Welcome to Puppy NotesPuppy Linux 4.2

'Deep Thought' breaks new ground as the first "official" release
with Warren (WhoDo) leading the development team


Improved Look and feel


xchatOnline, live support using XChat

New and upgraded software Details

bcrypt-1.1 .PET 12KB, claws-mail-3.7.0 .PET 1.5MB, cclive-0.2.3 .PET 17KB, conky-1.6.1, gpicview-0.1.11 .PET 43KB, hotrox-0.1 .PET 21KB, htop-0.8.1 .PET 38KB, load_sfs-420b1 .PET 235KB, refreshmenus .PET 2KB, roxrightclicks-0.8.2 .PET 60KB, transmission-1.51 .PET 235KB, xarchiver-0.5.2 .PET, xchat-2.8.6 .PET 687KB, xpad-2.14

New or upgraded 'P' series programs

pbackup-3.1.5 33KB, pburn-2.2.1 64KB, pcursor 2KB, petget-420 24KB, pfilesearch-1.11 8KB, pfind-4.7 15KB, pmetatagger-2.1 12KB, pmusic-0.5.4 19KB, precord <1KB, pschedule-0.6 5KB, ptray-0.5 9KB, pwget, pwidgets-1.9-2 123KB, pwireless-0.8.4 5KB, petch-0.3 <1KB

Upgraded software

alsa-lib-1.0.19, axel-2.3 .PET 23KB, bzip2-1.0.5 .PET 109KB, cups-1.4b2 .PET 2549KB, curl-7.19.4 .PET 200KB DEV.PET 167KB, dhcpcd-4.0.12 .PET 29KB, ddcprobe-0.4.24, dmidecode-2.10, dosfstools-3.0.1 .PET 53KB, dpkg-deb-1.14.24, e2fsprogs-1.41.4 .PET 638KB, eject-2.1.5, exiv2-0.18, findutils-4.4.0, flashplayer-, freetype-2.3.8, fuse-2.7.4, galculator-1.3.4 .PET 67KB, gdmap-0.8.1 .PET 27KB, geany-0.16 .PET 745KB, gftp-2.0.19 .PET 153KB, ghostscript-8.64 .PET 1667KB, glib-2.19.10, gnumeric-1.8.4.PET 7.2MB, goffice-0.7.3, gparted-0.4.3, gphoto2-2.4.4, gutenprint-5.2.3, gxine-0.5.903, hiawatha-6.11, homebank-4.0.2, iptables-1.4.2 .PET 395KB, isomaster-1.3.5 .PET 75KB, lame-3.98.2 .PET 250KB DEV.PET 142KB, libao-0.8.8, libart-2.3.20, libdvdcss-1.2.10 .PET 34KB, libglade-2.6.3 .PET 54KB DEV.PET 39KB, libgphoto2-2.4.4 .PET 731KB, libpng-1.2.34, libsndfile-1.0.18 .PET 157KB DEV_PET 179KB, libtool-2.2.6a, libxml2-2.7.3 .PET 755KB DEV.PET 726KB, mhwaveedit-1.4.15 .PET 152KB, mtpaint-3.30 .PET 269, mtr-0.75, ncurses-5.7, normalize-0.7.7 PET 30KB, ntfs-3g-2009.2.1 .PET 142KB, openssl-0.9.8j .PET 921KB DEV.PET 1071KB, pango-1.23.0, pixman-0.14.0 .PET 104KB, poppler-0.10.4, rsync-3.0.5, seamonkey-1.1.14, sqlite-3.6.11 .PET 516KB, squashfs-tools-3.4, syslinux-3.73, tar-1.21 .PET 131KB, trash-0.3.3 .PET 18KB, vorbis-tools-1.2.0.PET 47KB, vobcopy-1.1.2, wallpaper-0.5.1 .PET 10KB, wget-1.11.4 .PET 96KB, xclip-0.11, xfprot-2.0, xsane-0.996, zip30 .PET 210KB

Puppy Community The Deep Thought Team

We are grateful to those who have participated with their valuable contributions. This list is by no means exhaustive.
* Warren (WhoDo) - Co-ordination
* Barry Kauler - Consultation and advice
* Jeff (Ttuuxxx) - Design, Development, Packaging, Troubleshooting
* Sigmund (Zigbert) - Design and programming
* Will (HairyWill) - Programming, and compiling support
* Aragon - Compiling support
* Tempestuous - Programming
* Kirk - Compiling support
* Muggins - Programming, and compiling support
* Jeremy (Pizzasgood) - Programming and advice
* Dougal - Development
* Chase (Cb88) - Sourceforge
* Mark Ulrich (MU) - Programming, compiling, and kernel support
* Technosaurus - Default webpage
* Caneri (Eric) - Hosting
* Ed Jason (Lobster) - General dogsbody, wiki maintainance, and publicity
* Patriot - Programming
* Trio - Programming
* Tasmod - Programming
* MinHundHettePerro - Programming
* Jrb - Programming
* JebaJQ8 - Design
* Coolpup - Wiki maintainance, and compiling support
* Pre-release testers: all of the above plus 01micko, 8-bit, `f00, alex12, Béèm, big_bass, brymway, capoverde, Christopher, cthisbear, d4p, davesurrey, daklander, darrelljon, dejan555, Doglover, Dogone, droope, ecomoney, edoc, esmourgit, ferikenagy, Flash, gerry, Greatnessguru, growler, himajin, jabu2, jakfish, jcoder24, Jim1911, JMX, liberomureddu, mawebb88, mikeb, Minnesota, NathanO, nic2109, pa_mcclamrock, panzerpuppy, PaulBx1, Ray MK, rerwin, seeker, straypup, Terryphi, tom4jesus, Tom Raft, trapster, tronkel, WB7ODYFred, Wellesfargo, zygo

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