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 Forum index » Advanced Topics » Cutting edge » Multi-session live-CD/DVD
single line to bkup root to DVD
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Ted Dog

Joined: 13 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Mon 26 Dec 2005, 19:16    Post_subject:  single line to bkup root to DVD  

growisofs -M /dev/dvd -D -J -R -quiet -new-dir-mode 0755 -graft-points `date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M"`=/root

Results are like Save to DVD found on multisession desktop. Nothing is checked, erased, re_named or moved to Archive. Will load back as regular multisession. Usable with any type DVD. It will either not work or work completely. If you use DVD-RW, DVD+R, or mini-DVD this will work for you. Cleanup before you save to DVD again, if you wish to not resave large files.
Also useful if you wish to remake a RW DVD with your own default setting.
two lines below will do it.

   growisofs -Z /dev/dvd -D -J -R -b isolinux.bin -c boot.cat -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table /livecd/
growisofs -M /dev/dvd -D -J -R -quiet -new-dir-mode 0755 -graft-points `date "+%Y-%m-%d-%H-%M"`=/root

if you get a blanking type error on DVD+RW try this first:
 dvd+rw-format -blank /dev/dvd

on a DVD-RW with blanking error try this (warning will take some time)
dvd+rw-format -blank=full /dev/dvd

now this should solve most DVD related problems no need to use Windows to blank a DVD RW before first write,
or to reset media type back from unfriendly DAO only mode my new DL-DVD-burner trys to write everything!
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Official Dog Handler

Joined: 04 May 2005
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Location: Arizona USA

PostPosted: Sun 26 Nov 2006, 19:04    Post_subject:  

I screwed up while saving some mp3 books to multisession DVD with this growisofs recipe, but it turned out to be a happy accident. I think it clears up a mystery, and maybe even opens up the use of multisession. Rolling Eyes

I convert books-on-CD to mp3 so I can listen to them on my mp3 player while I'm at work. Typically, a book will be made of 6~10 CDs, but some contain over 20.

I had found RealPlayer's (Windows-only) mp3 ripping/converting program to be very fast, taking about 3 minutes to rip a new CD, but didn't like its user interface or the extra stuff it does without asking--not to mention the fact that it requires Windows to run. Lately I've been using plinej's pbcdripper in Puppy, even though it takes twice as long as RealPlayer in Windows, because I like its user interface better. It is simpler and easier for me to figure out. When converting, I tell pbcdripper to save to /tmp/Author/Title. After converting a book, I save it to a DVD as a session with this command:

growisofs -M /dev/dvd -D -R -l -new-dir-mode 0755 -graft-points Name_Of_Directory(OnDVD)=/(Path to) Source directory

For instance, if I have converted Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter, I would do:

growisofs -M /dev/dvd -D -R -l -new-dir-mode 0755 -graft-points Hawthorne_Nathaniel=/tmp/Hawthorne_Nathaniel

and The_Scarlet_Letter shows up in the the table of contents of the DVD, under Hawthorne_Nathaniel.

What I discovered is that a book saved piecemeal in several sessions, or several books by the same author each saved in a separate session, will show up in the correct Author/Book directory when the DVD is mounted, as though they had all been burned in a single session.

I discovered this by poor planning. I had got about halfway through converting a long (~10 CD) book when I had to go to work. Not wanting to leave the computer on all day, I saved what I had converted as a session on the DVD. Later, when I converted the rest of the CDs in the book I saved them in another session under the same Author/Title. When I mounted the DVD there was only one directory with the name of that author. Inside it was a directory with the title of the book and inside that were all the CDs that made up the book.
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 Forum index » Advanced Topics » Cutting edge » Multi-session live-CD/DVD
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