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Towards a better Puppy Experience - Top5s
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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Joined: 04 Apr 2007
Posts: 6815
Location: Chatham, Kent, UK

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul 2011, 08:24    Post subject:  Towards a better Puppy Experience - Top5s
Subject description: all 'comers and goers' :wink: add yours

July 2011

This is a post about The Puppy Experience and its improvement [a mini roadmap to some] ....
with a suggestion for Top 5 lists, and I start by introducing the idea for them with -

Top 5 puppy problem solving wishes on a personal wishlist

mine: a broad brush wish list

    1/ Diff dotpets
    I am most disappointed that we, collectively, users and devs, have failed to keep rudimentary organised information for each puppy series, or derivative, with all known hardware fixes, patches, updates, and anything which could have been put into a diff dotpet.
    e.g. add this diff dotpet to let your series X puppy have all known fixes - I suppose it was what prompted ttuuxxx to start 214X, based on 214R, based on 214, but it sort of grew [almost] out of control.....

    2/ Network connection reliability
    Despite humungous effort by rerwin, tempestuous, and others, getting earlier puppies to connect to the web seems to have been a recurring problem, with noobie posts often saying, I get a 169.254.xx.xx IP address
    This seems to have been because of a DNS problem - maybe an assumption was made about routers, or DNS server being at a router IP address. nonetheless, there is something still not identified - later puppies using Barry's simple network script or the later network tool occasionally still exhibit the same behaviour
    ....and why did the network tool need to be run twice before it would work?

    3/ Puppy manual
    Grant's manual is now a bit outdated, and a bit too version specific, we need a good full-featured, generic manual, including adding and working with multiple SFS's, scanners, printers, windows file-sharing via a cut down Samba or pnet, and browser tips to keep bookmarks out of the save file - hopefully soon to be addressed by puppyluvr
    When I was working on the Puppy 4 "Dingo" Manual, I realized that Puppy grows to fast for a specific manual..
    But an overall, generic manual, could be compressed, and included in the base ISO.. Several are doing this already... I hope they join me here...


    4/ Got to get a mention. Responsibility for Forum chaos
    Threadget attempts to address lost information. We all know, or should do, that many fixes have been posted, but got lost. I DON'T like the blame game.
    Responsibility is the solution, and we must all take our share, as no one user/dev/forum owner or admin is responsible - it's a borg thing,
    "We are Puppy - When we find it, we'll assimilate it!" Laughing Laughing

    5/ I was going to do 10, but 5 is surprisingly hard, remember top 5, so, finally it has to be Inertia - resistance to change
    There is huge inertia in many people's minds, which actually, occasionally, more often than I'd like to see, gets in the way of progress, and goes all the way up, to John M in the forum and Barry K as lead developer
    Many good people have left the Puppy forum because their energies were subverted by naysayers, and spoilers, and they simply got fed up, and moved on
    Please, people, can we engender a bit more positivity - if someone starts on a moan, don't get into that old habit of lining up to add weight to it, it is enough on its own, and it takes over threads very rapidly, often unchecked, causes problems for original posters, admins/moderators and site owner, John M
    OK, puppy and its development IS chaotic, fluid, dynamic, and fast...all things we love, but unless we keep attracting and keeping new devs, and testers, and fully happy users, who can come here and find solutions in a friendly environment, and can hold on to the ones who we all rely on for development, [thanks guys/gals Smile] we are continuing to shoot ourselves in the foot

I'd love to hear everyone's Top 5 wish list of broadly puppy user experience problems, they'd like addressed, and please be bold and mention those things like the forum.....change is in the air - JM has recently invited comments and suggestions for improvements

Also, post any ideas to add to the suggested list of Top 5s

IF, when we get PLUG going, I further suggest we initiate a rolling program of top 5s, to more readily identify user, dev, moderator, site owner, and even onlooker, potential noobie, suggestions alike

e.g Suggested other Top 5 lists

    Wish list,
    Uses for puppy,
    Why I don't use XXX
    Puppy targets, e.g ARM, PPC MAC, netbooks, 2 tier development, old/new hardware specific versions

I think this will help target our energies towards a better puppy experience

At this point, I'd like posts that are your own top 5 list, rather than comment about mine or someone else's, however, if you have similar ideas, it will promote prioritising users wishes up the list

These will hopefully get incorporated into PLUG once the admin nominees get it together Sad


Thanks Very Happy

Aitch Smile
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Joined: 03 Apr 2007
Posts: 3425
Location: Oregon

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul 2011, 08:53    Post subject:  

Could your suggestion #2 on network connectivity have to do with ISP providers switching to version 6 from version 4 of IP addressing?
This would also apply to some DSL modems.
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Joined: 15 Dec 2008
Posts: 4439
Location: West Lothian, Scotland, UK

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul 2011, 09:11    Post subject:  

1. I'm able to have a pupsave on an internal HDD treated as though it's a pupsave on a Flash Drive, SO....
(a) I can choose to NOT auto-save the session during the session...
But choose if/when to do it manually at a time of my choosing, by clicking the "Save" icon on the desktop.
(b) I'm able to choose at shutdown/reboot "to save or not to save".

2. I LOVE "X File Explorer" [Xfe].
But "Open with..." doesn't work as it aught.

3. "SaveMyModem" [smm] [I use it all the time][or a replacement] needs a few extra features to make it more like "Mailwasher".
e.g. Must be able to click on a link and have the default browser open at the webpage.
Should be able to blacklist and hide from view and delete...
Emails from a specified domain, or address.

4. Pudd is one of the slower image backup programs; needs to be made quicker somehow.
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Joined: 22 May 2009
Posts: 79
Location: Largo, Florida USA

PostPosted: Mon 18 Jul 2011, 14:03    Post subject: Towards a better Puppy Experience - Top5s
Subject description: Wishes

Good day everyone!

Aitch: Thank you and the many others for staying with this!

Wish list:

1. Better SEARCH ENGINE at top of forum page.
a. Link to WIKI.

2. When developers start a new development thread or topic
pick a few individuals to post in the first few slots, who are
willing to keep up with development and EDIT their post to reflect
the Most useful links and information.
a. Current DATE for each new version down load link in first post.

3. Computer profile on the new post page or on the user profile page
if could be made to pop-up before posting to add the current
hardware and pup version in use.
a. More than one field with check boxes for those
doing testing with multiple machines could be a plus.
b. At least one field mandatory. Would certainly help those trying to help
others. Might it help deter spamers?

4. Further development of two things of the many, I think set puppy apart from
the rest and should be brought out of the experimental stage .
Multi-session and Remaster live cd/dvd+++.

5. Having to do with a ‘Magic Script’ something Barry
wrote, that I found when I first stumbled upon Puppy Linux
and being able to some day drop any package from any other
linux distro in to the puppy build system (Woof) and it seamlessly spit
out a compatible package, pet, sfs or iso for the puppy and machines
it was built for/on.
Friends this is the brass ring, and Upup, dpup, spup or Multipup + + +
just stepping stones.

One Heinz 57???...The Alpha dog?

IMHO It is only by explorers like yourself’s dev’s users and testers here that all the
paths can be explored to the point that this dream can ( will )
become a reality.

Just a wish list!

Thanks to ALL for your contributions!!

What a Great community!

Best WISHES to All!
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