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pBurn 4.3.16
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Joined: 22 Feb 2008
Posts: 334
Location: Hood Canal, WA

PostPosted: Tue 25 Mar 2008, 11:10    Post_subject: Pburn 1.3 and others
Sub_title: Pburn 0.6, 1.0, 1.2.2, 1.3

I have used Pburn 0.6, 1.0, 1.2.2 and 1.3 with Dingo 394. They all burn and erase well. However, the log box that appears to show progress, for instance, when blanking a disk in 0.6 or 1.0 is absent when using 1.2.2 or 1.3. Is this intentional? Also, the drop-down menu to select the burn function does not disappear until after the function is completed in the later versions.
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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Tue 25 Mar 2008, 15:16    Post_subject:  

You're missing the new logviewer - Gtklogfileviewer. See requirements in the main post.

<action>refresh:ISOSIZE</action> is added to button 'add selection'.

Regarding verifying, we could make a question dialog --> This may take long time if burn contains many files. Do you want to continue?

I have now a working Pburn using graft-points. It still uses the symlink directory in /tmp/pburn. So it now burns symlinks as symlinks and still gives the user freedom to edit burning input (files and directories). But what I don't know: will this fix the trouble with the whiteout files?

But now the size calculation does not work, and there will be trouble if there are too many files in the burnlist. This will give mkisofs error - 'argument list too long'......I need some more time.

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Joined: 23 Nov 2006
Posts: 10881

PostPosted: Tue 25 Mar 2008, 19:47    Post_subject:  

Hi zigbert

Something like that but maybe just as a warning in the 'finished' dialog..there's plenty of room.

On the subject of missing files when I tried the same directory later that day everything was present Shocked .

I gather adding directories from within unionfs is a bit hit and miss whereas outside of this is ok. a fair statement?

oh no I just went crosseyed again Very Happy

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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Wed 26 Mar 2008, 13:57    Post_subject:  

Mike told us the other day that 2 heads thinks better than 1. I guess we need several heads right now.

The situation for DATA burning is:
Pburn strength is the way user can edit input files/directories before burning. You can add a new directory, remove a not wanted file inside a directory you want to burn, and you can give the file on CD/DVD another name than the original file.
Pburn weakness is that symlinks always will point to its source file. The problem occurs when adding an entire directory with symlinks. You may then get more datas than you expected (such as /root/). Also Barry has trouble with this combined with whiteout files (which I don't know a sh** about).

Some refers to TkDVD which is a great app, but it also has its weakness. In a compare you could say that TkDVDs strength is Pburns weakness, and the other way around. While TkDVD burns a chosen filelist as graft-points, Pburn builds a temporary directory which contains symlinks to the actual file, and burns this directory as is with the mkisofs parameter -f (follow symlink).

I have now started an approach to see if it is possible to combine the 2 ways of burning. My idea is to use 'readlink'. This tells us the original source of every symlink in the temporary directory (default in /tmp/pburn/). Now we can build graft-points like 'symlink=`readlink symlink`' . Since 'readlink' only read 1 level of linking, it will point to a symlink in the original directory. The problem will now occur when Barry uses Pburn as backup for a huge amount of files. - mkisofs command will be very complex (many graft-points), and we get the error: 'Argument list too long'. Mkisofs fails and cdrecord has nothing to burn. Now you maybe think. Why not just burn the list in Pburn the same way that TkDVD do. It is certainly possible, but then we will loose all edits (remove, rename, new dir) which is not in the main directory (the list shown).

So I wonder. Did it came any clever ideas while reading this.
- is there a way to split up graft-points. Adding 100 every turn...
- is there another way of adding datas to an iso. mounting *.iso in rox is readonly, so I guess it is not THAT easy.
- other...

I have a 'working' proto if you want to dive along.

Edit: Some load thinking. We keep the temporary directory as it is now. In addition, we split all inputs (adds and edits) into 3 categories.
ADDS: If user add file or directory (add selection, add all), choosen file/directory are written to list 'ADDS'. Here are directories NOT listed recursively, so it will only apply ONE graft-point.
EDITS: If user rename an item in the burnlist this file/directory are written to the list 'EDITS'. This file will get its unique graft-point. All items added to a 'new directory' also needs a unique graft-point. But this is only in the first level of the new directory. It means that if user adds a directory inside this 'new directory' we needs only 1 graft-point for the added directory.
EXCLUDERS: If user remove or rename item it will be written to list 'EXCLUDERS'. This must be checked against original file/dir in case user renames an already renamed file. List with excluded items fits with mkisofs parameter -exclude-list.

Edit 2: This is simpler:
ADDS: If user add file or directory (add selection, add all), choosen file/directory are written to list 'ADDS'. Here directories are NOT listed recursively, so it will only apply ONE graft-point.
If user rename an item in the burnlist this file/directory are also written to the ADDS list. Format of ADDS list is equal the graft-points format: "path/name_on_CD"="/path/original_name". Since ADDS list contains complete information about where it should be placed in iso-filesystem, 'new directory' does not need to be handled else, and renaming doesn't need its own EDITS-list.
EXCLUDERS: If user remove or rename item it will be written to list 'EXCLUDERS'. List with excluded items fits with mkisofs parameter -exclude-list. EXCLUDERS-list must be checked against original file/dir in case user renames an already renamed file.

Edit 3:
My last theory will fail because 'remove' an item in the root-directory on CD/DVD shouldn't be added to EXCLUDERS list. It should only be removed from ADDS list. Pburn needs to know the main directories, and then check against them. A main directory will be the root directory and any 'new directory' made of user in the burnlist. If user renames an item in a main directory it should only be renamed in ADDS list, not added to EXCLUDERS list.

When 'Save' a *.pbn file, Pburn saves all links in /tmp/pburn. To keep graft-points and -exlude-list it also needs to save the files containing ADDS, EXCLUDERS and main directoies.


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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Fri 28 Mar 2008, 17:02    Post_subject:  

I have been fiddling with graftpoints, and begins to see where the road is leading us. Including graftpoints affects many functions, but users will only get one checkbox more - Follow symlink. when TRUE, Pburn uses the original burning mode. When FALSE, Pburn will use graftpoints. Default will be FALSE.

There are many functions that are touched by graft-points, and therefor the next release will NOT be stable. When I have managed the graft-point burning mode, I will upload the code. Then it will remain:
- Calculating size when 'follow symlink' is TRUE. I haven't looked at it, and I don't have a solution. This could be tricky...
- Some new Help-text
- Bugfixing - YOU are important.
- Maybe a documentation that explains the underlying structure of the Pburn code.

The graft-point todo-list looks right now like this: (+ is finished)
+ add selection browser
+ add selection search
+ add all browser
+ add all search
- add list (import)
- import iso
+ remove
+ rename
+ make dir
- save *.pbn
- open *.pbn
- size calculation
+ build_command
+ clean_up

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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Sun 30 Mar 2008, 14:40    Post_subject:  

Dear Burn-People

Here is a test-release of Pburn using a new method for burning (graft-points). It has been a rather complex task, because it touches many different functions. Because of this, there may (sure) be new bugs. It has been very kind of you if you could burn a disc the way you use to do it, and report back if it works as it used to do.

The benefits with this new burning method are:
- Optional 'follow symlink'.
- Better integration with imported sessions.
- Faster calculation of required disc-size


Yes that's all Smile

- This release also contains a patch from mikeb: Change order of songs for audio CD (move up/down).
- If getting trouble with this new burning method, you can start Pburn with parameter -f (pburn -f) to use the old burning method.
- Complete changelog will come with stable 1.4.0


Filename  pburn-1.3.8.pet 
Filesize  31.28 KB 
Downloaded  806 Time(s) 

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Joined: 20 May 2006
Posts: 6529
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

PostPosted: Mon 31 Mar 2008, 01:31    Post_subject:  

It uses the correct font to match my GTK theme when I try it on Puppy 1.x (no - it doesn't work there - the substitutions in line 777 and 75 of func don't work).
It disobeys my GTK font setting in Dingo, and just uses sans.

- - -
Classic Puppy quotes
- - -
Beware the demented serfers!
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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Tue 01 Apr 2008, 05:57    Post_subject:  

It disobeys my GTK font setting in Dingo, and just uses sans.
I'll do test in dingo. Thank you.
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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Wed 02 Apr 2008, 03:11    Post_subject:  

Pburn - developer information

Pburn makes a iso-image using mkisofs' graft-points. All adds and edits are stored in files (see chapter 'system files') to give information about graft-points and excludelist. In addition there is a clone filesystem in the directory /tmp/pburn/. It mirrors the content shown in Burnlist, but all files and links are only symlinked. Directories are made new to be sure that the clone filesystem will be complete. A symlink directory points to its source, and deeper levels wouldn't exist in the clone system. This clone are used to:
- Navigate into and edit items in deeper levels of burnlist.
- Verify burnt datas. The content on disc are mounted and compared (diff) with the clone system.
- Save a *.pbn file with all adds and edits.
- Run the raw burnmode (pburn -f). This burns /tmp/pburn with 'follow symlink'. Graft-points are not used here.

When user press the burn-button, Pburn uses the settings in preferences (~$HOME/.pburnrc) and info from mediacheck to build a burning-command. This is done with the function ../pburn/func_build_command. Settings shown in the burn-dialog represent the burning-command. Now when user press the button to start burning, there are 2 ways of actually define burning:
1. Normally Pburn runs ../pburn/func_build_command to update burning-command with the user-changed settings.
2. If user has activated 'Manually edit command', burning uses content of text-field <edit> as its burning-command.

Saving a *.pbn file uses 'tar' to pack the clone filesystem into one file. But before this it copies files to determine the status of graft-points. This include:
- /tmp/pburn-graft_points
- /tmp/pburn-exclude
- /tmp/pburn-main_dirs
- /tmp/pburn-isosize_graft_points
- /tmp/pburn-isosize_exclude
They are put into the directory /pburn-graftfiles on burnt disc. When open a *.pbn file, these files are copied back to /tmp/, and removed from the clone filesystem.

The func_build_command places the CD-text info into a *.inf file with the same name as the *.wav file. It contains info like this:
Albumperformer= 'Artist on this album'
Performer= 'Artist on this song'
Albumtitle= 'The name of album'
Tracktitle= 'The name of song'
The command 'cdrecord dev=/dev/sr0 -v -dao -useinfo -text *.wav' uses this *.inf file to write CD-text information. Pburn checks the filename for ' - ', and uses this as the separator for artist and song. Note that tao does NOT work with cd-text. Use dao or raw96r. Special characters in CD-text info may give unexpected result. If copy Audio-CD it is also possible to connect to a cddb server. It uses a CDDB-number on the CD and finds the matching number in the database. (To find tags about actual song, see musicbrainz.org). The default connection is: freedb.freedb.org / port 8880. Note that cdda2wav fails with 'cddb=x option', while icedax works. (icedax dev=$INDRIVE -vall cddb=1 -B -Owav pburn).

This special-mode does as follow:
1. convert images to video-stream with ffmpeg
2. join all image-videos to *.m2v. This is video without audio.
3. multiplex audio and video to one videocompatible movie-file. (using ffmpeg)
But since ffmpeg is not the most mature multiplexer, I had to make a workaround to get the DVD load in my cheap DVD-player. If I put a more compatible movie as the first movie, the rest of the slideshow runs ok.

Copy Audio-CD on-the-fly uses dao, while off-the-fly uses raw96r. This to get bad drives works with at least one of the modes.

Almost all newer drives has a protection agains buffer underruns. Cdrdao and growisofs turns this on if drive supports it, but cdrecord doesn't. Pburn uses the parameter 'driveropts=burnfree' to activate burnfree. It seems not to harm when using a drive not supporting this. Therefor no setting to disable burnfree.

Pburn checks if there exist image-files for chosen theme. Gtkdialog <pixmap> code are set depending on this check. Also it tries to run a unique gtkrc-file in the theme-path. Content of gtkrc-file will appear only in Pburns main-window. All gtk-settings are reset first in ../pburn/func.

SYSTEM FILES (/tmp/pburn-)
Differs beetween browse and search.
Add selection/all uses this to determine from what <tree> to add.
This is what shows up in the Burnlist <tree>.
First sorted -lsdir, then sorted -lsfile.
Directories in Burnlist.
To get all dirs sorted first in -burn.
Files in Burnlist.
To list all files sorted after directories in -burn.
Where user are in the hierarcy of Burnlist.
/tmp/pburn/ represent / on the burning filesystem.
Holds burner device.
This is the active browser dir.
This is the command executed when burning starts.
mkisofs -exclude-list uses this.
mkisofs -graft-points syntax are build here.
Input from imported session(s) are put here.
When open burning dialog, its content are removed from Burnlist.
This is the info-text in main-window.
This the human readable of isosize_graft_points - isosize_exclude.
Used by <entry> in main window.
When add/import - 'du' puts its size here. Sum of list - isosize_exclude = required disc-size.
When remove - 'du' puts its size here. See -isosize_graft_points.
This is what shows up in the browser <tree>.
First sorted -lsdir, then sorted -lsfile.
Dirs with its own graft-point. This is the root-directory and when user make 'new directory'.
Remove/rename item not listed in main_dirs require input to -graft_points and -exclude.
Detection of inserted disc. CD or DVD (DVD or Blu-ray are both detected as DVD).
*.pbn file opened from menu 'open' or from terminal command 'pburn file'.
Temporary storage. Defined in preferences.
Contains some of mkisofs parameters.
Renamed files not listed in main_dirs. This is used to check if file has been renamed before.
Content of search <tree> in main window.
Contains the value of variable $SHOW_HIDDEN. Needed to update browsers action without rerender gui.
This is the value of progressbar in %.
Pburn doesn't show the progress here, but sending 100 exits the splash-dialog.
Image used in splash dialog. Defined by chosen theme.
available free size of filesystem used by temporary storage (-outdir).

All adds to the Burnlist will be mirrored here. This is a symlink clone of the original filestructure.
In bash code it is pointed to with variable $TMPDIR

- GtkDialog: Quit Pburn from window-manager (X-button, upper-right-corner), exits program but doesn't kill PID.

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Joined: 29 Mar 2006
Posts: 6035
Location: Valåmoen, Norway

PostPosted: Fri 04 Apr 2008, 14:49    Post_subject:  

Version 4.3.16, 14.Jun 2015
- Tooltip for generic action-button in burn-options dialog is changed to 'Start operation'. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Log filename uses : and won't work in a fat32 filesystem. (thanks to don570)
Version 4.3.15, 4.Jun 2015
- Error msg if trying to blank a non-rewritable disc. (Thanks to B.K. Johnson)
- Detection of CD-RW disc (thanks to sheldonisaac)
- Bugfix: Blanking of Audio-CD (CD-RW) has wrong default values. (Thanks to B.K. Johnson)
- Bugfix: Blanking of BD-RE doesn't set correct default mediatype drop-down menu.
- Bugfix: DVD-R burnt as Video-DVD (closed) are not detected in statusbar in main window.
Version 4.3.14, 9.May 2015
- Bugfix: Add items (when all items is selected) includes parent dirs. (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Import music playlist doesn't autoset correct burn-mode to Audio. (thanks to don570)
Version 4.3.13, 4.Apr 2015
- Bugfix: Icon in window heading in Fatdog (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Correct xml/svg info for app icon (thanks to SFR)
Version 4.3.12, 28.Mar 2015
- Bugfix: fix the switch -m copy_audio
Version 4.3.11, 20.Nov 2014
- Bugfix: DVD multisession burn (thanks to backi)
Version 4.3.10, 6.Sep 2014
- Bugfix: Burn DVD off-the-fly (thanks to charlie6)
Version 4.3.9, 30.Aug 2014
- New Overburn/overwrite-msg if size requires it.
- - - - Specific DVD/BD info in the 'overburn' dialog to alternatively overwrite existing data.
- - - - Added the attribute -use-the-force-luke=tty to skip interactive msg from growisofs.
- - - - Added the attribute -use-the-force-luke=spare:none to overburn BD.
- - - - Help: Adjusted overburn info.
- Bugfix: Auto-set overburning of BD/DVD if chosen/required.
- Set uid and gid to 0 for rockridge filesystem on the burnt media.
Version 4.3.8, 22.Aug 2014
- Extended DVD/BD-info in 'Disc is not blank'-dialog
Version 4.3.7, 19.Aug 2014
Bugfix: Do not rely on busybox ps (thanks to jamesbond)
Version 4.3.6, 22.Jul 2014
- Added Error-msg if growisofs wants you to do a full blanking. (Thanks to Charlie6)
- Bugfix: Export iso with only 1 non-video-file in burnlist gives option to build video-iso.
- Bugfix: Broken symlink to rox:OpenWith - Burn with pBurn. (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Removed dead NLS-link from pet. (thanks to rg66)
Version 4.3.5, 21.Apr 2014
- Bugfix: Correct detection of free space on a multisession BD-RE.
Version 4.3.4, 25.Jan 2014
- Use svg icon in *.desktop file.
- Bugfix: Activate Publish/Volume fields for blank DVD/BD
Version 4.3.3, 23.Nov 2013
- Do add Preparer, Publisher, Volume to command only for first session.
- Faster disc-info (Tools menu).
- Bugfix: If Volume/Publisher is set empty at first session, Default values shows up in burn-option dialog at second session.
- Bugfix: Publisher nor Volume can contain space when burning CD.
- Bugfix: Dummy burn a CD on-the-fly
Version 4.3.2, 20.Nov 2013
- Bugfix: Burn iso-image (thanks to OscarTalks)
Version 4.3.1, 18.Nov 2013
- Bugfix: Execution fails (thanks to OscarTalks)
Version 4.3.0, 16.Nov 2013
- Authoring Video-DVD.
- - - - build filesystem for Video-DVD (video_ts) from Tools menu.
- - - - build iso image compatible with Video-DVD from Tools menu\.
- - - - Option to export iso-image (File menu) compatible with Video-DVD, if burnlist contains only valid movie/image files.
- Option to save ripped video-DVD-movie has been moved from burn-command to finish-box.
- Burn data-CD on-the-fly by default.
- Option to do a dummy burn - Advanced tab.
- Reorganize the on-the-fly/'use temp storage' options. Now only 1 checkbox.
- Move some options in the burn-tab into expander 'More options'.
- Import list (pburn -i):
- - - - check for numbering if list is video-DVD valid as well as for audio-list.
- - - - If no playlist build full filesystem on the burnt disc.
- - - - Increase numbering to 0-999.
- - - - Skip import-message if burn-mode is set (-m switch).
- - - - Always number imported file if burn mode is set to 'audio' or 'video'.
- libcdio
- - - - Show existing labels in the Publish tab in burn-option dialog.
- - - - Disc info now uses cd-info to read label, publisher and preparer of disc.
- - - - Make libcdio an optional dependency.
- - - - Add to dependency check. - in 'others' dependencies.
- - - - Bugfix: Multisession validation was hardcoded to /dev/sr0.
- Hide column with paths in builtin browser.
- Update helpfile: Chapters Burn, Filesystem, Audio and Publish.
- Bugfix: Trouble when combining several switches from commandline.
- Bugfix: Error msg when try to burn if no optical device is installed on system.
- Bugfix: Correct message in sizebar if drive is not found.
- Bugfix: 'Export to iso' shows warning about 'not valid multisession disc'.
- Bugfix: Helpfile says plugins while gui says tools (menu)
- Bugfix: Helpfile states version 3.x.x
- Bugfix: Main window too tall on my netbook - height decreased from 570 to 550.
- Bugfix: Show burn-options dialog when using the -c switch.
- Bugfix: Msg 'Disc not initialized by pBurn' should exit if close from window manager.
- Bugfix: Set volume label should only be possible for the initial session.
- Bugfix: Burning Audio-CD leads to veeery slow refresh-rate of burn-option dialog.
- Bugfix: Close pBurn PIDs when starting with the -m switch.
- Bugfix: Copy video-DVD without using the manually-option in the Advanced tab in burn-options dialog
- Bugfix: Delete vob file after copy-video if process fail.
Version 4.2.0, 13.Oct 2013
- Make it impossible to close logbox (where the command output shows), without stopping all burning operations. (thanks to brokenman)
- Commandline in advanced tab (burn-options) are now auto-refreshed. Refresh-button is removed.
- Msg about multisession burning with non-pBurn-disc has got options: blank disc, continue, disc info.
- Helpfile updated - Advanced chapter.
- Helpmsg if burning fails and CD only requires a reload.
- Remove Normalizer as dependencies. ffmpeg (requires ffmpeg-1.1)do the job instead.
- Set normalizing to true by default.
- Don't activate the 'eject disc' option after blanking. You probably want the disc still inserted.
- Bugfix: Remove the file the_video_you_wanted1.vob.partial by 'Emergency STOP' if using the gtkdialog tail-box.
- Bugfix: Kill also cddetect at Emergency STOP.
Version 4.1.2, 5.Oct 2013
- Use comboboxtext instead of combobox widget when choosing mediatype for video-DVD and blanking.
- Minor update in the helpfile - Filesystem.
- Bugfix: Detected mediatype shows up twice in list when burning data disc.
Version 4.1.1, 28.Sep 2013
- Adjusted msg: 'Multisession disc is not initialized by pBurn'.
- Minor update in the helpfile < Multisession > chapter.
- Fix alignment in burn-options 'Publish' tab.
- Change name from Pburn to pBurn.
- Clean up gui for burner-drive selection. Both at first-run and in burn-options.
- Fix alignment in burn-options - Advanced tab - CPU priority.
- Bugfix: Choose mediatype manually should (de)activate checkbox to overwrite.
- Bugfix: Heading in filechooser (temporary storage should be pBurn.
Version 4.1.0, 15.Sep 2013
- Store filesystem info in preparer-id for correct multisession settings. (thanks to matiasbatero)
- Squeezed multisession/close disc into one option.
- Remove preparer-id from gui.
- Updated Help file - Burn chapter - multisession.
- Option to delay message-boxes to ensure them to on top.
Version 4.0.5, 7.Aug 2013
- Fontsize adjusted in mini-theme to fit 96dpi
Version 4.0.4, 2.Aug 2013
- Added some more multi-session info in the help-file. (thanks to gcmartin)
- Bugfix: Use signal "delete-event" instead of "hide" when exit gui (thanks to SFR)
- Bugfix: Allow burning isofiles with ) and ( in name. (Thanks to 01micko)
Version 4.0.3, 15.Jul 2013
- Bugfix: Correct dependency check for cdrtools and gtkdialog (thanks to sheldonisaac)
Version 4.0.2, 12.Jul 2013
- Improve Saveboxes. (thanks to otropogo)
- Bugfix: get rid of testfile /root/test. (thanks to SFR)
Version 4.0.1, 2.Jul 2013
- Activate rubber-banding in file-browser
- Syntax improvements in help file. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Dependency check shows missing gtkdialog
Version 4.0.0, 19.Jun 2013
- cdrtools 3 is the only supported backend. cdrkit is not supported anymore.
- Burn discs compatible with Windows XP/7/8 (thanks to Ted Dog and JamesBond).
- Filesystem options is completely reorganized.
- UDF is removed as burning option for data-burning. isolevel 4 is used instead.
- Set option -shorttrack as default for copying audio-CD.
- Scalable Burn-options dialog.
- Improved support of non-Puppy systems.
--- Replaced 'ps' with 'ps -eo pid,command' to support full (non-busybox) ps command (thanks to 01micko)
--- Use 'type' instead of 'which'. (thanks to 01micko)
- Gui refinements for burn-options-tabs Burner-device and Publish.
Version 3.7.17, 29.Mar 2013
- Bugfix: Info button in burn-option dialog doesn't work.
- Add finnish (zephyr2) to the credits
- Dependency check should use yellow (not red) for missing optional dependencies.
Version 3.7.16, 14.Mar 2013
- Bugfix: Burn UDF with cdr-tools backend (thanks to jamesbond)
Version 3.7.15, 7.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Calculate size of directory content when tmpdir is on another filesystem than Puppy.
- Bugfix: Calculate free space in bar when tmpdir is on another filesystem than Puppy.
Version 3.7.14, 4.Feb 2013
- Bugfix: Rely on ONLY gtkdialog as executable - not gtkdialog4 (thanks to Charlie6 and don570)
Version 3.7.13, 13.Jan 2013
- Depends on gtkdialog 0.8.3
- Bugfix: Use markup in splash
Version 3.7.12, 12.Jan 2013
- Bugfix: Verifying using MD5. (thanks to otropogo)
- Bugfix: gettext string in MD5 splash box.
- Bugfix: Missing icon in gtkdialog-logbox heading.
Version 3.7.11, 2.Jan 2013
- Bugfix: nrg2iso detection in dependency check. (thanks to jamesbond and smokey01)
Version 3.7.10, 30.Dec 2012
- Include VIDEO_FORMAT to dvdauthor for burning video. (thanks to jamesbond)
Version 3.7.9, 10.Dec 2012
- Msg if burning on-the-fly, and read-drive and burn-drive is set to the same device. (thanks to Jades)
- Bugfix: Dependency check using xterm. --hold should be -hold. (thanks to bigbass)
Version 3.7.8, 23.Nov 2012
- Run ffmpeg pre-operations without opening xterm.
- Box_splash uses usleep (busybox), now set to sleep (bash). (thanks to bigbass)
Version 3.7.7, 9.Nov 2012
- Bugfix: NLS: Wrong button-label in blank-disc-box.
Version 3.7.6, 19.Oct 2012
- Support *.mkv video files. (thanks to TheYoungOne)
- Bugfix: Splash would show text in KDE (thanks to big_bass)
Version 3.7.5, 19.Sept 2012
- Bugfix: Detect correct helpfile. (thanks to rodin.s)
Version 3.7.4, 10.Aug 2012
- Use gettext for NLS. (thanks to rodin.s)
- Bugfix: Build help-text for burnoptions.
- Bugfix: Advanced info-dialog also shows heading of chapter 4 of help file.
Version 3.7.3, 28.Jul 2012
- Multi-selection in builtin browser
- Dependency check either from Help-menu or parameter -D
- NLS:Added: LOC142
Version 3.7.2, 18.Jul 2012
- Bugfix: Improved definition of burn command for blanked BD-RE (thanks to Flash)
Version 3.7.1, 17.Jul 2012
- Hyperlinks in helpfile.
- Bugfix: Show Help when not using english language. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Detect correct mediatype when copy data-disc.
- NLS: Added: LOC602
Version 3.7.0, 15.Jul 2012
- Multisession support for BD-RE.
- No need to blank/erase rewritable DVD and blu-ray.
- Correct detection of BD-RE.
- Verify burnt iso-image to multisession DVD/Blu-ray. (thanks to rerwin)
- Move translated help files to /usr/share/doc/help to be compatible with pman. (thanks to shinobar)
- Burn options: Keep 'Temporary storage' widgets to the left when scaling gui.
- Bugfix: Tab-label missing when exporting ISO. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Find help-file when Language is set to 'auto'. (thanks to Bigpup)
- Bugfix: At first run, language was overwritten from 'auto' to $LANG. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Verify multisession CD. (thanks to rerwin)
- Bugfix: BD-RE does always report free-space to be equal to total-space.
- Bugfix: Burn iso-image as mutlisession then disc is DVD/BD.
- Bugfix: DVD/BD always asked to blank disc if burning other mode than 'data'.
- NLS: Added: LOC244, 404
- NLS: Changed: LOC351
Version 3.6.1, 16.Jun 2012
- Move native language file to /usr/local/pburn (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Improved detection of free size of temporary storage. (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Show message at startup about missing temporary storage if storage is smaller than recommended. (thanks to shinobar)
Version 3.6.0, 23.May 2012
- Optional support of NRG-image (nero format) if nrg2iso is installed. (thanks to 01micko)
- Optional tool: Convert NRG to ISO.
- Verify iso-image burnt mulitsession to CD.
- Move locales to /usr/share/locale/.
- Bugfix: Ask to blank disc if required when entering burn options (bug introduced in 3.5.0).
- Bugfix: Define Audio-CD correct in statusbar.
- NLS: Added: LOC_IMAGE, 137, 205, 356, 357
- NLS: Changed: LOC126, 306, 307, 322, 351
- NLS: Removed: LOC_ISO, 124
- DOC: Multisession: Now supports verifing (md5sum) of CD-R(W).
Version 3.5.2, 9.Apr 2012
- New startup mode (-m info) goes straight to disc info.
- Bugfix: Blank CD-R is reported as RW in the tools>info dialog. (thanks to otropogo)
- Bugfix: Discinfo of CDDA shows free space.
- NLS: Changed: LOC126
Version 3.5.1, 4.Mar 2012
- Verify copied data-disc. (thanks to otropogo)
- If more than 1 device is detected, show startup-check window. (thanks to Jades)
- Choose temporary-storage-directory is now more flexible. (thanks to sebus)
- Set a unique date/time tag to default logfile name. (thanks to otropogo)
- Do not show terminal pre-operation window if ffmpeg is NOT in command.
- Open support of xterm as an alternative terminal to rxvt. (thanks to big_bass)
- Accept netsurf, midori, chrome, iron as alternative html viewers.
- NLS: Removed: LOC317
- NLS: Helpfile: New item in chapter 4, potentional pitfalls. (thanks to Jades)
Version 3.5.0, 25.Feb 2012
- Improved Blu-ray (BD-R) support.
- Detection of DVD-mediatype in disc-info window.
- Detection of Blu-ray in burn-options window.
- First run installation is now done in 'no' time. (thanks to big_bass)
- Bugfix: Blu-ray discs was detected as DVD in statusbar. (thanks to flash)
- Bugfix: Size-detection of burnt BD-R sessions in statusbar. (thanks to flash)
- Bugfix: mkdir $HOME/my-documents/tmp if not exist and using as the default temporary storage. (thanks to big_bass)
- Bugfix: Startup-check for temp-dir always shows up if placed inside /mnt/home. (thanks to otropogo)
- Bugfix: Pburn won't open burn-option dialog if previous sessions contains not valid joliet extensions.
- Bugfix: Detect optical device in Porteus (thanks to Ahua in the Porteus forum)
- Bugfix: Not allowing capitals in file extension - *.CUE and *.TOC (thanks to sebus)
- Bugfix: Tray autoloads at once it has opened tray.
- NLS: Added: LOC395
- NLS: Changed: LOC126, 240, 333, 392
- NLS: Removed: LOC400
Version 3.4.3, 1.Jan 2012
- Turn UDF option ON if required. (thanks to edV)
- Bugfix: Pburn hangs during media-check if burning files larger than 4Gb. (thanks to edV)
- Bugfix: Rename file in burnlist that contains reg-expr-char in name.
Version 3.4.2, 5.Dec 2011
- Improved detection of $LANG (thanks to shinobar)
- Bugfix: Do not flicker the rxvt window if no preburn operations
- Bugfix: Save over an existing .pbn file. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Syntax error in LOC355. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Open pbn-file resulted in another statusbar daemon to start.
- Bugfix: Update statusbar after open a new pbn-file. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Rename directory in burnlist. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Rename file in burnlist, and then back to its original name. (thanks to disciple)
Version 3.4.1, 1.Oct 2011
- Faster startup (thanks to thunor)
- Make it possible to downgrade Pburn.
- Bugfix: More fixes for X-freeze in Slacko.
- Bugfix: Update temporary storage size after Warning: Less than 9GB for shrinking.
- Bugfix: Warning: Less than 9GB for shrinking. - NLS could give trouble with size checking.
- Bugfix: graftpoints could be corrupted when staring a new burn-session.
Version 3.4.0, 24.Sept 2011
- Moved from gtkdialog3 to gtkdialog4 (rev297).
- Improved scaling of windows. (thanks to thunor)
- Bugfix: X freeze in Slacko (Puppy 5.3 beta)
- Bugfix: Troubles after unstalling NLS. (thanks to shinobar)
- NLS: Removed LOC101, 109
Version 3.3.7, 21.Sept 2011
- Copy video-DVD: More info in the 'please insert a new disc' dialog about the ripped file.
- Message if temporary storage is less than 9GB when trying to copy a video-DVD.
- Do not open the rxvt window if no pre-operation is required.
- Bugfix: Ensure use of gtk stock icons.
- NLS: added: LOC466, 467
Version 3.3.6, 4.Sept 2011
- Bugfix: Video-DVD copy
- Bugfix: Remove vob file (from vobcopy) after vamps has built a new shrinked file.
- Bugfix: Increase size of rxvt (during preburn operations) window to show header info.
- NLS: Changed LOC391
Version 3.3.5, 30.Aug 2011
- Spare some place in sizebar (2Mb) for filesystem burndata like udf, joliet, rockridge... (thanks to disciple)
- Skip 'search' from menu if pfilesearch is not installed.
- Use sleep(bash) instead of usleep(busybox). (thanks to vinayv)
- Bugfix: Improve disc-size detection. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Pburn won't run without pfilesearch. (thanks to hazer on Artch forum)
- Bugfix: return value of fileselect dialog - gtkdialog 0.7.21 (thanks to BarryK)
Version 3.3.4, 6.Mar 2011
- Bugfix: save a pbn file (in data mode) when temporary storage is VFAT. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Detect macrolanguage (fr, en..) when lang contains utf or similar post info.
- Bugfix: 'Pburn /path_to_some/file.pbn`, "File-Save" works like "File-Save-As". (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: When /root/.gtk-bookmarks has got two empty lines (or more), pburn doesn't run. (thanks to Agrolance)
- Bugfix: Should be error when add file/dir to location/name already in burnlist. (thanks to disciple)
Version 3.3.3, 17.Jan 2011
- Bugfix: Improved detection of blank DVD (thanks to Country Bumkin)
Version 3.3.2, 16.Jan 2011
- Info in rxvt header to avoid user to close tiny black window (thanks to capoverde)
- Bugfix: Adding both audio_ts and video_ts fails for video-DVD. (thanks to Country Bumkin)
- Bugfix: Preburn command holds text 'Pburn preburn operations'. (thanks to Country Bumkin)
- Bugfix: Header in main window doesn't show all information.
- Bugfix: Overwrites existing file if closing Save-dialog via window manager
- Bugfix: Save-dialog points to box_yesno which doesn't exist
- Bugfix: 'Save' in Save-dialog is not localized.
- Bugfix: Detection of iso-file in burnlist (for redirecting user to iso-mode) accepted too many files.
Version 3.3.1, 30.Nov 2010
- Repeat ONLY burn-action without clearing the temporary storage (thanks to BarryK)
- Bugfix: Downgrade Pburn, still shows the highest version number (thanks to 01micko and disciple)
- Bugfix: Didn't check if DVD was blanked before burning audio, video or iso.
- Bugfix: Didn't check if DVD was open before burning data.
- Bugfix: Recieve cddb info for audio-CD when temp-dir is a hidden dir. (thanks to BarryK)
- Bugfix: Installation at first run in Quirky 1.4.
- NLS changed: LOC408, 474
Version 3.3.0, 22.Nov 2010
- Allow some more audio codecs. (thanks to TheAsterisk!)
- Bugfix: Set CD-speed when burning Audio-CD corrupts the burn command (thanks to kozak6)
Version 3.2.9, 5.Sep 2010
- improved calculation of Video-DVD shrinkfactor. (thanks to Country Bumkin)
- Strip special chars from CD-text information.
- HELP: {3.5} AUDIO: Warning about using RW-discs for Audio-CD.
- Bugfix: Rename item in burnlist with ` in name (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Burn an audio-CD fails if track names includes ` (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Manual edit of command fails when it contains variables. (thanks to Country Bumkin)
- Bugfix: Remove partial ripped (vobcopy) file after 'Emergency Stop'.
Version 3.2.8, 1.Sep 2010
- Bugfix: Directories in Burnlist stops with 'do not exist' error (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Hide splash if switching from data-mode to audio/video and there is no items in burnlist
Version 3.2.7, 27.Aug 2010
- Improved language detection. (thanks to wow)
- Cleanup in language file. (thanks to potong)
- Bugfix: Import playlists with # in filename. (thanks to don570)
- Bugfix: Remove a subdir from burnlist. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: No eject/verify after exporting to iso. (disciple)
- Bugfix: Checking for existing filename when exporting to iso.
- Bugfix: Check if file(s) to be burnt really exist (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Open a .pbn file in the working dir without specifying full path. (thanks to disciple)
- NLS: Added: $LOC355
- NLS: Changed: $LOC105
- NLS: Update in helpfile: Import (play)list (thanks to don570)
Version 3.2.6, 25.Jun 2010
- Bugfix: some changes in the 'pburn -h' info.
- Bugfix: setting DVD-speed gives burning error (thanks to Oneel)
- Bugfix: kill splash when starting copy/iso/blank with the -m switch
- Bugfix: dependency check for 'Fixate DVD' reports missing 'readcd' instead of 'close'
Version 3.2.5, 1.May 2010
- NLS: Added LOC512
- Bugfix: Detection of audio-CD in status bar (thanks to 01micko)
- Bugfix: The Tools-disc info dialogue says "blank disk" when there is no disk inserted. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: The Tools-disc info dialogue says "blank disk" when a music CD is inserted. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Try to burn with a audio-CD/video-DVD inserted, you get to the burn dialogue. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: link disc-status-detection to Pburn-burner-device rather than /dev/cdrom.
Version 3.2.4, 30.Apr 2010
- NLS: Added LOC354
- Bugfix: Write debugging file to /root/gtk (thanks to EdV)
- Bugfix: Auto-reloads of tray after eject (thanks to 01micko, flash, tubby, jrb, smokey01....)
Version 3.2.3, 26.Mar 2010
- Sound when finished (thanks to ttuuxxx)
- Unmount disc if currently mounted (thanks to ttuuxxx)
- NLS added: LOC376, 600, 601
- NLS changed: LOC375
- Bugfix: Show/hide tooltips didn't work in multiuser system
- Bugfix: Bookmarks shows empty list when gtk-bookmark has been named. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Open a .pbn file won't burn (thanks to disciple)
Version 3.2.2, 17.Mar 2010
- Bugfix: burn a Copied dvd video
- Bugfix: Override $LANG for default language (thanks to esmourguit)
Version 3.2.1, 17.Mar 2010
- Bugfix: burn video_ts directory as video-DVD (thanks to nibl)
- Bugfix: add items inside a video_ts directory in video mode (thanks to nibl)
- Bugfix: Show helpfile in correct language, if language is set to 'auto' (thanks to esmourguit)
Version 3.2.0, 13.Mar 2010
- External dialogs are placed ontop in Stradust (error, save, open...)
- Bugfix: Open other iso than *pup*.iso with rox-right-click
- Bugfix: <frame save> in box-save is not NLS
- Bugfix: kill splash after initial error, running with -m switch.
Version 3.1.9, 3.Feb 2010
- Bugfix: Check whether a CD is inserted before trying to 'Verify CD quality'. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Open iso from rox (-m iso) run installation every time
- Bugfix: Set cpu priority (nice)
- Bugfix: Audio-CD: Check if valid disc is inserted
- Bugfix: Navigation in right pane --> Required media-size showed less than actually needed.
Version 3.1.8, 14.Jan 2010
- Bugfix: ffmpeg freezes X on some systems (thanks to Charlie6)
Version 3.1.7, 19.Dec 2009
- Syntax error: UDF description. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: 'Verify Disc quality' works only for CD. Syntax changed. (thanks to disciple)
- Bugfix: Error message if trying to burn to a mounted disc. (thanks to otropogo)
- Bugfix: Burning VCD. (thanks to zenmeister)
- NLS Changed LOC134, 257
Version 3.1.6, 29.Nov 2009
- Bugfix: Burn iso by Rox-right-click.
- Bugfix: Gtk-issues in Puppy 2.14X.
Version 3.1.5, 26.Nov 2009
- Option to ignore the startup message. (thanks to snail)
- Bugfix: media-checking hangs (data-CD) if device is not /dev/sr0. (thanks to ttuuxxx)
- Bugfix: media-checking hangs (data-CD) if wodim is not in $PATH. (thanks to ttuuxxx)
- Bugfix: Do not close startup splash until gui is up and running.
- NLS Added LOC490, 495
- NLS Removed LOC323
Version 3.1.4, 16.Nov 2009
- Improved handling of installed

Stardust resources

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PostPosted: Sat 05 Apr 2008, 05:19    Post_subject:  

1. "Transtalors" rather than "translators" in the credits.

2. I think the information button needs information for the "follow symlink" checkbox.

3. Looks like a bug when removing an item with spaces in the name from the "Files to burn list":
du: cannot access `(01)_01': No such file or directory
du: cannot access `Only': No such file or directory
du: cannot access `Love': No such file or directory
du: cannot access `Is': No such file or directory
du: cannot access `Spoken': No such file or directory
du: cannot access `Here': No such file or directory

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PostPosted: Sat 05 Apr 2008, 06:18    Post_subject:  

Thank you Disciple. You are great!

1. done!

2. I'll consider it. What did you have in mind?

3. Have already fixed it this morning.


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PostPosted: Sat 05 Apr 2008, 07:31    Post_subject:  

What about just more info in the checkbox label:

Follow symlink - ('Minimum disc size' shows probably less than you actually need)

Or is it other useful information that should have been stated?


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PostPosted: Sat 05 Apr 2008, 18:56    Post_subject:  

That might be enough.
I don't really know enough about it. Presumably it means that all symlinks that have been added to the burn list (even ones that are inside several folders, and you may not be aware of) are followed, so you can end up with a lot bigger image than you expect. It would be good to make this clear.
I think it is an "advanced" option that people usually won't want?
Is it also the same as running pburn -f ?

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PostPosted: Sun 06 Apr 2008, 00:02    Post_subject:  

- It still doesn't obey my GTK theme's font, but I think I was confused. It is supposed to override the whole theme, not just colours, isn't it? I think I was confused because it didn't override my theme when I tried it on Puppy 1, but maybe with an older GTK it can't override it...

- Look what happens if you open pburn when it is already running - that doesn't seem very good.

- When I move a file up and down in the order for an audio CD, or when I add a file, I see lots of this. Should I see this, or is it something bad?
mv: `/tmp/pburn/(13)_Paul Stookey - Jean Claude.mp3' and `/tmp/pburn/(13)_Paul Stookey - Jean Claude.mp3' are the same file
mv: `/tmp/pburn/(14)_Paul Stookey - How can I keep from singing - Band and Bodyworks.mp3' and `/tmp/pburn/(14)_Paul Stookey - How can I keep from singing - Band and Bodyworks.mp3' are the same file
mv: `/tmp/pburn/(15)_Paul Stookey - Revolution 1x1.mp3' and `/tmp/pburn/(15)_Paul Stookey - Revolution 1x1.mp3' are the same file
mv: `/tmp/pburn/(16)_Paul Stookey - Something New & Fresh - 4D.mp3' and `/tmp/pburn/(16)_Paul Stookey - Something New & Fresh - 4D.mp3' are the same file
mv: `/tmp/pburn/(17)_Paul Stookey - The Minstrel Boy - demo.mp3' and `/tmp/pburn/(17)_Paul Stookey - The Minstrel Boy - demo.mp3' are the same file
I also see quite a few
expr: syntax error

- When I rename something I see this, which doesn't look right:
XConsortium: xmessage.c,v 1.6 95/01/04 16:29:54 gildea Exp $
usage: gxmessage [-options] [message ...]

where options include:
    -file filename              file to read message from, "-" for stdin
    -buttons string             comma-separated list of label:exitcode
    -default button             button to activate if Return is pressed
    -print                      print the button label when selected
    -center                     pop up at center of screen
    -nearmouse                  pop up near the mouse cursor
    -timeout secs               exit with status 0 after "secs" seconds
Also, we could probably improve the message we get if you click rename, then click OK without changing anything.
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