Puppy To The Rescue To The Rescue
Shelter Lab LiveCD  Build

This CD is aimed at people who find themselves in an emergency situation and wish to use a pc.
When the cd is inserted, the cd will load a version of puppy linux designed to create a network of pcs from donated hardware.
This is a temporary change which will revert back to the previous operating system when the cd is removed and the pc is restarted.
The minimum requirements for the cd to load are much lower than windows and even other versions of linux.
No changes to the pc will be made unless they are done by the user.

The cd includes two sets of settings:

One set is for the majority of pcs within the lab. These settings are locked down as far as possible, to ensure easy maintainance. The guys maintaining your cluster are volunteers. Please do not try to make their jobs harder by changing things which obviously should not be changed.
The bulk of configuration will be done from the server.
This will include availability of printers, internet access, availability of servers etc.

The other set is for the server. This is activated if no other server can be found on the network.
This set requires more work to set up. There is a lot of help available, and it should still be quite easy for most people to make work.

If on using this cd you find a fault or would like to comment, please feel free to go to this website and comment on how you used this cd or what new features you think would be helpful.