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pan 0.134 compiling problems in puppy 3.01
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Joined: 11 Dec 2007
Posts: 1426
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PostPosted: Sun 06 Mar 2011, 21:16    Post_subject:  pan 0.134 compiling problems in puppy 3.01  

woof woof!

since on my PC (HP d530c) only Puppy version working very good with internet is Puppy 3.01, I Use and I love

recently, February 15, 2011, pan developers released

*Pan 0.134*
- http://pan.rebelbase.com/download/releases/0.134/

with new features (like face support)

however, the configure script seems to need glibc and gtk version higher that versions in puppy 3.01, so I edited the configure file, and compilation this time started, but I had several errors
text-match.cc:163: error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of 'GRegex' with no type
text-match.cc:163: error: expected ';' before '*' token
text-match.cc: In constructor 'pan::TextMatch::PcreInfo::PcreInfo()':
text-match.cc:167: error: class 'pan::TextMatch::PcreInfo' does not have any field named 're'
text-match.cc: In destructor 'pan::TextMatch::PcreInfo::~PcreInfo()':
text-match.cc:174: error: 're' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:175: error: 'g_regex_unref' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc: In member function 'bool pan::TextMatch::PcreInfo::set(const std::string&, bool)':
text-match.cc:183: error: 'GRegexCompileFlags' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:183: error: expected `;' before 'options'
text-match.cc:186: error: 'options' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:186: error: expected `;' before numeric constant
text-match.cc:188: error: 'options' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:188: error: expected `;' before 'G_REGEX_CASELESS'
text-match.cc:191: error: 're' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:191: error: 'options' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:191: error: 'GRegexMatchFlags' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:191: error: 'g_regex_new' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc: In member function 'int pan::TextMatch::my_regexec(const pan::StringView&) const':
text-match.cc:217: error: 'class pan::TextMatch::PcreInfo' has no member named 're'
text-match.cc:221: error: 'G_REGEX_MATCH_NOTEMPTY' was not declared in this scope
text-match.cc:223: error: 'g_regex_match_full' was not declared in this scope
make[3]: *** [text-match.o] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/pan-0.134/pan/general'
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/pan-0.134/pan'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/pan-0.134'
make: *** [all] Error 2

I attach the full log, if ant can help me and all other puppy 3.01 users

0.134 "Wait for Me"
* Fix compilation with GCC 4.4. (Charles Kerr, #573722)
* WARNING: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated.
(Charles Kerr, #579753)
* No window icon when running in NZB-mode. (Charles Kerr, #574419)
* Remove deprecated glib/gdk/gtk calls to prepare for GNOME 3.
(Charles Kerr, #596648)
* Use GRegex instead of PCRE. (Charles Kerr, #596653)
* Tooltips missing from two 'Post Article' toolbar buttons.
(Charles Kerr, #548860)
* Infinite loop with server that doesn't support LIST NEWSGROUPS.
(Charles Kerr, #545220)
* 'Add port to server dialog' -- apply commits 862da67, af30418 from
lostcoder. (K. Haley, Charles Kerr, #527313)
* Support 64 bit article numbers. (Charles Kerr, #549655)
* Don't queue xover for 0 connections. (Charles Kerr, #596682)
* Make wrapping honor changes in compose-wrap pref. (Charles Kerr, #596680)
* Change nzb task saving delay & add pref. (Charles Kerr, #596683)
* Port to GMime 2.4. (K. Haley, #541676)
* Spawn editor asynchronously. (K. Haley, #465763)
* Change allocation buffer for article tree. (K. Haley)
* Save some more memory by re-ordering a few variables. (K. Haley)
* Don't save files as executable. (K. Haley)
* Fix handling of multibyte spaces in text-massager. (K. Haley)
* Re-write multipart handling for viewing. (K. Haley)
* Change default mime-type for incoming attachments. (K. Haley, #135734)
* Add some additional mime types. (K. Haley)
* Add memchunk.h to Makefile.am. (K. Haley)
* GTK+ 2.16 required. (K. Haley)
* Fix bug in multipart article mids. (K. Haley)
* Add console support for windows. (K. Haley)
* Update filter-info and scorefile-test to support non-overview headers.
(K. Haley)
* Skip non-overview test if not cached. (K. Haley)
* Make ArticleCache::get_message const. (K. Haley)
* Allow scoring article on all headers. (K. Haley)
* Promote rescore_articles to data interface. (K. Haley)
* Update score when article is cached. (K. Haley)
* Add regex support to search. (Jack Cuyler, K. Haley, #351196)
* Additional info for about & User-Agent. (K. Haley, #424083)
* Add support for compiling with gmime-2.5. (K. Haley)
* Allow subject line use in save path. (K. Haley, #403797)
* Improve regexes used for squashing subject line. (K. Haley)
* Reduce memory allocation for multiparts. (K. Haley)
* Allow newsrc paths relative to PAN_HOME. (K. Haley)
* Save tasks on exit. (K. Haley, #609355)
* Always show full revision info in UA hdr. (K. Haley)
* Remember size of post window. (K. Haley)
* Add tests for subject line. (K. Haley)
* Make separator user configurable. (K. Haley)
* Replace deprecated gdk_pixmap_create_from_data. (K. Haley)
* Add support for Face header. (K. Haley)
* Fix crash possibly due to change in cairo. (K. Haley)
* Change from GdkPixmap to GdkPixbuf. (K. Haley)
* Remove deprecated function through gtk 2.18. (K. Haley)
* Compatibility with -std=c++0x. (K. Haley)
* Fix crash in gio_func on OSX. (K. Haley)
* Updated translations: Arabic (Djihed Afifi), Brazilian Portuguese (Flamarion
Jorge), Spanish (Jorge Gonzalez), Portuguese (Duarte Loreto), French (Claude
Paroz, Bruno Brouard), Catalan (Joan Duran), German (Mario Blättermann,
Andreas Kuhlen), Basque (Inaki Larranaga Murgoitio), Swedish (Daniel
Nylander), Czech (Petr Kovar), Slovenian (Andrej Žnidaršič), Danish (Joe
Hansen), Simplified Chinese (Aron Xu)

Filename  pan-0.134.log.zip 
Filesize  2.47 KB 
Downloaded  221 Time(s) 

replace .co.cc with .info to get access to stuff I posted in forum
dropbox 2GB free
OpenOffice for Puppy Linux

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Joined: 20 Jan 2006
Posts: 6698
Location: lisbon

PostPosted: Mon 07 Mar 2011, 01:28    Post_subject:  


I think you would either need to port a newer version of Gtk2 to p3.01, or get your net working with a more recent puppy. (Or forget about latest version of Pan).

I suspect the latter would be the easiest option...how are you connecting, and why are more recent pupversions not getting you connected?
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Joined: 05 May 2007
Posts: 10883
Location: Ontario Canada,Sydney Australia

PostPosted: Thu 07 Apr 2011, 18:37    Post_subject:  

Hi dingo

which kernel 3.0.1 version are you using, retro or main default version. Also you could of pm with your issue and I would of lent a hand. I don't get a chance to read every forum message, this one past by me unnoticed. Are you still using 3 series or have you moved on to 4 or 5 ?
I could update gtk,glib etc for you. so you could use the newer pan, which browser do you use, Seamonkey 1 or 2?

http://audio.online-convert.com/ <-- excellent site
http://samples.mplayerhq.hu/A-codecs/ <-- Codec Test Files
http://html5games.com/ <-- excellent HTML5 games Smile
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Joined: 11 Dec 2007
Posts: 1426
Location: somewhere at the end of rainbow...

PostPosted: Thu 07 Apr 2011, 19:18    Post_subject:  

Thanks ttuuxxx, even latest Pan needs a gtk version higher than native gtk present in Puppy 3.01, I tried to modify configure options in order to match gtk with gtk version present in Puppy, but I had other problems stopping the compilation

I'm using (in Puppy 3.01), kernel,
Linux puppypc #1 Sun Sep 9 02:29:54 GMT-8 2007 i686 Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.66GHz GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Actually, I'm using

puppy 3.01 (almost daily) - puppy 4.2.1 (often) - Puppy 4.3.1 (occasionally)

I like also Puppy Classic 2.14, but unfortunately, in Top7, I have the same problem with NETGEAR WG311v3 I have in Puppy 4.3.1 I remember that in Puppy Classic 2.14 Top5 I was able to connect with same adapter wireless, but I'll make a new attempt next days in order to be more detailed)

The main reason why I run Puppy 3.01 is that is fully compatible with my PC HP d530c

it seems that in Puppy 4.3.1 and higher, something has been changed in managing wi-fi (I use my NETGEAR WG311v3 adapter via ndiswrapper with XP drivers) that makes me unable to use this adapter that in other puppies works out of box with ndiswrapper

I'm using, as main Browser, Seamonkey 2.0.13 (fortunately Seamonkey project has compiled, until today, all its releases differently from latest Firefox 4 (dropping support to older kernels and Glibc as you well know) in portable version with this script (this way avoid to fill pup_save

regarding to Pan, I'll try to compile again in Puppy 4.3.1, in order to have succes or report detailed errors helping other people to compile. This in order to enhance and revamp Puppy 4.3.1

replace .co.cc with .info to get access to stuff I posted in forum
dropbox 2GB free
OpenOffice for Puppy Linux
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