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command-line sfsloader/unloader
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Joined: 10 Oct 2010
Posts: 65

PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov 2011, 08:31    Post_subject:  command-line sfsloader/unloader
Sub_title: currently aufs-only (Slacko/Lucid/Wary)

Here's a small command-line SFS loading/unloading script that works on aufs-based Puppies.
Not meant to compete with the currently wide-accepted shinobar's SFS-Load.
Written without grep/sed/awk/cat/df/losetup with hard-coded sfsfile paths to be easily-readable, and to test if many of the system-checks can be avoided and at what price.

Usage: sfsload (you can rename it to whatever) /drive[/path]/sfsfile
In this case "drive" is considered to be anything down your /mnt branch.

e.g. sfsload /sda1/* /sdb5/Libr* /home/OOo* /sr1/db???

Accepts up to 9 arguments and assumes an sfs extension (hardcoded), so do not type an extension. Use wildcards to load much more SFSs.

'sfsload -u' will unload all SFSs that it loaded up until that point (intentionally), if no other process complains about it. It won't mess-up conventionally loaded SFSs (or at least is not supposed to).

Unionfs-unmount-testing was unsatisfactory (not always 1st attempt and too slow in ms), so support for Racy is dropped and will be on hold for a while, but I'm very happy with its behavior in Slacko and hope it goes as well in Lucid/Wary.
Feel free to improve the script (modify/post-your-version/point-to-overlooked-disaster-scenario) and help someone find their potentially perfect cli-sfsloader.

case "$1" in
"")      echo "Command-line SFS loader/unloader for Puppy Linux.
Usage: ${0##*/} [-u] /drive[/path]/sfsfile
e.g. ${0##*/} /sda1/* /sdb5/Libr* /sdc2/db??? (up to 9 args)" ;;
"-u")   set /initrd/sfse*
      while [ "${!i}" ] ; do
         if [ -d "${!i}" ] ; then
            busybox mount -o remount,del:"${!i}" / 2>/dev/null
            busybox umount -d "${!i}" 2>/dev/null
            [ $? -ne 0 ] && echo "${!i##*sfse} won't unload." || echo "${!i##*sfse} unloaded."
            rmdir "${!i}" 2>/dev/null
*)      set /mnt$1.sfs /mnt$2.sfs /mnt$3.sfs /mnt$4.sfs /mnt$5.sfs /mnt$6.sfs /mnt$7.sfs /mnt$8.sfs /mnt$9.sfs
      while [ "${!i}" ]; do
         if [ -f "${!i}" ]; then
            mkdir -p "/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}"
            busybox mount -t squashfs "${!i}" "/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}" 2>/dev/null
            busybox mount -o remount,append:"/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}" / 2>/dev/null
            if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
               echo "${!i##*/} won't load."
               rmdir "/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}" 2>/dev/null
               echo "${!i##*/} loaded."
               if [ -d "/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}/usr/share/applications" ];then
                  for PROG in "/initrd/sfse${!i##*/}"/usr/share/applications/*.desktop; do
                     while read LINE || [ "$LINE" ]; do
                        case $LINE in Exec=*)echo "   ${LINE#*=}";; esac
                     done <${PROG}

Also prints menu-entry-command-lines (if any), below every successfully loaded SFS.
Combine it with other commands if you like. To refresh menu try:

sfsload /sda1/* && fixmenus && jwm -restart

or, to simulate load-execute-unload behavior, type:

sfsload /sdb5/OOo* && soffice && sfsload -u
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Joined: 18 May 2008
Posts: 4508

PostPosted: Sun 13 Nov 2011, 01:01    Post_subject:  

the shabang should be !#/bin/bash (due to bashisms) or you could check out my sfs linker in jwm_tools if you want to make it compatible with non-bash shells (its is a similar concept but uses symlinks instead of a layered filesystem and can do files other than sfs and isn't dependant on non-vanilla kernel modules like unionfs/aufs in order to go with jwm to other distros)
Web Programming - Pet Packaging 100 & 101
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Joined: 10 Oct 2010
Posts: 65

PostPosted: Sun 13 Nov 2011, 04:33    Post_subject:  

Very Happy well, i don't like your shabang either... Very Happy
i'm not even gonna change that.

seriously techno, i'm complaining about unionfs .1s delays, and you're porting me to the versatile 2minute-mount approach? did you clock the devx-linking? and it needs recursion in the unmounting part too, if you wanna do it like that.

now, come up with a blazing unionfs-unmount solution.
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