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PostPosted: Wed 18 Sep 2013, 10:01    Post subject:

peebee wrote:
The utility for the touchpad is FlSynclient I believe,,,

On bootup of my Synaptics touchpad "scrollbar" is disabled - when FlSynclient is run it detects the touchpad but puts up a message to say that an X-restart is needed - after X-restart the touchpad cursor movement reacts very sluggishly until FlSynclient is run again and the parameters are tweaked.

All of this seems to fully automatic in all the current Pups - Precise, Slacko, Upup etc. with a fully working and properly configured touchpad on initial boot.

Whether just an updated FlSynclient is needed or something else as well I'm not sure - maybe 01Micko could remember what changed?

[later] On further investigation it looks like a later version of Xorg would be needed to fix the touchpad problem - Precise has 1.11.3 whereas Lucid has 1.7.6....would guess this is a change too far for this exercise.
Those are good pointers as to where to look. Since both are executables, the next-best thing is to check the scripts that interface to them (synclient & xorgwizard/xwin). I can compare the precise and lucid versions to look for anything related to touchpads that has changed. We might try substituting the precise version of flsyclient, but Xorg seems too risky to upgrade.

BTW: While assembling the disk images I found that several scripts were missing, causing networking and frisbee to fail. I added those and some others as the package, lupu_5.2.8.6-delta-20130916, and included it. I also attached that package to the original posting of the upgrade packages. So, anyone encountering problems following installation of those packages should now install the delta package, as well. The posting is here:

One more thing: Is anyone interested in adding internationalization to support any of the new packages. If so, please instruct me as to which further (NLS?) packages to include. I am not at all sure internationalization even works in lupu, so this may be infeasible. But I would like to know, one way or the other.
PostPosted: Wed 18 Sep 2013, 09:15    Post subject:

After following the instructions on the touchpad issue, it came out really great at mine ASUS U36SD laptop.

This works and looks great.
PostPosted: Wed 18 Sep 2013, 02:18    Post subject:

rerwin wrote:
What sort of problem did you have with lupu and touchpads?

Hi Richard

Have checked sfs-load-on-the-fly 1.9.9 and it seems to work fine....

The utility for the touchpad is FlSynclient I believe,,,

On bootup of my Synaptics touchpad "scrollbar" is disabled - when FlSynclient is run it detects the touchpad but puts up a message to say that an X-restart is needed - after X-restart the touchpad cursor movement reacts very sluggishly until FlSynclient is run again and the parameters are tweaked.

All of this seems to fully automatic in all the current Pups - Precise, Slacko, Upup etc. with a fully working and properly configured touchpad on initial boot.

Whether just an updated FlSynclient is needed or something else as well I'm not sure - maybe 01Micko could remember what changed?

[later] On further investigation it looks like a later version of Xorg would be needed to fix the touchpad problem - Precise has 1.11.3 whereas Lucid has 1.7.6....would guess this is a change too far for this exercise.

PostPosted: Tue 17 Sep 2013, 19:36    Post subject:

Thanks for your suggestions. The wl driver is already in the lupuplus image, from lupuplus-528-005-1, part of the extended set of wireless drivers. It was never added to the original lupu-528.005.

I have just now downloaded shinobar's sfs_load-1.9.9 and will add it to the next version of the images, from, in case you want to download & test it right away (as I have no experience with it).

Fixing the touchpad support seems like a worthy task. But I am going to need assistance in tracking down the piece to update. What do you and anyone else reading this know about the touchpad support? As I recall, my netbook touchpad worked well with lupuplus, after I adjusted some settings. What sort of problem did you have with lupu and touchpads?
PostPosted: Tue 17 Sep 2013, 15:24    Post subject:

Hi Richard

I don't know if you think that the Broadcom wl driver would be a useful addition to, but if you want to include it the pet is at:

I've tested it and it seems to work fine.

I also note that there is a very old (1.3) version of sfs-load-on-the-fly in whereas the latest version in slacko is 1.9.9 - maybe this should be updated?

Using lupu again after all this time reminded me that it didn't handle laptop touchpads very well - just wondering if there is an update that could be applied to make them work OOTB.

PostPosted: Tue 17 Sep 2013, 13:31    Post subject:

Using the LupuPlus
So far seems to all work.
Still testing.

Thanks for your support rerwin!!!

On your download site I am seeing two LupuPlus downloads?

One possible issue.
Gparted could really use an update. It is up to version 0.16.1
PostPosted: Tue 17 Sep 2013, 07:42    Post subject: Re: lupu and lupuplus betas uploaded to!

Most was snipped..
rerwin wrote:

.. and make recommendations of other updated versions of programs already in lupu.

Thanks a lot.

I tried Sylpheed 3.3.0 some months ago in 5.2.8-005 (I now see that it's in Slacko?), but had some problem, don't recall what.
Have been using Sylpheed 3.2.0, seems fine.
PostPosted: Mon 16 Sep 2013, 23:22    Post subject: lupu and lupuplus betas uploaded to!

I have completed my first cut at and uploaded lupu and lupuplus for testing. Rather than use only "stable" packages, I collected many of the latest versions of puppy programs, primarily from shinobar, zigbert, don570 and default backgrounds by futwerk. Although there is some risk in that approach, I find no problems yet. All of the lupus now have the same level of infrastructure updates. The only difference between lupu and lupuplus are the additional networking drivers in lupuplus.

The new ISO files are here:

The newest ISO files are here:

Please report any issues you discover and make recommendations of other updated versions of programs already in lupu.

My goal is to eventually provide disk images (ISOs) for all of the variants of 528, including 3HD and a lupuplus with a zdrv file that reduces the lupu_528 SFS file to fit into 256M of RAM. I would also like to make a version of that for the AMD K6 processors, if that is possible.

For now, though, let's round up new versions of programs, to bring as "up to date" as we can. Thanks for any help with this.

Here are the updated programs/packages I have included, so far:
    getflash-1.2 (replaced by 1.3 10/12/2013)
    pburn-3.7.18 (replaced by 5.1.1 10/12/2013)

UPDATE 9/17/2013:
Having discovered that the intended version of ffmpeg was not in the ISO files, I restored it by removing the "Pmusic_Upgrade-Lucid528-005" package because it is already part of Lucid528-005 and used an older version of ffmpeg. The uploaded ISO files are labeled "20130917". Please use the new files if you are testing with multimedia.

UPDATE 9/21/2013:
I have uploaded new versions of the ISO files and changed the package list:
- Removed pburn_NLS because it is not for operations.
- Added the following packages:
- Added an SFS file of libreoffice-4.1.1, the latest!

UPDATE 9/30/2013:
I have uploaded a new set of disk image ISO files, all labeled as version 20130930. All of those images function identically, the main differences being the characteristics of the intended target machines. I have changed the meaning of some of the names:
    - lupu- -- Lucid Pup in single 155MB SFS file, appropriate for 512MB+ RAM
    - lupulibre- -- Lucid Pup and LibreOffice in single 392MB SFS file, appropriate for 1GB+ RAM
    - lupumini- -- Lucid Pup with Z-drive and 121MB main SFS file, appropriate for 256MB+ RAM and minimal 160MB download size
    - lupuplus- -- Lucid Pup with Z-drive, 121MB main SFS file, separate (manually installable) LibreOffice and Java/jre SFS files, appropriate for 256MB+ RAM
The original "lupu" variant is discontinued because it is updated to match the old "plus" variant. The only item not retained from it is "goffice", although abiword and gnumeric remain.

Added to the "delta" package (most recommended by radky):
    - default home page blog correction
    - load-touchpad-settings - removed invalid tests, so always runs flsynclient
    - ipinfo - made scrollable, from slacko
    - duplicate mhwaveedit menu entry removed
    - report-video from Precise Pup
    - video-info-glx from tazoc
    - file lists for LibreOffice and Java SFS files, to make them "remasterable"
Added packages:
    - e1000, e1000e, igb - updated gigabit ethernet drivers from technosaurus
    - PupApps, PupClockset, PupControl, PupMenu, PupSnap updates from radky
    - Java/jre SFS file from shinobar

UPDATE 10/4/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131004:

Added to "delta" package, recommended by radky:
    - Drive icon close X-boxes, the standardized "mounted" icons - copied from precise 5.6.1: drive_all, icon_switcher, icon_switcher_cli (modified): created Startup/make_mounted_icons, for first boot of existing installations with new lupu.
    - remasterpup2 -reduced width of wide dialog windows
    - removed duplicate mhwaveedit menu entry
    - removed report-video-glx and its menu entry, replaced by link to video-info-glx
    - removed obsolete version of psip, replaced by psip32 long ago
Added packages
    - momanager-20131002 from shinobar
    - Minor updates to packages PupApps and PupControl from radky
    - grub4dos-0.4.4.v1.9 recommended by bigpup

UPDATE 10/12/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131012:

Added to "delta" package:
    - xwin: corrects detection of vesa xorg driver; reloads console fonts on exit (L18L)
    - reloads console fonts on exit (L18L)
    - load_consolefonts: copied from precise pup 5.6.1
    - report-video: copied from precise 5.6.1
    - pup_event_frontend-d, et al: drive detection rewrite: copied from precise 5.7.1
Added packages
    - ptag-0.9.3_with_help_button (per radky) to replace obsolete pmetatagger
    - pnethood-0.7.1 from shinobar
    - cdrtools-3.01a17-lucid from OscarTalks
    - pburn-4.1.2 from zigbert, enabled by OscarTalks, replacing older package
    - getflash-1.3 from shinobar, replacing older package

UPDATE 10/14/2013:
Uploaded new variant, lupusuper, which is playdayz' "sulu_001" based on kernel 3.0.25 and with the upgrade applied.

UPDATE 10/28/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131028 (lupu, lupumini & lupuplus, for now).

Added to "delta" package:
    - New package conflict detector - check_installed_packages, remaster_package_check
    - Obsolete package names removed from "woof-installed-packages list
    - Packages-puppy-lucid-official: added nvidia proprietary drivers for k2.6.37 (lupu3hd); removed Songbird entries (recommended by mikeslr)
    - /usr/local/bin/gtkmoz: removed cause of spurious error message - logic unchanged
    - /usr/local/simple_network_setup/sns: copied from precise pup, to add wireless network list scrolling & internationalization (reported by Smithy)
    - /usr/local/petget/ & added scroll bar for dependency lists (reported by RickGT351)
    - /root/.xinitrc: added check for icewm-session (from musher0)
    - /usr/sbin/filemnt: copied from precise pup, to possibly resolve USB HDD mount issue (reported by Sylvander)
    - /root/.quickpet/prefs.conf: lucid repository default preference reverted to ibiblio due to problem with nllug downloads
    - dir2sfs, dir2sfs-make_file_list: generates ".files" file for root and etc directories, to include them during remastering (candidate for woof)
    - add java OpenWith directory and include link to XArchive.
    - /root/.config/ changed to run java if present, else xarchive.
    - Gems from shinobar:
    -- /etc/profile: correct listing order
    -- /etc/profile.d/a4paper: paper size default outside of North America
    -- /root/.Xdefaults: correct typo
    -- /root/.config/ make roxterm read /etc/profile
    -- /root/.config/openbox/rc.xml, /root/.jwmrc and /etc/xdg/templates/_root_.jwmrc: enable the Print Screen key
    - remasterpup2: added option to make isolinux.cfg use 'pmedia=ataflash' (requested by sylvander), integrated with other special "boot disk" logic and invoked by command line arguments

    jre- (java runtime)

UPDATE 11/14/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131114 (lupu, lupumini, lupuplus & lupulibre).

Added to "delta" package:

UPDATE 11/20/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131120 (lupu, lupumini, lupuplus & lupulibre).

Added to "delta" package:
    - grub4dos: reduced 3 menu entries to 1
    - browser-default: removed, replaced by defaults-chooser
    pfbpanel-0.4 (updated)

UPDATE 11/24/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131124 for lupu3hd and lupusuper-k3.0.25.

Added to "delta" package:
    - /usr/sbin/usb-devices: copied from precise pup (recommended by radky)
    - /usr/share/doc/home.htm: changed Barry's blog link to new "News" blog

UPDATE 12/15/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131215 for lupu, lupu3hd, lupumini and lupuplus. The main upgrades are in support of the substitution of later kernels.

Added to "delta" package:
    remasterpup2 (also 12/21/2013) added special handling of DISTRO_SPEC file and /etc/modules directory to support "kernel switching"
The added packages are:
    PupClockset-Lucid-2.2.1 (updated)
    PupControl-Lucid-2.4.1 (updated)
    pfbpanel-0.4 (updated)
Other changes (from radky) are:
    New logo CD boot-up screen
    New default desktop background/wallpaper (if not overridden by user selection)

UPDATE 12/21/2013:
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20131221 for all lupu versions, including 4 "super lupus" that use various 3.x kernels obtained from other puppy projects, to extend the scope of supported hardware and support xz compression.

Other changes (from radky) are:
    Newer optional desktop backgrounds/wallpaper

UPDATE 1/6/2014
Uploaded lupu disk image ISO files 20140106 for lupu, lupumini, lupuplus, lupulibre and lupusuper2 (same kernel as precise 5.7.1). The main upgrades are to gnome-mplayer and addition of digital-image tools.

Added to "delta" package:
    MODULESCONFIG - added preferences
    pupcamera (from wary 5.5)
    quickpet, graphics-test - updated & expanded nvidia driver determination (graphics card test)
    remasterpup2 - copy pfbpanel configuration files - added 32MB size option
The added packages are:
    getnvidia-1.0 (shinobar - builds nvidia driver packages)
    gnome-mplayer-1.0.7-i686 (chrome307)
    peasyprint-2.3 (rcrsn51)
    pfbpanel-0.5 (adds battery monitor plugin, by radky)
In addition, nvidia proprietary graphics drivers have been uploaded and are included in lupusuper disk images.

UPDATE 1/9-14/2014
Uploaded disk image ISO files 20140109 for lupu3hd and all lupusupers, to correct the DOTconfig and firmware.dep files and add shinobar's updates.

The added packages are:

UPDATES 3/10/2014 and 3/21/2014:
Uploaded a preview version of the next lupu- as a "20140309-beta", because of changes needing some testing before I commit to the entire set of lupu/sulus. Then uploaded the 20140321 set with the addition of updated HP printer support and other updates (marked as "added in 2014).
Additions to architecture "delta" package:
    - /etc/init.d: x_hal - prevent spurious message during bootup.
    - /etc/ppp/options - remove 'usepeerdns' to avoid conflict with specific DNS settings (handled by the using functions as appropriate).
    - /usr/lib/libfontconfig-1.4.4 - hpliplite dependency, copied from precise pup (added in 20140321)
    - /usr/lib/ - hpliplite dependency, copied from precise pup (added in 20140321)
    - /usr/local/simple_network_setup/sns - unblock wireless interface before connecting (peebee).
    - /usr/sbin/pupdial - correct setting and clearing of dialup icon indicator.
    - /usr/share/applications/pfind.desktop, ...pschedule.desktop - Retain icons for new versions of tools using icons not in lupu.
    - Miscellaneous fixes by npierce:
      - Restore PrintScrn & SysRq key functions:
        - /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/gr - Returned "basic" to top because "bare" was being loaded by default; added support for dead_psili and dead_dasia to polytonic variant.
        - /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/jp - 130827 Remove second definition for 'print' key.
        - /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/pc/pc - 130827 Remove second definitions for 'print' & 'break' keys.
      - Provide list of valid installed shells for getusershell() function:
        - /etc/shells - added
      - Hard-to-read yellow in white terminal:
        - /etc/profile - 130224 fix hard-to-read yellow in white terminal.
      - Prevent use of invalid CD for remastering:
        - remasterpup2 - 130308 filter out wrong CDs from choices offered to user.
      - ROX-Filer problem after accessing WM menus (ungrab bug):
        - ROX-Filer
      - /etc/services missing entries for ntp:
        - /etc/services: updated file added.
      - To decode base64 e-mail attachments encoded by mimencode, only mimencode can detect the type of encoding in the file.
        - /usr/bin/mimencode: file copied from slacko puppy.
      - When running pppoe-setup and specifying neither specific nameservers or "server", nameservers are not prevented from being obtained from the ISP server, because 'usepeerdns' is always used and cannot be overridden.
        - /etc/ppp/options: 'usepeerdns' commented out, because wvdial, gpgrs and pppoe already specify "usepeerdns' in other ways when appropriate.
      - Avoid resolv.conf symlink loop by restoring lost fix.
        - /usr/sbin/pppoe-connect - comment out creation of symlink to /etc/ppp/resolv.conf.
Added packages:
    - Extract-pet-1.7 (resulting from research by npierce)
    - ffconvert-1.4-1 (shinobar)
    - frisbee-1.2-20140209 - "beta" removed from pet name (added in 20140321)
    - getflash-1.5-1 - (shinobar) (added in 20140321)
    - gpptp-0.2
    - grub4dos-0.4.4.v1.9.1
    - hpliplite-3.14.3 - Newest version of CUPS HP printer database (lluamco) (added in 20140321)
    - hpliplite_plugin_install-1.2 - Newest version of CUPS HP printer plugin installer (lluamco) (added in 20140321)
    - libaspell15-0.60.6-10 (needed for libreoffice)
    - pdiag-20140123
    - pgprs-1.5-20140209 - "beta" removed from pet name (added in 20140321)
    - pMusic-4.2.8 (zigbert, via bigpup)
    - psync-2.10 (new, by npierce)
    - powerapplet_tray-2.6-wary5 (fix problem reported by sheldonisaac)
    - sfs_load-2.0-2 - (shinobar) (added in 20140321)
    - XKBconfigmanager-1.2.1 (new, by npierce)
      - XkbApplyNow - 120202 $COMMAND clears options before adding options.
      - XkbLayoutConfig - 120201 Removing a layout also adjusts the variant list.
      - XkbVariantConfig - 120201-03 Corrected calculation of $POS; Pad $OLD to give it same number of fields as $LAYOUTS; Corrected window title.
    - zz_lupu_5.2.8.6-delta-20140318

UPDATE 11/24/2014 & 12/3/2014:
Uploaded a preview version of the next lupu-, now designated as, as "20141124-beta", because of the many updated packages -- particularly for networking -- and because it's been 8 months since the last version. Then uploaded final version as Additions to architecture "delta" package:
    - /usr/bin/gtkdialog-splash - update with version from precise-5.7.1 to correct colors.
    - /usr/bin/Multiple-Sound-Card-Wizard - updates with slacko version with retrovol correction and internationalization; Open with first sound card selected, instead of none (geoffrey).
    - /usr/sbin/ipinfo - updated to precise version; added option contact external site, disabled by default. (Scooby)
    - /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG - updated preferences for wl.
    - /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe - Use modprobe -b/--use_blacklist to ensure correct module loading that respects blacklisting (in 3.x kernels). Note that preference processing in 3.x kernel isos may not be effective due to internal changes to module loading method.
    - /usr/local/bin/meeboview - Remove meeboview -- defunct (reported by sindi).
    - /usr/local/bin/fmradioshell - Remove fmradioshell -- no fmradio for it (reported by sindi).
    - /usr/bin/pfbpanel-cputemp - improve checking of temperature sensors (Radky)
    - /usr/sbin/pupdial - kill other networks unless re-running pupdial script.
    - /usr/bin/xclip - add version 0.12 to support international (UTF-Cool characters in copying from terminal with ctrl-shift-c for pasting with ctrl-v. (MochiMoppel) (added 12/3/2014)
    - /root/.jwm/jwmrc-personal - add keymask for ctrl-shift-c, to match support by openbox. (MochiMoppel) (added 12/3/2014)
    - /usr/local/petget/ - Add a "Download-only" button to download a package without installing it. (MochiMoppel) (added 12/3/2014)
Added packages:
    - 8188eu-4.1.4-k2.6.33.2-lucid-i686 (rerwin: patched to register as 8188eu, not r8188eu) (added 12/3/2014, replacing beta's 8188eu-rev382-k2.6.33.2)
    - 8188eu-4.1.4-k3.2.48-lucid-i686 (rerwin: patched to register as 8188eu, not r8188eu) (added 12/3/2014 for lupusuper2)
    - ath3k-firmware
    - dhcpcd-6.4.3-patched-dropwait-lucid-i686 (rerwin - 3-second wait)
    - dm9601-updated-k2.6.33.2
    - efax-gtk-328 (Master_wrong)
    - efax-gtk-setup-0.1 (new by rerwin)
    - firewallstate-2.5.1-i686
    - frisbee-1.3.1-20141019 (rerwin - dropwait adjustment removed; always max 3 seconds)
    - Gpptp-v2.0 (jafadmin)
    - legacy_grub_2013-1.6 (recommended by rcrsn51, checked by sheldonisaac)
    - mtpaint-3.44.89
    - net_setup-20140422
    - pburn-4.3.11
    - pfilesearch-1.35
    - pfind-5.14
    - pmusic-4.4.6
    - pschedule-1.1.5
    - ptiming-1.0.3-1
    - pup-advert-blocker-0.5b
    - PupApps-2.2-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - PupClockset-2.3.1-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - PupControl-2.6-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - Pup-Kview-1.3.2-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - PupMenu-4.0-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - PupSnap-2.4.1_Scrot-0.8_32Bit-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - Pup-SysInfo-2.5.3-Lucid_5287 (Radky)
    - sfs_load-2.3
    - zz_lupu_5.2.8.6-delta-20141202

UPDATE 4/24/2015:
Uploaded disk image ISO files of 20150423-beta for lupumini and lupusuper2 for user/tester verification that there is no regression and that the updated features work as expected. The main upgrades are to the shutdown process and the petget package manager, as well as fixes to annoying frisbee-1.3 bugs.

Additions to architecture "delta" package:
    -- petget rewrite contents with migrated download-only option and move of fixmenus from to pkgchooser.
    -- shutdown GUI (/etc/rc.d/rc.shutdown; /root/Startup/freememapplet_tray; /usr/bin/wmpoweroff, - wmreboot; /usr/sbin/,, -shutdownconfig, -snapmergepuppy; /usr/local/lib/X11/mini-icons/mini-exit.xpm, -mini-trash.xpm; /usr/local/petget/; /usr/local/pup_event/frontend_funcs; /usr/local/quickpet/; /usr/share/doc/legal (GPLs)) - save2dir-6-lucid package contents with fixes, for save-to-folder option.
    -- /sbin/pup_event_backend_modprobe: Corrects handling of rule-initiated module versus alias
    -- /bin/pupkill: dependency of merged save2dir package
    -- /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf, -nouveau.conf, - radeon.conf: sets default of modeset=0 and ensures fbcon loaded before respective open source video drivers (to avoid bootup issue).
    -- /usr/lib/ link to /lib/, to support potential openssl upgrade
Added packages: - To handle xz-compressed .deb packages (cimarron) - uses new adobe URL to restore function
    liblzma5 - dependency of new dpkg-deb package (cimarron) (from .deb)

UPDATE 5/22/2015:
After uploading a second beta, 20150517, uploaded disk image ISO files of 20150520 for all of the "lupus" (kernel and lupusuper2 as the prospective "final" version for 2015. The main upgrade since 20150423 is to the configuration of the open source graphics drivers -- the unblacklisting of nouveau and upgrades of Xorg drivers nv and radeon to the last versions for lucid lynx.

Additions to architecture "delta" package:
    - /usr/local/apps/Connect/AppRun: Corrected to support frisbee so that the network_tray menu entry "enable/disable (wireless) networking" works with frisbee.
    - /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf, nouveau.conf, radeon.conf: Updated or added for those open source drivers to ensure fbcon also loaded but set/leave default KMS modeset setting (0 for nouveau, hardware default for i915 & radeon).
    - /etc/rc.d/MODULESCONFIG: Removed "nouveau" from default blacklist.
    - /etc/udev/rules.d/00-i915_modeset.rules: Removed i915 rule, to rely on permanent i915.conf using hardware default, expecting separate files for setting modeset=0.
    - /etc/xdg/menus/ Added category to match change for pburn (X-Multimedia-optical).
    - /bin/tar: Replaced with version from Precise Pup, to support new "--warning" parameter used for a new "deb" archive.
    - /usr/share/misc/pci.ids: Replaced with current version.

Added packages:

UPDATE 6/13/2015:
Began uploading new set of ISO files that (1) correct interaction between frisbee and network_tray, (2) update dillo to support ssl (https://), (3) update geany text editor and make miscellaneous corrections.

Updates to infrastructure "delta" package:
    - /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit: when frisbee is active, defer startup to init script; ignore frisbee as default if not active.
    - /etc/xdg/menus/*.menu: add "X-" entries to menu layout, for 'petget rewrite'.
    - /usr/local/petget/installpkg: fix test for non-root user to include lucid (always root).
    - /usr/sbin/shutdownconfig: skip fido offer in lucid pup.
    - /usr/local/apps/Connect/AppRun: add frisbee support, using new frisbee interface.
    - /usr/sbin/dhcpcd_dropwait_option: removed as obsolete (with new dhcpcd-dropwait).
    - /usr/local/simple_network_setup/ revert frisbee mode detection (now done by rc.sysinit) and obsolete dropwait mod.
    - /usr/sbin/connectwizard, connectwizard_2nd: update frisbee connect/disconnect interface.
    - /usr/sbin/ revert obsolete dropwait mod.

Added packages:
    - ca-certificates-20130906: by OscarTalks
    - dillo- by OscarTalks to add ssl support - wary5 version with links; remove old configuration info; update menu,
    - frisbee_1.3.4_interface_supplement-20150607: adds integrated frisbee command line interface (test_active, activate, deactivate, connect, disconnect)
    - geany-1.23-lucid-i686: adapted from posting by s243a - text yellow changed to brown, Classic colorscheme added.
    geany_plugins_1.23-i686: from posting by toowoombalinux
    - libpng14-14-slackware: new geany (or dillo?) dependency
    - modeset0-lucid-20150611: corrected for absence of open source graphics drivers
    - mtpaint-3.44.93: from posting by
    - network_tray-2.7.5-i486: corrects display of wireless menu item
    - pburn-4.3.15: from zigbert
    - uvesafb-k2.6.33.2, xorg-fbdev-Puppy5: from tempestuous

UPDATE 7/3/2015:
Uploaded new set of ISO files that (1) fixes getflash, (2) creates a correct SFS file for LibreOffice 4.4.x and (3) fixes office default scripts so defaultchooser can use them.

Infrastucture updates:
    - /usr/local/bin/defaultdraw: restored to inkscapelite
    - /usr/local/bin/defaultspreadsheet: restored to gnumeric
    - /usr/local/bin/defaultwordprocessor: restored to abiword

Added/updated packages:
    - getflash-1.5-6
    - get_libreoffice-0.30.1
    - sfs_filelist-20150702
PostPosted: Mon 16 Sep 2013, 11:15    Post subject:


Thanks for the idea to try LupuPlus.

I tried it, but the same problem I had with Lucid 528.005.
It seems for my hardware a slightly newer Linux kernel (Three-Headed Dog was the fix.

LupuPlus, with the Kernel from Three-Headed Dog, would probably be a very good update for Lucid. (Some newer updated drivers and newer Linux kernel).

Not sure if it would be as simple as that. Just swap kernels.

528 lives forever.
PostPosted: Mon 16 Sep 2013, 04:33    Post subject: new wifi
Subject description: old kernel


I ran into the same problem with a different wifi adapter, and in my case I used 528-004's possibility to use the windows (XP 32 bit) driver. It works as a charm, in fact it works so good (stable, reconnects, no dropouts, fast) that after I confirmed (on rerwins request) that lupuplus528-005 supported the adapter in linux, I kept it as is. Never change a winning team... 528 lives forever.

Maybe you could use the aproach with the netgear adapter.

PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep 2013, 23:46    Post subject:


Something to consider in your efforts to support Lucid 528.
Lucid 528.005 has been running fine on this old Dell p4 computer.

I had to get a new wifi USB adapter. (Netgear n150)
This adapter would not work, no matter what I tried.
Looking for a fix, I found a reference to:
you probably need a newer kernel and a driver that will recognize that new a hardware.
So I tried:
Three-Headed Dog Updated ISO APR 25, 2012 - Luci-001.005
Three-Headed Dog is based on Lucid 5.2.8 but with the kernel from Slacko 5.3.1. Some newer computers might work better with 3HD than with Lucid
It worked on first boot. No problem getting The Netgear adapter working.

So for me the problem was supporting new hardware on an old computer.
PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep 2013, 04:23    Post subject:

Hi rerwin,
looking forward to seeing the Lupu update, in due course. In the meantime, and indirectly related to greengeek's earlier comment with LibreOffice issues - might you consider compiling an SFS for LibreOffice 4.X please? I have encountered problems when collaborating with M$ colleagues trying to open docx's created with LibreOffice 3.5.X - M$ gives a BS error report "This document is corrupted and cannot be opened". A known issue that has been solved in LibreOffice 4.X, I understand.
PostPosted: Fri 13 Sep 2013, 17:57    Post subject:

James C wrote:
Was using THD for my "experiments" (aka Lucid with k- the older build of Lucid didn't seem to mix well with kernels past 3.x.x.
There are some scripts in Lucid that are hard-coded to expect "2.6".

Could you find and list the names of the scripts that assume "2.6"? I will look into fixing them as part of my remaster of lupu. Thanks.
UPDATE: Although this may be an incomplete list, I found and am fixing 3.x support in:

bigpup wrote:
Updating the video driver packages that can be downloaded with Quickpet would be good.
It appears that Quickpet gets the names of the available drivers from Packages-puppy-lucid-official. So a request for specific drivers should probably go to Barry.
PostPosted: Sun 01 Sep 2013, 16:00    Post subject:


About updates for Lucid Puppy.
Updating the video driver packages that can be downloaded with Quickpet would be good.
I am trying Lucid on a very new computer. So far the only problem was getting a new enough Nvidia driver that supports the hardware. Quickpet did not offer one, but I did find one from here:
PostPosted: Fri 09 Aug 2013, 19:19    Post subject:

darkcity wrote:
Which version of LibreOffice is it?
I will try to use this a little more and confirm the triggers for it. So far it seems to be more or less random, but triggered by other actions I perform - ie: anything that alters the active window (minimising, or clicking on a different window)). Unfortunately this install is on a different site that I only visit every other wek or so, so I will report back with more info later...
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