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PostPosted: Mon 10 Sep 2012, 17:57    Post subject:

There's no way to repay you for what you've already done. Thank you doesn't really cover it.

But thank you is all I can say. I don't know if you have thought about it, but some of the work you and your team did on Lucid Puppy had a positive effect on the Puppies which have followed. You raised the bar,

And you made it possible to use Puppy all the time. I rarely use anything else. Even though I'm using Slacko right now, Lucid was the first Puppy I was able to use exclusively and preferentially for more than just surfing the Web and playing music...

Remember to keep yourself healthy and as much as possible rested. See if you can arrange a little 'me time' so you don't burn out. Home hospice may become a solution for getting away for a few future sometime.

We'll keep you in prayer. God bless.
PostPosted: Mon 10 Sep 2012, 12:49    Post subject:

Life goes on with other priorities. Best wishes to you, to your wife and family. Remember to keep the optimistic attitude whatever life throws. I hope that your wife gets the best possible treatment.

I got the inspiration to the woof building through Lucid Puppies and they have given me hundreds of hours meaningful building and hobby also. Thank you of everything you have done. You have inspired us several years with your great work and coordinating skills.
PostPosted: Mon 10 Sep 2012, 12:23    Post subject:

all the best playdaze. i hope you manage to sort it all out. and thank you for making and maintaining what i consider to be the best puppy there is.

wish you and your family the best of luck

PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 18:46    Post subject:

Hi Larry,

Let's all hope that some of these absurd issues around healthcare finally get properly addressed here in the US; they are well overdue. Meanwhile, best of luck to you.
PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 18:30    Post subject:

Sorry to hear of your plight.

I echo all of the thoughts from sc0ttman and others.

Best of luck....Chris.
PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 17:35    Post subject:

Sure hope things works out for your family Playdayz.

Very sorry to hear this.

I hope that this can a motivation for others to now show that the path you walked with Lucid can be kept up by others.

Best of luck with the new challenges and hope they will work out so you get time to have some "Puppy Playdayz" again...

PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 05:32    Post subject:

Larry, thanks for all you have done. You will be missed but it's far more important to spend time with your wife than with us. I understand your pain and frustration, my brother has the same condition.

Good luck and please pass on my regards and best wishes to your wife and family.

Have faith, lots of good work is being done in this area of medicine.
PostPosted: Sun 09 Sep 2012, 05:25    Post subject:

Hi Larry - I do hope your wife sees some improvement in her condition. My sister-in-law has the same thing and swears by sun exposure and minimalist diet as well as all the medical stuff as a way of keeping on top of it as much as possible.

Wishing you all the best - and thanks for what you've achieved. It's amazing.
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 21:53    Post subject:

Wishing you the best of luck and happiness.

Recently acquired a MSI netbook with the intention of
installing Mac Snow Leopard; but I'm very pleased and content with the Lucid 528 install I have now.

Thanks for being part of Puppy.
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 20:56    Post subject: Thanks to Larry from the Japanese team

Thanks to Larry from the Japanese team.
Your work is followed in the lupu-528JP.
We wish you and your family all the best.
Karl Godt
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 20:47    Post subject:

Yust rowing in here to wish the very best.

Booted accidentally Macpup-511 frugal recently based upon your 511 and everything was nice . FF-3.6.6 with flash was very low beneath 0.1 loadavrg . Xorg-1.7.x worked ootb with the dpms screensaver that seems not to work anymore on Xorg-1.3.0 from Puppy-4 series with my newish LCD monitor .

Can't help much, I personally dislike the german health system, which had many changes the past 20 years to increase the "additional charges" to be paid by the patients and dropped a lot of free services . In my town the medicine students are the largest bulk of more then 2000, followed by the students of law. I believe in that no-one knows everything and most Dr. are too lazy to fetch a lexcion additionally . So to inform yourself by books is also a recommendation by me .

Maybe a radical change of environment might help, at least mentally . Maybe 50% of humans have a good life because 50% are suffering . Better the children are healthy than the parents. Maybe that is " needed " for the future job-pre-stamping of them . Using a keyboard drives the strenght out of my arms , too - really . Curse of Modern Times .
Ray MK
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 15:09    Post subject:

As above - can’t express adequately how much we all owe you for everything that you have done for us here - and how very sad we are to hear of your difficulties.

Sincerely hope and pray that all becomes well in good time.

Warmest regards to you and your family - Ray
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 12:23    Post subject: we wish you all the best, playdayz
Subject description: thank you for all you great work and efforts!

Very sorry indeed to hear that news, playdayz. Coming from the UK, we expect free treatment for everything, no matter how 'pre-existing' or serious. We take free healthcare for granted, until it's something serious.. It's so hard to think anyone would deny vital health care for money.

I wish you, your wife and family all the very, very best, and hope you manage to overcome these challenges and look to a much brighter future...

You will always be a legend round these parts, and have produced one (or more) of the greatest, most rock-solid Pups ever... Which for most of us here, means one of the best Linuxes ever, full stop.

Please do post donation links, and or any info or help that you're looking for - a LOT of people on this forum owe you big time for all your great work, and I am sure wherever possible, people here will help any way they can.

To everyone else, if you used or enjoyed Lucid Puppy, think how you or others like you can best support Larry.
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 03:46    Post subject:


Initial shock over.

Warmest wishes to your wife, you and your family mate from me and my family.

Please, don't be too proud to whack a "Donate" button on diddywahdiddy domain.

best, Mick
PostPosted: Sat 08 Sep 2012, 02:50    Post subject:

la comunidad hispana lamenta que tengas que retirarte de puppy
pero no te preocupes dedica todo el tiempo nesesario a tu esposa y familia
nuestros mejores deseos y bendiciones a ti y a los tuyos
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