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Puppy or Damn Small Linux(DSL)?
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Joined: 10 Jun 2005
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Location: Australia

PostPosted: Fri 13 Jul 2007, 17:08    Post subject: Re: internet radio on puppy re: install xmms problem  

stevesr0 wrote:
it didn't install into /usr/local but directly under /.

That's not true. I just installed Dougal's xmms-1.2.10-base.pup now, and the main executable installs into /usr/local/bin/

stevesr0 wrote:
for xmms, it complains about missing sound files

Those error messages relate to libraries that only affect compatibility with the ESD sound manager and mikmod audio files.
I'm playing an MP3 file with XMMS right now.
Technically speaking, it's correct process to go into the XMMS Options > Preferences and change the Output Plugin to ALSA, but OSS still works OK via Puppy's ALSA-OSS library.

If you find that XMMS is still a bit demanding of resources on your computer, I remember now that forum member brucehohl claims that "xfmedia" has low CPU usage in Puppy. xfmedia is available as a dotpet here -

Another lightweight audio player is the xhippo+lamip combination -
but you need to be happy about its very basic interface.
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Joined: 24 Jun 2007
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PostPosted: Fri 13 Jul 2007, 22:38    Post subject: reply to tempestuous  

When I wrote that xmms was not installed to /usr/local, I based that statement on it's placement in the file manager window, which is under /, not /usr/local. I am talking only about the placement on MY machine, not your machine. I guess it is possible that it is nonetheless actually under /usr/local; please advise how I can check that out.

I was writing for advise on how to fix the installation, since this was my first install and I assume that sometimes the installation goes awry. Not complaining about the program or Dougal's work to assure it goes in the correct location, but rather aware of my own limited skills.

Nonetheless, I am skeptical at this moment that the program was installed on my machine at /usr/local.

Beyond that, my main reason for writing was to obtain assistance in making xmms work in Puppy; it seems to work fine in DSL.

Thanks for any advice.

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Joined: 24 Jun 2007
Posts: 169

PostPosted: Fri 13 Jul 2007, 22:47    Post subject: second comment - hmm, what is the main executable?  

After doing the install of XMMS, I used the file manager to see where the XMMS directory was. This was under (/). When I looked under /usr/local, I didn't see anything I recognized as related to XMMS.

However, maybe I am not looking for the correct files (especially the main executable you refer to). What I saw was the XMMS directory (folder) and within that subfolders for plugins and skins. But I didn't see any files.

My Puppy install isn't available to me now; tomorrow, I will relaunch the Live CD and again download and install the dotpup and use the command line to see if I can identify executables and other files related to XMMS in (/) and (/usr/local).

Parenthetically, the instructions in the thread about installing and configuring XMMS recommend "disabling" madplay and one of the lib.so files. I tried to do this but couldn't find these files and killall madplay responded no process killed - I suspect this means that I was either working from the wrong directory or madplay wasn't present.

Appreciate comments about that too.

Thanks again, this is really a helpful forum.

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Joined: 14 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sat 14 Jul 2007, 11:13    Post subject: puppy or dsl  

hello, this is my first posting here. in fact, i just completed installing puppy on my i.b.m. thinkpad 570 laptop (pII333mhz, 128megs ram, 4 gig hd), having first tried damn small linux. i found that puppy was easier to setup for the internet (for me), for one thing. i started the install 20 minutes ago and here i am! now, i'm no linux guru like these other folks obviously are and i really admire their intelligence and knowledge of linux. so i dont to refute anything these experts have said, i just want to say that as a novice, puppy has proven to me to be the easier and more user friendly of the two. the only problem i've had so far is playing dvd's, understandably probably due to the ancient nature of my laptop. i can get dvd's to play. now with reduced resolution, going from 1024X768 to 800X600, dvd's will play, but even then its very choppy. no big deal.
so i have tried both o.s.'s and am finding puppy to be the better one so far. next i will try to set up my wireless card and see how that goes.

well, i posted that the other day and i got to thinking. i had alot of space left on my huge 4gig hd, so i used gparted to create a 1gig ext2 partition, then loaded dsl on it. after that, it was simply a matter of editing the grub menu.lst. (some sweating there)
so ive got both o.s.'s booting flawlessly! now i know that this is childs play for alot of you linux gurus, but this is great for me since i just downloaded both o.s.'s last week. and just started using puppy (outstanding!) a couple days ago. if i could, i'd pat myself on the back.
greg Very Happy
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