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PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep 2013, 23:46    Post subject:


Something to consider in your efforts to support Lucid 528.
Lucid 528.005 has been running fine on this old Dell p4 computer.

I had to get a new wifi USB adapter. (Netgear n150)
This adapter would not work, no matter what I tried.
Looking for a fix, I found a reference to:
you probably need a newer kernel and a driver that will recognize that new a hardware.
So I tried:
Three-Headed Dog Updated ISO APR 25, 2012 - Luci-001.005
Three-Headed Dog is based on Lucid 5.2.8 but with the kernel from Slacko 5.3.1. Some newer computers might work better with 3HD than with Lucid
It worked on first boot. No problem getting The Netgear adapter working.

So for me the problem was supporting new hardware on an old computer.
PostPosted: Sat 14 Sep 2013, 04:23    Post subject:

Hi rerwin,
looking forward to seeing the Lupu update, in due course. In the meantime, and indirectly related to greengeek's earlier comment with LibreOffice issues - might you consider compiling an SFS for LibreOffice 4.X please? I have encountered problems when collaborating with M$ colleagues trying to open docx's created with LibreOffice 3.5.X - M$ gives a BS error report "This document is corrupted and cannot be opened". A known issue that has been solved in LibreOffice 4.X, I understand.
PostPosted: Fri 13 Sep 2013, 17:57    Post subject:

James C wrote:
Was using THD for my "experiments" (aka Lucid with k- the older build of Lucid didn't seem to mix well with kernels past 3.x.x.
There are some scripts in Lucid that are hard-coded to expect "2.6".

Could you find and list the names of the scripts that assume "2.6"? I will look into fixing them as part of my remaster of lupu. Thanks.
UPDATE: Although this may be an incomplete list, I found and am fixing 3.x support in:

bigpup wrote:
Updating the video driver packages that can be downloaded with Quickpet would be good.
It appears that Quickpet gets the names of the available drivers from Packages-puppy-lucid-official. So a request for specific drivers should probably go to Barry.
PostPosted: Sun 01 Sep 2013, 16:00    Post subject:


About updates for Lucid Puppy.
Updating the video driver packages that can be downloaded with Quickpet would be good.
I am trying Lucid on a very new computer. So far the only problem was getting a new enough Nvidia driver that supports the hardware. Quickpet did not offer one, but I did find one from here:
PostPosted: Fri 09 Aug 2013, 19:19    Post subject:

darkcity wrote:
Which version of LibreOffice is it?
I will try to use this a little more and confirm the triggers for it. So far it seems to be more or less random, but triggered by other actions I perform - ie: anything that alters the active window (minimising, or clicking on a different window)). Unfortunately this install is on a different site that I only visit every other wek or so, so I will report back with more info later...
PostPosted: Thu 08 Aug 2013, 09:30    Post subject:

Which version of LibreOffice is it?

You could try using a different Window Manager?

Does it happen when you are doing a particular type of task, or is it completely random.

Are any errors reported if you run LibreOffice from the terminal?
PostPosted: Wed 07 Aug 2013, 03:46    Post subject:
Subject description: LibreOffice display disappears even though htop shows running soffice.bin

I am running LupuPlusLibre and find that after I minimise LibreOffice writer (and sometimes spontaneously...) the LibreOffice window disappears completely and there is no way I can get the display back, even if I try to open the document again by clicking on it's icon.

The only way I can get LibreOffice working again is to do a reboot, or else by looking for the soffice.bin process in htop and restarting it after doing a "killall soffice.bin" (sometimes there seem to be 5 or more soffice.bin processes active...).

When I restart it - it has to go through a document recovery so not really a safe way to get the display back. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't find any similar comments...
James C
PostPosted: Thu 01 Aug 2013, 19:14    Post subject:

Smithy wrote:

Would it be possible to just slip a new kernel in? Wink

Been there.Done that. Laughing

Was using THD for my "experiments" (aka Lucid with k- the older build of Lucid didn't seem to mix well with kernels past 3.x.x.
There are some scripts in Lucid that are hard-coded to expect "2.6".

Three-Headed Dog-529 Linux 3.0.4


The newer kernels halfway worked but weren't suitable for release.Maybe someone else can have better luck.
PostPosted: Thu 01 Aug 2013, 18:16    Post subject:

Sorry Rerwin, that's the kernel number I meant, ye olde three headed dawg.

I think some people have been able to slip a new kernel in by changing the etc modules/ etc/distro specs and etc, something or other and then remaster.

I guess someone might have the dev file of it somewhere. Certainly worth keeping for a few tweaks!

I do remember your amazing work back in Puppy 4.1 getting modems to function, and then this work was carried forward.

Futwerk, second wallpaper is looking a bit Edvard Munch.
PostPosted: Mon 29 Jul 2013, 21:03    Post subject:

a few backgrounds.
PostPosted: Mon 29 Jul 2013, 10:52    Post subject:

Smithy wrote:
Would it be possible to just slip a new kernel in?
Well, not by me, as that is beyond my competence. Note, though, that 3-headed-dog uses kernel and is otherwise equivalent to the original "lupu" 5.2.8. The problem I have with 3HD is that its kernel source code is not available at playdayz's link to it, making it impossible to compile drivers for it. If anyone has that source tarball for kernel, please tell me by PM so we can arrange for uploading to my mediafire account or sending it to me by email.

UPDATE 8/4/2013: jeff757 has sent me the kernel source for 3HD, so I should now be able to build drivers for 3HD. Actualy, he uploaded it to my mediafire repo. Thank you, Jeff!
PostPosted: Sat 27 Jul 2013, 16:50    Post subject:

Quote from Big Pup:

"I agree, its Linux kernel version will never be able to handle the latest hardware very good, but a lot of us have old hardware that it works very well on. Hard to support hardware, that was not even built, when its kernel was made".

Would it be possible to just slip a new kernel in? Wink

Personally, I don't see 26.33.7 as being old and useless, but maybe it doesn't run well on an i7 or whatever the latest processor is?
PostPosted: Fri 26 Jul 2013, 22:49    Post subject: PPM updates, new usb_modeswitch

I updated the Puppy Package Manager in two of the lupu upgrade packages above, lupu-usr after download 14, lupuplus after download 4, to protect against damage to the permissions of the /tmp file and to prevent the spurious network_tray link I discovered when I installed the network_tray-2.7 package.

EDIT: I have added psync-2.9 to the "frisbee_kit". It is the package used in precise pup. It fixes the issue of the time switching to UTC/GMT instead of local time. I took the "safe route" rather than include the rewrite by 'moose on the loose' on the previous page. I will wait for it to be accepted officially.
EDIT (continued): If you have uninstalled the above "psync-2.0", you also need to remove the link file, /root/Startup/psync_start. Note, too, that "2.0" does not prevent the maddening switch to GMT/UTC, which is corrected in "2.9".

Here I am adding usb_modeswitch-1.2.6 and a corresponding configuration database update. Please try the package if you have a wireless modem. If there are no problems with it, I will add it to the above lupu(plus) packages, replacing version 1.2.4.

EDIT 9/13/2013:
Uploaded usb_modeswitch-1.2.7 and a corresponding configuration database update. Although only two new devices have been added, I have corrected an oversight in 1.2.6 that may have impacted the automated detection of modems during bootup, particularly the first time. Please use it instead of 1.26 if puppy is not detecting your modem automatically. The correction restores the logic that delays startup until mode switching completes. (I will remove 1.2.6 sometime soon.)
PostPosted: Mon 22 Jul 2013, 21:39    Post subject:

Sorry about the misspelling of compability in my post above, it should of course be compatibility. I thought it looked funny when used in a quote... Embarassed

PostPosted: Mon 22 Jul 2013, 19:29    Post subject:

In general, I think the existing backward hardware compability is more important in the 5.2.8, than maybe upsetting good working solutions, by trying to incorporate a fix for all problems related to newer hardware.
It would be very good if some of the bug fixes, that have been implemented in Wolf, could get into Lucid, along with the updates to some of the Puppy core programs.
I still think of Lucid Puppy as the long term support version of Puppy.
I am in total agreement. I want to keep Lucid Pup "band-aided" as much as we can. These packages do that up to a point about a year ago. I need to check the woof updates since then, to find more back-portable fixes.
tallboy wrote:
I have also understood that 5.2.8 had serious sound problems for some people, solved by using software from the 5.2.5.
Note that the lupu and lupuplus versions of the sound code are different. I attempted to fix the reported problems in lupuplus. The "lupu" package pair includes the upgrade(?) to the plus version of sound support. If there remain some sound issues, that is the version on which I would base any fixes.

Given my limited competence at system-wide upgrades, I need to avoid "asking for trouble" in choosing what to upgrade. I doubt I should make any "personal choice" default changes, as that goes beyond my intent, which is only to keep the current Lucid Pup in good repair, not to extend it.

Back to the new packages: I find two minor issues in my lupupluslibre installation. The network notification popups (associated with frisbee) at bootup initially are pink instead of orange. Only the "down" messages should be pink. But the color returns to normal after 15 seconds, or so. If I substitute the version of gtkdialog-splash from precise, the initial colors are correct. So, I will probably add that to the packages, unless someone objects.

The other problem is a mystery. After installing the network_tray package, the icons in a directory named network_tray-xpm, linked-to by the network_tray link, a few seconds later, a similar link appears inside the -xpm directory. That probably doesn't hurt anything, but I want to prevent that. Now I just have find where that is being done in lupu.

Regarding upgrading "Puppy core programs", I am nervous about taking that on because I probably cannot resolve issues with them. However, there may be particular ones that have been verified by others to work without undesirable side effects. I am open adding them if I know they are safe. Please identify the most important ones to consider, particularly those causing the most frustration. What do you (everyone) consider as candidates?
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