppies!

In different puppies the printed pictures are not or difficult readable.

In different other puppies the pictures are really good.

I suppose that the printer settings for Cups are all in an unique file?

Which file?

I suppose I would get in all puppies the same good result (if I have one in one puppy) simply by copying this file?

(The comparaison of the files is not easy as you can only see ONE puppy at the same time excepted if you start the second one using Qemu or other emulations...)

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Joined: 23 May 2010
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PostPosted: Fri 16 Dec 2011, 18:35    Post_subject:  

hi oui

which Puppy version does the bad print?

more info here -

(btw - sorry i haven't had time to write wikka patch yet - for multi-lingual)

helping Wiki for help | IF SendSpace link = "dead" THEN PM me ("up file to http://meownplanet.net/")
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Joined: 20 May 2005
Posts: 2336
Location: near Woof (Germany) :-) Acer Laptop emachines 2 GB RAM AMD64. franco-/germanophone, +/- anglophone

PostPosted: Fri 13 Jan 2012, 11:55    Post_subject:  

Hi Darkcity

I am sorry! I did not see your answer and did give for this reason no comment to your question. and I can not remember any more after such a long time, which version was concerned.

I can only remember that I did solve my problem using gtklp and I did get the same printing quality.

I have now divers new problems to solve:

- mTpaint starts with 2 colors black and red; if the picture you make don't covers all the layer, the color red become visible and printable so that your printer red tank is really fast empty. if you do not want that, you have to make very often supplementary steps to change the color of the back ground. I would prefer to change it once and mTpaint would always start with 2 colors black, unchanged, and white instead red...

- mTpaint includes a pretty action name «time delayed screen shot» ; if you activate it, mTpaint stay on the screen and after a long time you find in mTpaint the picture of the screen included mTpaint itself. I am certain that the most user don't wish it: the time is to long and it would be better mTpaint would disappear itself immediately so it don't cover the screen and the picture on the screen with his own picture. I am using racy 5.2.2 and the PrtSc is not active as well as menu > graphic >> mTpaint snapshot screen capture offers no short time but only the long delay probably the time given through the mTpaint menu file > action >> configure >>> Time delayed screenshot: «sleep 10 ; mtpaint -s &». Ok, it is easy to change 10 into 3 but what are the other admitted options?

- it would be better to start the snapshot by hitting the right key being on all keyboards or a software key in the feed command bar!

- mTpaint prefers the PNG format to save, I would be more happy to have the JPEG format as default format WITH JPEG quality index 100 and only PNG exceptionnaly as option! mTpaint does not remember my changes for new pictures...

- mTpaint starts with a little new image proposed with 640 x 480 pixel and 256 colors. this seems to be very different from an usual sheet size as used in usual office printers. opening the resulting picture in for example Seamonkey produces not the searched effect to fill up the HTML page so, that if you print it out, the size is about the right size (important to read the text elements) ; in divers other applications, you can select a real paper size (A4 or Letter) to begin right. what is the solution to do it better in mTpaint?
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