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VMware-Player 2.0.3 in Toutou Linux 03.01.1
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PostPosted: Tue 08 Apr 2008, 12:07    Post subject:  VMware-Player 2.0.3 in Toutou Linux 03.01.1  

What follows is the result of the various research, online translation, as well as many revois link on the forum perform English and French murga-linux.
Does VMWare Player (vmplayer) stil work in puppy? (YES)
insmod VMfixed-1.0.pet for VM users
HowTo Install VMware Player (vmplayer)
Comment installer GCC
French version

Installing VMware Player 2.0.3 Toutou in 03.01.1 with linux installation "FRUGALL"

To download:
kernel-src_301.sfs In the folder home {/mnt/home}
kernel-src_301.txt In the folder home {/mnt/home}
devx_301.sfs In the folder home {/mnt/home}
devx_301.txt In the folder home {/mnt/home}
insmod-VMfixed-1.0.pet In the folder my-documents {/root/my-document}
VMware-player-2.0.3.tar.gz In the folder my-documents {/root/my-document}
vminstall.tar.gz In the folder my-documents {/root/my-document}
For the Kernel et devx, utiliser "bootManager" which is located in the file system {menu=) système =) bootManager}
Click on "choisir quel fichier ..........." It should reflect the 2 files in the left window, it is sufficient to choose one after another to bring them in the right window with "arrow Add"

Uncheck "ignorer le précédents ..........."
Click on "OK" Restart toutou.
To verify that devx is installing the console is open to write gcc and press "enter" the answer is "no gcc input files" if it is something else that the installation failed.

For insmod:
With the help install "PET" on the desktop.
Open the console to place you in my-documents

# cd /root/my-documents (Leads you to the directory)
# ls -l (liste The contents of the directory)

Extraction vminstall.tar.gz
[code]# tar zxpf vminstall.tar.gz
# ls -l (You can check that it has created a file named "vminstall.sh")
# ./vminstall.sh VMware-player-2.0.3-80004.i386.tar.gz puis "enter"[/u]
You accept whatever he asks you is by clicking on "enter" or writing where it tells you [yes] you write "yes"
When you see the following excerpt from the script you write "no" first and then "Y".
<None of the pre-built vromon modules for VNware Player is suitable for your running kerne1. Do you gant this prograc' to try to build the vmcoon module for your system (you need to have a C compiler installed on your system)? [yes] no
For more information on how to troubleshoot module-related problems, please visit our Ileb site at "http://www.vmware.com/dovnload/oodules/modules.html" and "http://www.vmware.com/support/reference/lieux/prebuilt_modules_linux.html".
Execution aborted.
Fixing menu icon...
Creating woplayer kill script...
Create unleashed package from installation [YIN]? y
Creating list of installed files...
Creating tar.gz package from installed files... Converting tar.gz package to .pet...

He create a package. Pet that I did not have a use.

Open "Editeur de texte : geany" " {menu=) système =) Documents =) Editeur de texte : geany }
You copy this:

#Backup files that will be modified
echo -e "\n\nBacking up files..."
if [ ! -f ./vmware-install.pl.bak ]; then
cp ./vmware-install.pl ./vmware-install.pl.bak

if [ ! -f ./bin/vmware-config.pl.bak ]; then
cp ./bin/vmware-config.pl ./bin/vmware-config.pl.bak

#Fix ./vmware-install.pl
echo -e "\nPatching files..."
diskFree=`df | grep /initrd/mnt/dev_save | gawk '{ print $4 }'`
gawk -v diskfree=$diskFree '{if ( /\$dstSpace - \$srcSpace/ ) { print "return " diskfree ";"; } else { print $0;} }' ./vmware-install.pl.bak > ./vmware-install.pl

#Fix ./bin/vmware-config.pl
lineNum=`grep -n "error('Unable to stop services for ' . vmware_product_name() .$" ./bin/vmware-config.pl.bak | gawk -F: '{ print $1 }'`
gawk -v lineNum=$lineNum '{ if ((NR == lineNum) || (NR == lineNum+1)) { print "#" $0;} else {print $0;} }' ./bin/vmware-config.pl.bak > ./bin/vmware-config.pl

#Verify changegs
echo -e "\nDisplaying changes...\n\n"
diff ./vmware-install.pl.bak ./vmware-install.pl
echo ""
diff ./bin/vmware-config.pl.bak ./bin/vmware-config.pl

echo -e "\nPatching completed! Run ./vmware-install.pl to install vmware player.\n"[/code]

You save with the name "vmpatch.sh"in "vmware-player-distrib" Which is in "my-documents {/root/my-documents/vmware-player-distrib} ".
In the console you sit in the directory "vmware-player-distrib {/root/my-documents/vmware-player-distrib}" vous Write command to instal "vmware-player".

[code]# cd /root/my-documents/vmware-player-distrib
# ls -l
# chmod + x vmpatch.sh (Click on "enter" you wait for "#" reappear)
# ./ vmware-install.pl (appuyer sur "enter")[/code]

You should see the confirmation that the facility has worked well, then go write another order.
[code]# ./vmware-install.pl[/code]
Accept whatever you request either by clicking on "enter" or writing where it tells you [yes] you write "yes".

At the end of this script you specified "/usr/bin/vmplayer", by writing in a console, it lets you start wmvare-player, There should be an icon in =) menu =) système.
Restarting the "Toutou" and once you can open restart vmware-player.

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PostPosted: Sat 26 Apr 2008, 14:46    Post subject:  

Hey - thanks for the instructions! I'm having a bit of problem with it though - the install seemed to go ok, but I did stop at the point where it asked me if I wanted to create a package - I said no since I didn't think I needed it. Is that required to get this working properly?

What I'm getting now when I try and play my vmx is this:

#vmplayer "Windows XP Professional.vmx"
process 6559: Attempt to remove filter function 0xb6045fd0 user data 0x82445a8, but no such filter has been added.
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