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Joined: 10 Nov 2009
Posts: 619
Location: Austria

PostPosted: Thu 07 Jan 2010, 07:49    Post_subject:  MUME
Sub_title: Multi user in Middle earth - classic Tolkien based PK MUD

Hello gamers,
Ok, here is something hardcore in case you REALLY have spare time left.

MUME is a classic text based MUD (Multi User Dungeon). The game was build and developed over the past 20 years and is one of the few text based RP online games still running and activly supported by a stable player base.
The game offes a huge world crafted after Tolkiens descriptions of Middleearth with detailed descriptions, non playing characters (Elrond,
Barliman, Tom Bombadil) and Monsters (Old Man Willow, Balrog). The text based race war (PK) between players of the good (white) side (elfs, dwarfs and man) and the dark side (orcs, trolls and evil man) is legendary.

The game can be played via telnet and is hosted at mume.org (e.g. telnet mume.org, currently IP address is

However it is advised to use a MUD client for serious game play.

if you have open-GL installed (graphic drivers from quickpet) then you can use the graphical online mapper which I put together (has qt-4.8 inside)
With powwow + MUME you don't need open-Gl and you have the classic MUD feeling without the mapper.

How to run
0) start the mume mmapper with "mmapper" - load arda map from (usr/share/games/mmapper
1) In the Fun directory a link is created which calls the script mume.sh. This should open powwow with a connection to the Mume server and also open the map.
or 2) Drag the mume symlink from /usr/local/bin to the desktop and use usr/local/share/powwow/mume.xpm for the icon.
or 3) Type mume in a console.

How to get started
Go to www.mume.org and look for the Newbie section. Other sources are www.elvenrunes.com, www.mume.net and last but not least a wealth of information (*SPOILERS*) can be found on Grays MUME page http://userweb.tsr.ru/~gray_//MUME.HTM. Some of this info I copied to /usr/share/games/mmapper/doc.

How to improve your settings:
Advanced users can impove the client (with aliases, Highlighting, actions etc.). In the directory /usr/local/share/powwow there is documentation about the client:

mume.config: this is your configuration, change it to personalize your client.
config.demo: demo of a configuration file, use it as a blueprint and take what you like from the code.
powwow.doc: Documentation file to explain the nuts and bolts of the client.
newest_full_arda.png: Mume map. Not 100% up to date, but lets say 99%. Beginners should be fine most of the time. The map wasn't made by me, I downloaded it from somewhere I couldn't remember. I think credits should go to Grays mume page (see links above).

Visit the powwow Homepage for some examples on powwow scripts.

Other MUDS
Of course you can use powwow for other text based games. Type powwow in a console and use the #connect or #host command.

In the case the map doesn't open at start, change the mume.sh script in /usr/local/bin: replace "viewnior" with "defaultimageviewer"

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Joined: 31 Jul 2008
Posts: 814
Location: Uruguay, Mercedes

PostPosted: Sun 10 Jan 2010, 15:06    Post_subject:  

I am giving this a test ride. Looks like something too good to be missing out. Smile


NOTE: the dwarf talks too much

Filename  mume2.png 
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What seems hard is actually easy, while what looks like impossible is in fact hard.

“Hard things take time to do. Impossible things take a little longer.” –Percy Cerutty

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Joined: 10 Nov 2009
Posts: 619
Location: Austria

PostPosted: Sun 10 Jan 2010, 18:59    Post_subject: map viewer  

Hi droope,

nice you will try it. In the beginning it progress is rather slow, because there is a lot to learn. I noticed on your screenshots that the map didn't open, probably because you are using a puplet. In the script I provided I call Viewnior as standard viewer. Either you open manually usr/local/share/powwow/newest_full_arda.png or you change mume.sh to use the right image viewer. Watch your real life.

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Joined: 04 May 2005
Posts: 6270
Location: Knoxville, TN, USA

PostPosted: Sun 10 Jan 2010, 20:51    Post_subject:  

That looks like fun. My gaming time is filled up for the time being, but I'll have to try it out sometime when I get bored with the ones I'm playing now.
Between depriving a man of one hour from his life and depriving him of his life there exists only a difference of degree. --Muad'Dib

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Joined: 10 Nov 2009
Posts: 619
Location: Austria

PostPosted: Mon 14 Nov 2011, 07:57    Post_subject:  

I finally managed to compile the Mume online mapper, it will need GL as dependency - (qt 4.8 inside the sfs). I have updated the original post.

Open Gl drivers are in quickpet / drivers.
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