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How i got kde in puppy
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Joined: 24 Sep 2005
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Location: Mumbai, India

PostPosted: Tue 18 Oct 2005, 03:44    Post_subject:  How i got kde in puppy  

Razz . yes those who not already seen this can look at the screen shot at

This is for Experimental puprose only

I just wanted to try kde in puppy. Apart from the eye candy it comes with a few good apps. So I made a kde 3.4.3 installation in puppy using kdebase, kdelibs and aRTS and a few other libs. i have used slackware 10.1 packages. the base installation was working fine for me. how ever when i tried installing other packages such as mutlimedia & network i started getting incompatibily errors. so i have now given up on pursuing it further until barrys Krazy Puppy is released. i have already deleted this installation. following is a vague recollection of what i did

how ever if you want to try these packages are available at


you will require
arts-1.4.3-i486-1.tgz ~1.5 Mb
kdebase-3.4.3-i486-1.tgz ~25 Mb
kdelibs-3.4.3-i486-1.tgz ~18 Mb

qt 3.3.3 from official slackware packages website

Arrow you will also require

libesd.so.? Question
libvorbis.? Question
libarts? Question
few other depending on what is present / not present on your system

1. your pup001 file should be 512 Mb (use a fresh pup file)
2. use guitar to open kdebase.tgz
3. extract it to /my-documents/kdebase/
4. delete /kdebase/install and /kdebase/usr folder
5. now we are left with the /kdebase/opt and /kdebase/etc folder
6. problem over here was that every time i booted the /opt folder came up empty. how to work around that problem will be dealt with later in the installation (16).
7. goto /kdebase/opt/kde/lib -> create simlink for all the lib*.so.x.* to lib*.so.x. gointo subfolders and repeat this where ever you find lib*.so.x.*
8. copy /kdebase/etc to /root/.etc (will need rebooting before changes come in to effect)
9. copy /kdebase/opt/kde/bin to /usr
10. copy /kdebase/opt/kde/lib to /usr
11 delete /kdebase/opt/kde/bin and /kdebase/opt/kde/lib
12. delete /kdebase/opt/kde/share/doc
13. copy /kdebase/opt to a new folder /root/opt. delete /my-documents/kdebase
14. repeat the drill with kdelibs and aRTS
15. extract the qt.tzg and only copy the /qt/lib folder to /usr
16. edit the /etc/rc.d/rc.local0 -> add following to the bottom

rmdir /opt
ln -s /root/opt /opt

17. edit .xinitrc ->
exec startkde is replaced with exec xterm
18. reboot
19. type xwin startkde
20. it will start X and an xtrem
21. in the xterm type startkde (this is needed to listen to the background messages)
22. go about solving the lib dependencies listed over Arrow above
23. you might just end up with a working kde installation

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Joined: 05 Nov 2007
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PostPosted: Wed 12 Dec 2007, 13:44    Post_subject:  

Is there a puplet that has KDE preinstalled?
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Joined: 11 Jul 2006
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Location: Lake Macquarie NSW Australia

PostPosted: Wed 12 Dec 2007, 15:10    Post_subject:  

dittocookie wrote:
Is there a puplet that has KDE preinstalled?

There is a KDE.sfs file that lets you boot into a KDE environment over Puppy. You'd need to search the forum for that as I don't have a link for you.

Hope that helps.

Actions speak louder than words ... and they usually work when words don't!
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Joined: 04 Sep 2007
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Location: Canada

PostPosted: Wed 12 Dec 2007, 15:27    Post_subject:
Sub_title: KDE.sfs

Try this...it's KDE.sfs


I'm not sure if it's the latest....Kirk has done this work.

Be not afraid to grow slowly, only be afraid of standing still.
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