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PostPosted: Mon 08 Apr 2013, 12:57    Post subject: WOW what is this .....
Subject description: 528 keeps amazing me

I use a celeron desktop in day to day's work. It started with the 52x series. It run Puppy 528-004 for over a year now (I was to lazy to upgrade to 005). Since I moved the desktop to a corner where I did not have an opportunity to run an ethernet cable, I gave it a USB WIFI dongle. It was immediately recognized, and I could connect to the world.
That in it self was amazing .....

2 years later (now) the dongle broke and I was given a new one to try by a friend. I plugged it in, and ...... it was not recognized. Bummer. But ........

In the setup menu I discovered the button "WINDOWS". And yes, I fed the windows driver CD to the desktop, pointed to the 32 bits XP inf file, and ...... it works.

I am typing this now after having checked speed, and it is fabulous.

----------------------- Absolutely fabulous.--------------------------

Whoever worked on Lucid 528 did a marvelous job. Thank you all !!!!
PostPosted: Sat 06 Apr 2013, 09:39    Post subject:

Puppy 5.2.8 Lupu has proven to be the most stable, reliable, easy to install Puppy I've found for 5-10yo hardware. This makes it a good distro to recommend to all those other restless Ubuntu users.

To preserve that claim-to-fame, perhaps a granular updating approach might be considered with the objective of enabling us to employ just those new functionalities our hardware can support well.

For example, the most problematic aspect of installing any new version seems to be video. I'd like to be able to apply the video changes required to support some new capability in a separate step with easy roll-back. If they create unsolvable problems, the new functionality could be skipped without losing all new functionalities.
PostPosted: Thu 21 Mar 2013, 21:18    Post subject:

Half?? Laughing

PostPosted: Thu 21 Mar 2013, 09:21    Post subject:

I was trying with the normal Lupu Tallboy...

Might try the Lupu + as well... do that right after posting this.

I did try this Nvidia once... This time I shall try it better, and check what drivers that are present BEFORE I install the Nvidia driver from the always great Shinobar...

If problem consists, I guess the right place to post a "case" is in that thread.


I think I might also just make a Lupu + with Libreoffice 4, Tixati, FF19 with mobile internet tweaks and Frisbee 2. I need something to chew on:-)

See you live in Oslo Tallboy... Maybe we should take a coffee or half a glass if beer one day?

PostPosted: Thu 21 Mar 2013, 02:25    Post subject:

Hei Atle.
See these links:
Nvidia drivers
See the supported cards. Your card is there.

Do you run the original 5.2.8, or the LupuPlus 5.2.8 with a lot of extra drivers?
LupuPlus link:

PostPosted: Tue 19 Mar 2013, 13:12    Post subject:

I got my self a second hand laptop here... its a better one as I always wander around in the lower parts of laptop specks...

Its a ASUS U36S
Intel® Core™ i5 2430M/2410M Processor
4 gig of ram

At first glance I saw people crying all over the internet conserning the Atheros 9285 chipset wlan that did not seem to work in any distro... That was correct trying to get it to work with Slacko... Then I tried Precise... and it just WORKED..

Getting a bit excited I thought I rather have my favorite Operating System, Lucid, and it even worked there.

Then... To have the ultimate workmachine as for me, that does not give a damn if I got 3 or 4 gig of ram, as i rather have less ram and Lucid, I came into another challenge... And that is the 1366x768 NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 520M with 1GB DDR3 VRAM...

Its my first close to high end laptop and I am really eager to get it to spit out grapichs as if on steroids...

Testing the Precise 5.5 that has PAE, I even think there is quite a huge performance difference going "down" and back to Lucid.

I did have a look around the forum for solutions, but fails to get anything near something showing the 1366x768 in the video wizard...

Anyone that has got some experience with this resolution and Nvidia in Lucid?

PostPosted: Mon 18 Mar 2013, 19:16    Post subject: PolarPup includes library QT 4.8.0
Subject description: Lupusave personal save files

It would be fine to resume distros :
One with QT
One with Java
One with Python
anything else ?
These huge libraries included in some distros is a good idea, with all software usable with the library included.

Less distros, because each one would have its job. Polarpup has qt 4.8.0 included. Would have liked more software needing QT4 included.
James C
PostPosted: Sat 16 Mar 2013, 19:16    Post subject:

This is my go-to test distro when I throw together yet another old computer.....Lucid runs on almost everything. Smile

sh-4.1# report-video
VIDEO REPORT: Lucid , version 528

Chip description:
oem: ATI RADEON Xpress 200G Series

Driver used by Xorg:

Video mode used by Xorg:
Resolution: Depth:

...the above also recorded in /tmp/report-video

Processor : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3400+
Memory : 968MB (201MB used)
Operating System : Puppy Linux 0.52
User Name : root (root)
Date/Time : Sat 16 Mar 2013 06:17:17 PM CDT
Resolution : 1024x768 pixels
OpenGL Renderer : Unknown
X11 Vendor : The X.Org Foundation
Audio Adapter : ATIIXP - ATI IXP

VGA compatible controller : ATI Technologies Inc RS480 [Radeon Xpress 200G Series] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
Display controller : ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Xpress Series (RS480)
Ethernet controller : Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5751 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express (rev 20)

Only thing not working out of the box is sound and I'm pretty certain that'll be pretty simple to fix.
PostPosted: Fri 08 Mar 2013, 19:13    Post subject:

a couple of new backgrounds.
PostPosted: Wed 27 Feb 2013, 21:46    Post subject:

In a future update, I would like to see a different default terminal. The RoxTerm, or any other fancy terminal that comes with a menu, which also has keyboard shortcuts, sound very cool at first, but it is a really bad idea! When you enter a keyboard shortcut to a program that you run in that terminal window, and it is identical to one used by the terminal itself, funny things happen!
Good old Urxvt is a better choice.

I would also like to see the little calendar pop-up when you click the clock in the lower right corner, instead of it launching Osmo

Edit: Sorry, incorrect, but SOLVED anyway!
Clicking on the clock opens PupClockSet by default, but that can be changed back to the little calendar used in earlier puppys. Line 18 in '/root/.jwmrc-tray' can be changed from 'PupClockSet' to 'minixcal', which resides in /usr/X11R7/bin/ . That opens a small calendar window, with has a button in the top line that will start Osmo. Restart jwm to make it work.

PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 21:34    Post subject:

I've been using lupu for a couple years. It's been great. I've installed it on laptops and desktops. It's stable and reliable.

All of the newer pups (in my experience) have something or another that becomes a deal breaker for me.

I hope lupu 528 will continue on for a while longer as I haven't found any other OS's that work for me and other people that I've converted to puppy linux.

I wouldn't mind seeing implemented, if possible, the overlay mount and umount box on the desktop partition icons. That would be cool.

PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 15:57    Post subject:

ICPUG wrote:
When I tried Puppy on my latest PC with a widescreen monitor (default 1920x1080) it went all psychedelic. I thought I was stuck with using Slacko!

This is probably caused by the graphics driver being used. If you get the manufactures graphics driver, for your graphics hardware, it should be able to give you that resolution.
Specific info on your graphics hardware needed to give better help.

Also, that monitor should be able to handle other resolutions. Most monitors have an auto setup adjust button. I have seen a lot of problems solved by just pushing it.
PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 15:14    Post subject:

When I tried Puppy on my latest PC with a widescreen monitor (default 1920x1080) it went all psychedelic. I thought I was stuck with using Slacko!

Then I got fed up with widescreen generally and found a 19" Dell (default 1280x1024). I found Lupu worked again out of the box!

So I guess there may need to be some support for wide screen monitors required. The second hand market for these Dell's must be limited!

Until there is a killer app or new hardware that demands a new pup then Lupu is the best of its type.

Barry and 01Micko are scratching their personal itches. I haven't caught their infection.
PostPosted: Fri 22 Feb 2013, 11:15    Post subject:

rerwin wrote:

I would like to provide a single package that fixes everything, the new upload limit of 250K makes that impractical; it will probably require several packages.

I do not think this upload limit applies to developers of a Puppy version?
I think you can contact JohnMurga and if you make it known, that you are taking over developing improvements for Lucid Puppy, he will give you a higher download limit.

Thank you for your interest in keeping Lucid Puppy active!!!
I still support it for one big reason. It is the only Puppy version that tried to work out all the bugs and get to that 100% full support point.
Also, I look at some of the newer Puppy versions and a lot of the good features, of Lucid, are not there.
PostPosted: Thu 21 Feb 2013, 23:42    Post subject:

Chrome is in the "browser chooser" and Quick pet. But probably not the very latest version.

If quickpet and changing that is a bit complex, its for sure not complex to let dillo autostart from the live CD, showing off the latest and new information?

That would be probably the most easy and "non tampering" solution.

Edit the file(s) in file:///usr/share/doc/index.html (thats where its located in Slacko...)
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