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PostPosted: Fri 08 Mar 2013, 19:13    Post subject:

a couple of new backgrounds.
PostPosted: Wed 27 Feb 2013, 21:46    Post subject:

In a future update, I would like to see a different default terminal. The RoxTerm, or any other fancy terminal that comes with a menu, which also has keyboard shortcuts, sound very cool at first, but it is a really bad idea! When you enter a keyboard shortcut to a program that you run in that terminal window, and it is identical to one used by the terminal itself, funny things happen!
Good old Urxvt is a better choice.

I would also like to see the little calendar pop-up when you click the clock in the lower right corner, instead of it launching Osmo

Edit: Sorry, incorrect, but SOLVED anyway!
Clicking on the clock opens PupClockSet by default, but that can be changed back to the little calendar used in earlier puppys. Line 18 in '/root/.jwmrc-tray' can be changed from 'PupClockSet' to 'minixcal', which resides in /usr/X11R7/bin/ . That opens a small calendar window, with has a button in the top line that will start Osmo. Restart jwm to make it work.

PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 21:34    Post subject:

I've been using lupu for a couple years. It's been great. I've installed it on laptops and desktops. It's stable and reliable.

All of the newer pups (in my experience) have something or another that becomes a deal breaker for me.

I hope lupu 528 will continue on for a while longer as I haven't found any other OS's that work for me and other people that I've converted to puppy linux.

I wouldn't mind seeing implemented, if possible, the overlay mount and umount box on the desktop partition icons. That would be cool.

PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 15:57    Post subject:

ICPUG wrote:
When I tried Puppy on my latest PC with a widescreen monitor (default 1920x1080) it went all psychedelic. I thought I was stuck with using Slacko!

This is probably caused by the graphics driver being used. If you get the manufactures graphics driver, for your graphics hardware, it should be able to give you that resolution.
Specific info on your graphics hardware needed to give better help.

Also, that monitor should be able to handle other resolutions. Most monitors have an auto setup adjust button. I have seen a lot of problems solved by just pushing it.
PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 15:14    Post subject:

When I tried Puppy on my latest PC with a widescreen monitor (default 1920x1080) it went all psychedelic. I thought I was stuck with using Slacko!

Then I got fed up with widescreen generally and found a 19" Dell (default 1280x1024). I found Lupu worked again out of the box!

So I guess there may need to be some support for wide screen monitors required. The second hand market for these Dell's must be limited!

Until there is a killer app or new hardware that demands a new pup then Lupu is the best of its type.

Barry and 01Micko are scratching their personal itches. I haven't caught their infection.
PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 11:15    Post subject:

rerwin wrote:

I would like to provide a single package that fixes everything, the new upload limit of 250K makes that impractical; it will probably require several packages.

I do not think this upload limit applies to developers of a Puppy version?
I think you can contact JohnMurga and if you make it known, that you are taking over developing improvements for Lucid Puppy, he will give you a higher download limit.

Thank you for your interest in keeping Lucid Puppy active!!!
I still support it for one big reason. It is the only Puppy version that tried to work out all the bugs and get to that 100% full support point.
Also, I look at some of the newer Puppy versions and a lot of the good features, of Lucid, are not there.
PostPosted: Thu 21 Feb 2013, 23:42    Post subject:

Chrome is in the "browser chooser" and Quick pet. But probably not the very latest version.

If quickpet and changing that is a bit complex, its for sure not complex to let dillo autostart from the live CD, showing off the latest and new information?

That would be probably the most easy and "non tampering" solution.

Edit the file(s) in file:///usr/share/doc/index.html (thats where its located in Slacko...)
PostPosted: Thu 21 Feb 2013, 14:47    Post subject:

Just a suggestion for the future upgrade to quickpet.

I've been setting up Lucid on an old P-4 with 512 meg of ram to basically be a chromebook.

The latest version of chrome installs and runs great with only some changes to the .desktop and default browser file to stop the root warning and put the cache and user files where you want them. It would be very easy to write a script that downloaded the latest version and then installed it or maybe even made it into an sfs.
PostPosted: Thu 21 Feb 2013, 11:34    Post subject:

This has been something you will find me addressing earlier in this now endless thread. But I think in Puppy land its not just for anyone to deal with this repo.

For that reason its great with the QuickPet. That one is possible to edit and fit into a new reality where small and big packages that are buried here and there in this forum and elsewhere, can come out in broad daylight.

Just that would make a 006 version awesome. There are so many nice things that never got out into the repo and/or the Quickpet.

So yes.. its a great idea Tallboy. We just need to "hunt em down and round em up". These pets in the wild needs help...


PostPosted: Thu 21 Feb 2013, 10:07    Post subject:

One improvement that could be done without a single line of code, is to check if all the submited .pets in this thread could be included in the official repos. Also, many of the updated .pets here are not listed in

My 2ยข

PostPosted: Wed 20 Feb 2013, 23:53    Post subject:

I think there is huge possibilities this will just happen.

I am all new to this, but have time to contribute.

What I would ask is how to organize it? Does one wish to have a website to have the files to work on as one goes?

In such case its just to make the wish list of this and I will do my best to come up with a website offering the services to streamline the project as close as possible to the spec given.

So this is about how to cooperate and user access etc.

Since one does not have access to the .pet repo of Lucid I would also wonder if there is anyone that is capable of hacking a bit on the QuickPet, so that new stuff can come there, and as released, new stuff appears in the now so dead "News" feature of QuickPet, so that the latest stuff can be there for everyone.

I can offer to make a webservice almost as good as the wishes stated and also host the Quick Pet News section. Hopefully also some new pets, but that depends a bit on the volume of users and what my host allows me to do.

I had given up the hope to see this Puppy come back to life, but from what ones sees here, there might be hope to raise to old pride...

For all one knows, maybe the legendary Playdayz show up swinging his magic wand:-) I can understand why he gave in, as it looked like close to full time work for some time.
kevin bowers
PostPosted: Wed 20 Feb 2013, 22:34    Post subject:

rerwin wrote:

Please make recommendations for updates to lupu528 and I will endeavor to implement them.

You've probably already thought of or done this, but Adobe Flash is now stable as far as Linux goes; Adobe will not release any new versions. Is it possible to include the final release in the distro, since nearly everyone will need it? Flash continues to dominate website animation, and the games that Facebook hosts are increasingly popular and are also Flash-based. My lady has had better luck playing them under LuPu than any other OS, including Windows 7 and 8 and Slacko. The usual problem is Flash crashing.

Just an observation: I've been following the LuPu and Slacko threads since their respective beginnings; Slacko just does not seem to gather nearly as much enthusiasm as LuPu does even now that LuPu has lost its leader. Wonder why? Rerwin, are you volunteering to take over Playdayz' post? That would certainly be a welcome development!
PostPosted: Wed 20 Feb 2013, 13:05    Post subject:

I think there are good resons to keep the 528 alive and running for some time yet. Among other things, it must be one of the easiest puppys to get up and running for a newbie. I have been using dpup 484s and 485s for a long time, which are based on Debian Lenny. Debian no longer has an open Lenny repository - it is outdated by now. I have been testing different puppys to find a replacement. The new Slacko 5.4 seem very promising, but still have a lot of problems, as do the new Precise and Debian Squeeze based puppys. So I have landed on the extremely good 528_005, a little remastering makes it almost perfect for me. I also tried the 525s with similar results. Not perfect, but very good! My PCs are old PII, PIII and P4 boxes.
Thank you for the very clear explanation above, mikeslr. It seem to me, that until some development work is done to make the backward compability of the building blocks better, some small, regular updates to the 528 will keep it alive for a long time. There must be other distros struggling with the same issues that the new kernel/libs are presenting, so my guess is that there are still produced new applications, made for the older kernels and glib, that may run just fine in a 'stable' puppy. It is a bit like the old Volvo 140 and 240 series cars; they ran almost unchanged for decades, only continuously refined in small details.

PostPosted: Mon 18 Feb 2013, 23:59    Post subject:

I love the idea of gearing up the network abilities with those 90.25 KB of genius code of Gyro with the ShareInternet Pet

To be able to turn you PC into a router like that is just AWESOME...

Being able to share a connection like that I find very useful my self, but that said, it might just be me:-) I love to be able to share my internet with guests and friends and as the code is so small, it might be possible to include that into a improved version?

I volunteer to make a white paper on how to use it that can be included as a page in the help files on the Lucid.
PostPosted: Mon 18 Feb 2013, 13:16    Post subject:

Atle wrote:
Its been soon a year since last version of this excellent Puppy was released ( Now I wonder if there are anyone around with the idea of releasing a newer version like a 006. We are then close to the 007 version, that I feel could have a slight James Bond theme:-)

I think 5.2.8 has a long life as Precise might never overcome the problematic PAE issue...

I seem to remember that Lucid newer missed out on one single boot for as long as I can remember.

Anyhow... Anyone with ideas about a new version of Lucid?
I continue to feel somewhat responsible for maintaining Lucid Pup 528. It is my main non-development system. Although I intend to make some updates to lupu528, I have not seen that much needs to be done to it. Maybe I have not been paying attention.

Now that I seem to have completed integration of frisbee into the mainstream puppy, I can focus on creating a set of upgrade packages in a central place to simplify adding the upgrades to one of the lupu ISOs, to be then remastered into an upgraded ISO.. I do not care to start another download site for a new ISO-006, but can work with whomever could host it. Playdayz used the remasterpup function to build the ISOs. So, a new ISO would entail collecting the various fixed packages and remastering.

However we do it, the first step is to identify the upgrades that are desired and feasible. I suggest that anyone with recommendations add a posting here in which to accumulate items, rather than making separate posts for each idea. So, post an initial set, then edit it later with additions or changes.

Here is what I have in mind, for me to do:
    - Make a package to upgrade the original lupu528 infrastructure to match that of the lupuplus variants but without the added drivers, starting with the old "patch-8".
    - Replace the Frisbee beta version with the new frisbee-1.0.
    - Include at least a link to peebee's proprietary Broadcom driver and include the infrastructure mods to accommodate it -- or backport the final implementation from woof.
    - Collect any backportable fixes from woof/precise that apply to lupu.
Although I would like to provide a single package that fixes everything, the new upload limit of 250K makes that impractical; it will probably require several packages.

Please make recommendations for updates to lupu528 and I will endeavor to implement them. Who's on board with this effort?
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