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Can't get Belkin wireless-g driver to work
Moderators: Flash, Ian, JohnMurga
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PostPosted: Fri 10 Feb 2006, 22:08    Post_subject:  Can't get Belkin wireless-g driver to work  

I am trying to make a Belkin wireless g card work with Puppy in my Gateway Solo Laptop. It works in Windows XP and the XP driver is Rt2500. I downloaded the package ralink-cvs.tar using Windows and did the following in Puppy.

#cp /mnt/home/ralink-cvs.tar.gz /
#cd /
#tar -zxvf ralink-cvs.tar.gz
resulting in this being written to the console
#modprobe -v rt2500
resulting in
Using /lib/modules/2.4.29/net/wireless/ralink/rt2500.o
Symbol prefix ' '
#iwconfig ra0 essid myname key s:abc123 mode managed
At this point I thought I would be in business but no connection. WAG tells me that the card is OK but no module has been loaded. lsmod lists the rt2500 module as loaded. ifconfig -a confirms that ra0 has been created.

I am running Puppy 1.07

Any help would be appreciated[/code]
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PostPosted: Fri 10 Feb 2006, 22:31    Post_subject:  

You might need to run dhcpcd ra0 to get it going. You also might need to give iwconfig some more data, such as channel and frequency.

But that's just based on what I have to do to get my card hooked up. Your's might be different.

Also, I'm not sure about how well WAG works when you do things by hand, but WAG isn't neccissary if you figure out the necissary stuff without it. Plus, if you can do it without WAG, it's easier to automate it (either with each boot, or with a single one-click script, depending on your personal situation).

Between depriving a man of one hour from his life and depriving him of his life there exists only a difference of degree. --Muad'Dib

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Joined: 10 Jun 2005
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PostPosted: Sat 11 Feb 2006, 00:53    Post_subject:  

I suggest that you first connect to a wifi network from the command line (as you seem to be presently attempting) then once you know it works OK you can use WAG to identify and connect to different wifi networks.

So, as Pizzasgood has suggested, the only command missing is the last one to obtain an IP address -
dhcpcd ra0
... or as I prefer -
dhcpcd -t 20 -h puppypc -d ra0

Now "ifconfig" should show ra0 as an active interface, and you should be able to ping your router.
If not, there's possibly a problem with your WEP key - you may know it already, but using the "s:" prefix is for entering the WEP key as an ASCII string. Most wifi configurations I have seen use hex digits, with no "s:" prefix.

Another minor point, your Ralink driver package must be uncompressed from /, but it's not necessary to copy it there. So in your case you could just do this -

cd /
tar -zxvf /mnt/home/ralink-cvs.tar.gz
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Joined: 10 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Sat 11 Feb 2006, 09:35    Post_subject:  

It is working now. I appreciate the help very much.
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